Restoring the divine man By Ayana

The black man is experiencing vicious attacks from all sides.The amount of attacks, insults, comments towards men, and specifically black men has been next level. Under the umbrella of feminism and standing up for the rights of women, and the LGBT community, the criticism on men seems to be strangely tolerated. If you have been paying attention to the news, it’s all negative, men are depicted as bullies or as women beaters. Black men are constantly confronted with comments such as them not being able to protect their women. The Meghan Stallion-Torey-Lanes incident has sparked a media storm, where nothing men say is okay. Words are twisted and turned constantly against them.

In addition, men get shot by police for no reason. With cases such as Ahmed Arbery, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake, the violence against black men (and also black women) has been vast. Though all eyes are on the US, the attack an criticism on the black man is a worldwide problem. The black man has been under scrutiny, he is humiliated, pushed down and back, under evaluated, and unappreciated.

The only black men being encouraged, admired and elevated are the queer black men whilst the heterosexual man is being oppressed and vilified. Also the feminist movement has been encouraging women to distance themselves from black men. Some women are even talking openly about choosing  men of other races because the black man doesn’t meet their standards, meaning in terms of finances, job security, safety, respect, equality etc. What has triggered this growing wave of outrage?

This development is concerning because it has caused an outcry, an outrage, setting up a tendency of men and women needing to battle each other, quitting on each other, turning their backs on each other. In these times men and women have to stick together more than ever.

Don’t be mistaken though, this war is on spiritual, emotional and mental level. It’s not only a physical battle. Of course there are a lot of black men that are doing an excellent job but unfortunately these men don’t get a lot of attention. The positive role models are very much needed.

So what is the reasoning behind it all?

The destruction and restructuring of the male archetypes. It’s the male archetypes that are under attack and this is what causes the outrage. In fact, this is something that has been occurring for decades. Each one of the male archetypes is being manipulated in order to install a low energy version of the archetype, thus one which is a devaluated version of the original. A couple of examples of these archetypes are the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, Child, and the Wise old man.

What are archetypes?

The term Archetype began with Carl Jung. In Jung’s terms, an Archetype is defined as the first original model of which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are merely derivative, copies, patterns, or emulations. 

These patterns derive from a universal collective unconscious which in metaphysics is called the GridsAkashic RecordsSea of Consciousness, that which creates our reality. In this context, archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas.

An Archetype is an inner guide, which presents us with the deep structure for our experience, motivation and meaning. These Archetypes aid us on our own unique life’s journey. They help us to discover our personal motivations and what gives our lives and life purpose their unique meaning. We encounter Archetypes in a variety of ways, some of the most common through advertising, art, literature, and television. They invoke a variety of responses that decide how we should think and act.

Now that we understand that exact meaning of archetypes we can understand that it is very easy to manipulate the identity of these Archetypes and that the ones presented to us in the media, on tv, through sports and music videos, are mostly only certain forms of archetypes. Only certain Archetypes are shown constantly, think in terms of the drug dealer, the jock, the comedian. 

It’s important to be aware of this, so you can keep your consciousness elevated, strong, and powerful. This article is intended to highlight the archetypes in all their forms and put black men back on their path of honor and power. Just like the divine woman, the divine ma’s name has to be cleared up and uplifted. It’s truly a time for spiritual elevation.

The book on male Archetypes

In the book King Warrior Magician Lover, by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, you can find a detailed description of four different archetypes, the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. Furthermore, the book also goes into what you can do to start evoking a particular archetypical energy in your life.An important point to remember is that the archetypes are applied best if you use the energies of the four Archetypes in combination with each other, instead of separately. 

The King archetype for example is currently the most popular and best known among the black community, so I won’t go into this one in this article. Even though it has been very relevant in the media, after the recent release of albums and songs from Beyonce and Nas.

We will just take a look at the Joker/Magician archetype, The Warrior/Hero archetype, and the Loverboy/Pimp/loverarchetype.

Most men will recognize themselves in either one or several of the archetypes. Each archetype is highlighted from both polar opposite perspectives. So both the pimp and the lover is explained. The goal is to move from a low vibration archetype to a high vibration version of the same archetype. 

The joker – The Magician

Artists like Tekashi69, Kat Williams, Lil Durk an many othersare styling themselves with long braids, with blond colors or rainbow colors. The black man has never looked so feminine before. Furthermore they are known for their foolish behavior and silly jokes. But between all of the jokes they might reveal hidden information and drop truth bombs. Most of these celebrities mirror the lower energy aspect of the Jokerarchetype to us.

What is the archetype of the Joker?

The Joker relishes the disruption of the status quo, turning the ordinary world into chaos with their quick turns of words, phrases and physical tricks. The Joker is consistent, always up to the same tricks, he doesn’t change a lot but due to his antics, the world and people around them are deeply transformed by their behavior. The joker uses laughter and bashing to make others see the absurdity of a certain situation.Emotions that often go along with the expression of this archetype are those of discomfort, shame and embarrassment.

The joker himself seems to sum up the contradictory nature of our reality. He dwells inside and outside of time. He seems to be of our world but yet not of our world. 

Mythological images and symbols associated with the jokerinclude keys, clocks, masks, and infinity. Although the jokerwants to do good and wants good manifested in the world, sometimes his motives are questionable. Because he is so dedicated to laughing and mocking everything around him, his true motives can remain doubtful.

The Magician

The higher vibratory aspect of this archetype is the magician. The magician is the elder who guides the process of transformation, from within and without. The magician is an initiate in secret knowledge or has a certain wisdom that can only be shared with a selected group of people. All knowledge requires training. This training or secret knowledge allows the Magician to access a great source of power. The magician has the wonderful quality of discernment, he cuts through all of the bullshit. The magician energy is represented in shamans, medicine men, inventors, scientists, technicians.

What are the characteristics of a Magician?– Discernment- Self- reflection- Awareness- Wisdom- Power of Manifestation- Power of transformation- Creative power

Black men are so much more than just the funny guy, the comedian. If they can tap into their ability to transform and manifest new realities, making the most use of their creativity, then they are truly tapping into their true Magician. Whenever you can master a certain area, a certain knowledge and gain wisdom, it generates power from the magician.

The Thug- the Hero- The Warrior

Nowadays men are constantly being told that they are not enough, that they don’t do enough for women, their families, for society, for the economy. Men are physically, mentally and spiritually emasculated. From a psychological perspective this can take a toll on you if these are the only messages you constantly hear. You can start to feel inferior, powerless, incapable of being your best. Some men might adopt a neglectful attitude, they would rather surrender, walk away from their problems instead of tackling them head on. They don’t dare to speak up. They might feel overwhelmed, overrun, and powerless. 

The thug

Why do some men want to be part of a team or a gang? Because they can join like -minded individuals, or men who are in similar situations. Being part of a gang can make them feel safe and empowered. In addition it helps them go through the process of initiation into manhood. Guys can discuss everything with their homeboys. However the thug life,feeling protected and powerful is an illusion. Unfortunately most of the external experiences that man have that make them feel like THE MAN are false rituals. Whenever there is a form of abuse, self-abuse, drug abuse, abuse of othersinvolved, this is a false ritual to gain a pass into manhood. The initiation into manhood is not an external process but is actually a very personal and mostly internal process. Menwant to feel in control, powerful, and meaningful. This doesn’t mean that being violent or abusive is the answer.

The Hero

Another version of this archetype is the Hero. The Hero is the central character, whose most important goal is to separate himself from the ordinary world and sacrifice himself for the service of others, whether it is their families, friends, or country. They are focused on completing the mission and restoring the balance in the world. These would be your cops, soldiers, marines or just the man down to street who wants to end a fight between two kids. A thug or drug dealer can also see himself as a hero because he provides for his family.

A Hero is seeking some sort of reward for his behavior. A hero wants to grab the sword, survive death, and weather the crisis. The reward can come in many ways, a trophy, a medal star, financial gains. In a more mythological ways, a reward can be a magical sword, an elixir, greater knowledge or insight. Sometimes the Hero starts abusing his power. Whenever a person tries to proclaim and show his dominance and superiority over others, he or she becomes a bully.This is the opposite of what the Hero/ Warrior is supposed to be.

If we look at these archetypes in terms of polarity, the thug is the polar opposites of the hero and warrior.

Guys don’t realize this, but the underlying drive to become a hero has to do with men trying to be better, and overcome the feminine. (This is explained more clearly in the book). Men have great respect for the mother but aspire to become like her. In order to try and assert his masculinity he’s always in an (subconscious and underground) battle with her. We often see stories of the hero fighting an enemy to save the girl or a heroslaying the dragon and wanting to win over the heart of the girl. Once the hero has actually won, he doesn’t know what to do with the girl. When he has won the battle and the girl, the battle with the feminine starts. And sometimes the hero loses because he has overestimated his competence and underestimated his opponent, who turns out to be stronger. Another mistake that the hero makes is that he forgets about his mortality, he hasn’t learned how to accept and transcend mortality yet. These are the biggest misconceptions, once a man realizes that he doesn’t have to battle the feminine but he has to embrace and balance the masculine and feminine side, that’s when he is truly victorious. Then he becomes a warrior.

The warrior

The Warrior, goes one step further than the Hero. The warrior has insight, is aware, careful, but brave. The warrior keeps the balance, know his strengths and limitations and definitely knows and respects his opponent, as he knows and respects himself.

What are other characteristics of the warrior?– Self-discipline and mastery- Mental strength and a positive attitude- Courage and fearlessness- Loyal to a cause, a person or a goal- Knows which battles are worth fighting for- Aggressive at the appropriate time and place. (he can chose the right form of aggression, it doesn’t always have to be physical aggressiveness)- Is focused on his own path. He doesn’t get distracted and sidetracked by the path of fellow warriors.

The warrior is the ultimate archetype, in which the masculine is completely balanced. Real power comes from submission, surrender to the divine masculine energy, so it can flow freely. It opens you up to calmness, clarity, creativity, andcompassion.

The Loverboy- The Lover

The Loverboy/ Pimp

A loverboy, is basically a new hip word for a pimp. It’s a wordthat has come up, due to Drake’s new album coming out called Certified Loverboy. Like the thug and hero, the pimp needs a way to assert his power, he does this through the oppression of women and through prostitution. When a man needs something and he intends to get this needs met by oppressingothers, that is where the lower vibration version of the lover/hero/warrior is in action.

We often get to see and know the lower energy version of the lover, which is the pimp, the lover boy, but also the player. 

The Don Juan syndrome explains, why a man needs to be a player and needs to seduce as many women as possible, the hunt becomes about the conquest and not always about the love. The player is just constantly looking for the next high

The Lover

There is a new song out by Drake called Laugh now, cry later. In the videoclip Drake is shown playing basketball and crying. It is not clear why he is crying, is it because he lost the game or is it because of a woman? The pink jacket with the hearts definitely makes him look like a man in love and because he’s crying he appears heartbroken. Besides sport games, there is another game that can absolutely crush a man and that is experiencing heartbreak due to love for  a woman. Love can bring joy and pain. A man can experience love has something beautiful but a heartbreak can be the most excruciating pain he might ever experience, it ‘s a very vulnerable place to be in.

Crying in public is not necessarily a sign of weakness, it canbe a beautiful thing. But the way that black men are depicting crying nowadays, while they are losing their shit, is with thesole intention of emasculating the black man instead of uplifting him. Think about the Kanye West ugly cry incident. 

So what are some of the characteristics of the lover? Passion, Love, Drive, sensitivity. Whether it is passion and love for the sports, a goal, work, a woman, it’s all passion-driven.

The lover enjoys everything, especially the finer things in life, beautiful fast cars, the cigars, the best foods, the sexiest women. It’s all based on the senses, the sounds, the smells, the sights, the feelings that are invoked. All the lover wants is to be free of boundaries, to experience life to its fullest.

The lover energy seems to be the opposite to the one of the Magician, Warrior because these archetypes strive for order, law, boundaries, discipline, while the lover strives for freedom.

Nas just dropped an album called King’s disease, which goes into this a little bit. He explained that the King, the man, can get sick if he indulges too much, for example if has too much food or too much to drink. The key is balance.

What are the characteristics of the lover?– Awareness and connection to the All- Sensual experience, everything is fully experienced through the senses- Mysticism- Sensitivity- Creativity and artistic expression- Intuition

The lover wants to experience life to the fullest and beyond. He’s open, tapping into creativity, he’s goal-oriented, passionate, Spiritually in tune with nature, everybody and everything. Respectful of women and relationships. The lover is  the idealist and the dreamer.

The Divine Man back in power

There is a need for new archetypes to be created and put into motion. You could create a completely new personal archetype that is specifically created according to your own lists of qualities and experiences. 

Sometimes men can have difficulties in standing for theirtruth, when there is damage to their divine masculinity. When the masculine energy is strong, men have the strength to stand tall, strong and safe through anything. They can stand up,protect, and elevate their consciousness. They can finally be comfortable with allowing their true Self to express itself. By balancing the energy of the divine feminine and masculine, the divine man can become a strong, powerful, creative man, his best self, without being dominant and overbearing to others. He can be confident, comfortable, and proud. (the same applies to the divine woman).

It is necessary for the man to call upon his masculine energies, to go within, and work on his competence, increase his self-confidence, learn how to start feeling comfortable within his own skin. It requires assertion, courage, and empowerment. It takes courage to be different, to stand out in a crowd. To stand alone, and proud, as a man, father, brother, husband, worker.

The black man needs to elevate himself, get back to the energy of the Great mother, who can help him to tap into his power, creativity, maturity, loving and protective capacity. Then he can start to  heal his inner masculine archetypes and tap into the power of each archetype combined. Only then will the black man feel whole, complete, contend, spiritually elevated and will the DIVINE Man be restored.

Invocation for the restoration of the Divine Man

(slightly adapted from the Isis Oracle card deck)

Recite this invocation to call on the masculine energy

Women can also do this exercise to heal their masculine sideand balance it out with their divine feminine side.

Man of Power, Man of fire

Man who liberates hearts desires

Man stronger than fear and doubt

Father, warrior, Leader, Lover

Protector, Hunter, Teacher, Brother

Man divine, Man of Love

Man of Sirius, Man of Truth

Your strength, My strength

Your power, My power

Your love, My love

Integrity, Honor, Compassion, Protection

Tenderness, Stability, Passionate, Attention

Man of Sirius

Man of Truth

Man of Power

Man who is Divine

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