The Twin Significance 2020

By Ayana

The word twin has been mentioned a lot since the start of 2020. Our entire world is surrounded on the principles of twins. Good vs evil, male-female, left-right, love-hate, everything is constantly split into two’s, dualistic world. The most recent example of the mention of the word twin is in relationship to the George Floyd murder in the twin cities Minneapolis– Saint Paul, in Minnesota. The NBA player Stephan Jackson called Floyd his twin. President Trump’s astrology sign is Gemini, the twinIn addition, it is the year of the Corona virus, which is the crowning. And according to the Maya it’s the year of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the winged-serpent, which is equivalent to Toth, Horus, Hermes, John of the bible. But most importantly 2020 is the year of the return of Sothis, which is the Sirius star alignment. Each one of these Gods have a female twin flame or a twin brother or sister. So if the one returns the twin (flame or dual opposite) will also return.

So what is really behind the word twin? What is the spiritual meaning behind it? Maybe we can find the meaning behind the difference twins in astronomy, history, mythology, numbers etc.

Twins in Astronomy

The Twin stars: Sirius A and B

Sirius A and B (the black sun/ dogstar/spiritual sun) are called binary stars (which is twin). According to Bobby Hemmitt black people are from the star Sirius B. And the Dogon tribe described the Sirius constellation as the star of our ancestors.

On May 25th Sirius was aligned in cancer. May 25th was the date of George Floyds murder. The sign of cancer is associated with law, rules, and house. The associated element is water, which is significant because of the name Floyd, which also means flood. But back to the twin.

The last time when Sirius B was in alignment with the sun was when the Declaration of Independence was instated, on July 4th 1776In 2020, Sirius B will align with the Sun on July 5th! Keep in mind that the exact date can fluctuate, so keep a window of approximately 7 days in mind, so from the end of June till July 8th, this alignment can happen. According to the website the next alignment of Sirius with the sun is going to be between July 3th and July 7th.

The alignment is associated with freedom, alignment with God. Sirius will appear to be located behind the Sun and will therefore appear to rise and set in conjunction with the Sun.  On July 3rd, Sirius moves behind the Sun and is no longer visible in the night sky.  Sirius will not emerge from behind the Sun until August. Sirianenergies will compound with the energies of the Sun and inundate the Earth with Sirian energies. In the last part of the article, you can find a couple of tips on what you can do to use this energy that is coming in.

Sun Conjunct Sirius on July 3 – July 7

Gemini in Alcyone 

Alcyone is the central sun in the Pleiades. Every two thousand years, the Pleiades move from an astrological sign. The cycle in Taurus ended in 1999, and moved to the sign of Gemini.  At this stage human kind is confronted with the Apocalypse, which means to bring to light. What was once in the darkness is revealed.

There are claims that Alcyone is the Central Spiritual Sun of the  Pleiades, the “Mother Sun” that emits creative Light, that which births great teachers of Light into the world. It was believed to be the center of the Universe around which our own solar system also revolves. This sounds a lot like Sirius. According to Bobby Hemmitt, a lot of the true ancient history was copied and the whites are trying to redirect us and make it appear as if Pleaides, the Orion constellation is important as well, or as important as Sirius. So beware because a lot of information is copied. Alcyone might well be Sirius.

Bobby spoke about the period of Gemini arising, around the same time, the late 90’s.

He said: “This is from the book The Cosmic Doctrine by Dione Fortune, p174. Influences of Atlantis will influence the age again in the present age again. Major planetary forces will influence men again. The cosmic force was 90.000 years ago on earth. We are in the age of spiritual quickening. In addition, everything will be questioned and challenged. 

The time  start will be (in between) April 1994, when Sothis and Horus celebrate their 50th heroes games, a holy reunion and the Sun, Pluto, Neptune and Sirius are aligned”.

Duality rays Sirius

Earth receives its light from 2 planets: the golden light from our Sun and the blue light frequency from the blue planet Sirius. This is prototypical, Ray 2 and Ray 1, respectively.

However, the Ray 1 (blue light) that Earth receives is a major birthday gift, each year, for a crisp period of July 26th to August 12th. As I have scribed before, Ray 1 has never been anchored on earth afore. This is because it’s the Ray of the Will of God; which entails Unity Consciousness of One, wherein, duality is non-existent totally. As you all know by now – Free Will is the opposite of God’s Will. Our blueprint, and the blueprint of our planet primarily, is the contract of separation, based essentially / fundamentally/ wholly on the Principle of Dualistic Separation. So there is no way Ray 1 can be anchored on Earth. But, it is gifted in this way each year through a major Gateway Portal that opens between Sirius and Earth and, a pathway is laden between the two planets through which the Light of God’s Will is beamed upon us. We have been promoted from Christ Consciousness of 33rd Degree to the 144th Degree Lion Consciousness of Sirius, the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy!

Geographical twins

Countries and cities were twins are prevalent– Brazil, a town called  Candido Godoi has a high population of twins. The nation is mostly from German decent. There were rumors that the German Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, escaped to Brazil after WII and continued the Eugenics experiments on the women, which would explain the high twin rate in that town. A research was conducted and they ascribed the high rate of twins to inbreeding and not to genetic isolation.- Kodinho India. In this town there are 250 sets of twins. They started the Twins and Kins Association.


The Igbo- Ora in Nigeria, named The World capital of Twins. A town of 92,000 residents, with 2000 twins. Researchers claim that the reason for this phenomenon is in a certain chemical found in the soil and transmitted into the cassava and yam local people eat in big quantities. This chemical causes multiple ovulation in women and causes the conception of twins practically each time a woman gets pregnant. Read more:

Twins are revered in Yoruba culture because they are seen as gifts from God, they are dual entities protected by spirits and possessed of magical powers. Twins are worshipped as a unit. The traditional belief is that twins are granted supernatural protection that extends to their family and tribe. If one twin dies, the protection evaporates. So if this happens, the parents commission a priest called Babalawo to carve a wooden figure to represent the deceased twin, which they then care for as if it were a real person.

The Mississippi river

In The US, the Mississippi river is the twin river of the Nile (similar rivers parting the land in east and west). A lot of the architectural sites and important geographical sites in USA are actually quite identical to Ancient Egypt.

The current form of the Mississippi River basin was largely shaped by the Laurentide Ice Sheet of the most recent Ice Age. (we have been hearing a lot of the possible second ice age coming). When the ice sheet began to recede, hundreds of feet of rich sediment were deposited, creating the flat and fertile landscape of the Mississippi Valley. During the melt, giant glacial rivers found drainage paths into the Mississippi watershed, creating such features as the Minnesota RiverJames River, and Milk River valleys. The Mississippi River runs through or along 10 states, from Minnesota to Louisiana, and is used to define portions of these states borders, with WisconsinIllinoisKentuckyTennessee, and Mississippi along the east side of the river, and IowaMissouri, and Arkansas along its west side. Substantial parts of both Minnesota and Louisiana are on either side of the river, although the Mississippi defines part of the boundary of each of these states.

The twin cities Minneapolis and Saint Paul (Minnesota) border the Mississippi river. In fact the river separates the Twin cities. Minneapolis was the city were George Foyd was murdered and were the protests started. The name Minnesota is also interesting, Sota means related to water, flood, flowing water, related to the ear. In the Talmud Sota means the trial of bitter water, concerning the trial of an adulterous woman. So Minnesota is probably little Sota or Little Sothis, which connects back to Sirius.

It would be interesting to see if the Mississippi river would flood, around the time Sirius shows up, so before July 5th.The storm Cristobal, did flood the Mississippi around June 7th.

Nile river (and Mississippi river connection)

The Egyptians would wait every year till the Nile wouldrise or flood, because this would indicate the return of the star Sirius, which would be clearly visible in the sky. They would then celebrate their New Year, this would be around July. Sirius was both the most important star of ancient Egyptian astronomy, and one of the Decans (star groups into which the night sky was divided, with each group appearing for ten days annually). When Sirius appeared in the sky each year, the Nile generally started to flood and bring fertility to the land. The ancient Egyptians connected the two events and thus decided the coming of Sirius would be their New year mark.

Egyptian gods, twins and the Nile/Sirius connection

Hapi (twin deities)

Hapi was  both god of Upper and Lower Egypt – this duality was shown by having twin Hapi deities, one wearing the papyrus of the north (Lower Egypt) as a headdress, the other wearing the south’s (Upper Egypt) water lily (lotus) as a headdress. The Upper Egyptian Hapi was called ‘Hap-Meht’ while the Lower Egyptian Hapi was known as ‘Hap-Reset’. They were depicted together, pouring water from a carried vase or together, tying the two plants of the northern or southern region into a knot with the sema hieroglyphsymbolising the union of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Hapi was the god of the annual flooding of the Nile in ancient Egyptian religion. The flood deposited rich silt (fertile soil) on the river’s banks, allowing the Egyptians to grow crops. Hapi was greatly celebrated among the Egyptians. Some of the titles of Hapi were “Lord of the Fish and Birds of the Marshes” and “Lord of the River Bringing Vegetation”. Hapi is typically depicted as an androgynous figure with a big belly and large drooping breasts, wearing a loincloth and ceremonial false beard.

Sothis= Goddess of Sirius

Female version of Hapi is the Goddess Sopdet or Sothis

Sopdet, Goddess of Sirius, New Year and Inundation. Sopdet or Sothis= Inanna =Ishtar= Hathor/ Sekhmet.

Sopdet (SepdetSothis) personified the ‘dog star’ Sirius. This star was the most important of the stars to the ancient Egyptians, and the heliacal rising of this star came at the time of inundation and the start of the Egyptian New Year (around July). Sothis was the goddess of inundation, as well as the goddess of fertility. When Sirius appeared in the sky each year, the Nile generally started to flood and bring fertility to the land. The ancient Egyptians connected the two events, and so Sothistook on the aspects of a goddess of not only the star and of the inundation, but of the fertility that came to the land of Egypt with the flood.

Sothis had another link with water – she was believed to cleanse the pharaoh in the afterlife. It is interesting to note that the embalming of the dead took seventy days – the same amount of time that Sirius was not seen in the sky, before its yearly risingShe was a goddess of fertility to both the living and the dead.

Sothis was represented as a woman with a star on top of her headdress, or as a seated cow with a plant between her horns (just as Seshat‘s hieroglyph might have been a flower or a star) as depicted on an ivory tablet of King Djer. The plant may have been symbolic of the year, and thus linking her to the yearly rising of Sirius and the New Year. She was very occasionally depicted as a large dog (just like Anubis with the jackal). In Roman times, as the goddess Isis-Sopdet, she was shown riding side-saddle on a large dog.

She was also thought to give birth to the Morning Star, which is Horus (Venus), the pharaoh being described as the father in the Pyramid Texts.

Twin Gods in Greek mythology: Castor and Pollux

While Gemini has been associated with different pairs of people, the primary association is with Castor and Pollux (the Roman version of the Greek Castor and Polydeuces). Castor and Pollux were the sons of Leda, who coupled with the god Zeus and then, in some accounts, lay with her husband, King Tyndareus. The resulting offspring were Pollux, the son of Zeus, and Castor, the son of Tyndareus. They were warriors and members of the Argonauts’ crew (the band of mythological adventurers who sailed with Jason in quest of the Golden Fleece) and came to be regarded as patron deities of sailors and navigators. During a cattle-stealing adventure, Castor was slain. Pollux, the immortal brother, asked Zeus that either he might die also or his dead brother might share his immortality. In deference to his son’s wish, Zeus allowed the brothers to alternate so that one spent a day in the underworld while the other was among the gods; on successive days they traded places.

Twin Goddess in Egypt: Hathor/Sekhmet

There seem to be two faces on Hathor. Hathor is associated with love, devotion and artistic qualities. She is the Goddess of love, and joy, and she protects women. Sekhmet is the passionate fire that consumes.She is often depicted as a cow, or a cow-headed woman. Like Anubis she is oftentimes charged with the transportation from the dead on her back to the afterlife.

Sekhmet means the powerful, she is the woman with the head of a lioness. Sekhmet represents us, he black people. She is the goddess of storms, earthquakes,and floods. Her weapon was the bow and arrow.

Sekhmet is the name given to Hathor when she threw herself against those that plotted against Ra. Her attack was so fierce, that Ra feared the destruction of the entire human race. When she refused, Ra placed 7,000 bottles of pomegranate juice and beer, a magical potion on the battleground. Sekhmet’s thirst for human blood was so great, that she devoured the liquid and became to drunk to continue killing. This is how Ra saved the human race. This is why Hathor is often worshipped as the goddess of brewing.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Innana and Utu (Shamash) are twins. Utu is the sun God of justice, morality, and truth. Innana is the Queen of heaven, associated with love, power, politics, war, justice, beauty. She is also associated with storms, lightning and thunder.

Jewish twins

Jacob and Esau, representing two nations

Zoroastrain  twins                                                                                                                              Ahura Mazda and Ahriman – Twins of opposing forces: good and evil

Native American twins

Jukihú and Juracán – Twin sons of Atabex (Mother Nature), the personifications of Order and Chaos, respectively; from the Taíno Arawak nation which once stretched from South America through the Caribbean and up to Florida in the US.

Mayan twins

Summoned to Xibalba by the Lords of the Underworld, the father and uncle were defeated and sacrificed. Two sons were conceived, however, by the seed of the dead father. The Twins were finally transformed into sun and moon, signaling the beginning of a new age.

Native American twins

Many Native American cultures in the United States have traditions of two male hero twins. In the creation myth of the Navajo (called the Diné Bahaneʼ) the hero twins Monster Slayer and Born for Water (sons of Changing Woman) acquire lightning bolt arrows from their father, the Sun, in order to rid the world of monsters that prey upon the people.

Ho-Chunk and other Siouan-speaking peoples have a tradition of Red Horn’s Sons. The mythology of Red Horn and his two sons have some interesting analogies with the Maya Hero Twins mythic cycle.

Duality in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were fascinated with duality and opposites.  Even the geography reflected this, the Nile split the country in East and West. Sekhmet was the healer and destroyer. This was necessary for the protection and maintenance of creation. The Egyptians were aware that polarity was needed for any process to occur. Polarity also creates duality and the potential for conflict.

Symbol of Ruty, the double lions

The double lions, Shu and Tefnut, who unite opposites and symbolize male and female, yesterday and tomorrow, and the continuity of time. They guard the rising sun, and the horizon. They also act as gatekeepers. They are protectors. Shu was the goddess of the East, Tefnut was the guardian of the West.

Seth (Satan) and Astaroth

Suth= Set=SatanSeth is the God of chaos. The egyptians also saw him as the God of darkness. They believed he lived in the realm of the blessed dead. They also saw him as the God of storms and war. Seth is Satan, and is assoociated with Saturn, as well as the planet Mercury. The egyptian believe in duality, so every God has an oppsite.  Seth was Horus’opposite. He was the darkness to Horus’ light and chaos to Horus’ order. Seth’s existence was necessary so Horus could also exist. In this matter, he was not seen as a villain by the Egyptians. Seth was also Osiris’ opposite. As lord of the desert and drought, Seth opposed his brother. Osiris was the lord of vegetation and fertility. Both gods were vital to maintaining order in Egypt. The Egyptians had a religion of duality and Seth was the opposite of three other major gods; Osiris, Horus and Ra.

Astaroth = Seth

Astaroth is known as the crowned prince and the God of chaos and the chaos god of time and space. The name Astaroth was ultimately derived from that of 2nd millennium BCE Phoenician goddess Astarte, an equivalent of the Babylonian Ishtar, and the earlier Sumerian Inanna. She is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in the forms Ashtoreth (singular) and Ashtaroth (plural, in reference to multiple statues of her). The name “Astaroth” as a male demon is first known from The Book of Abramelin, purportedly written in Hebrew c. 1458, and recurred in most occult grimoires of the following centuries. Astaroth also features as an archdemon associated with the qliphoth (adverse forces) according to later Kabbalistic texts.

Astaroth is depicted as a nude man with feathered wings, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a beast with dragon-like wings and a serpent-like tailSatan is the limitation, the opposer, and Astaroth creates a new world.

The twins of Gods, QlippothThaumiel

Thaumiel (twins of God) is the name of one of the Qliphoth in the Kabbalah, the shadow side of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is the shadow of the Sephirah Kether (the crown). While Kether is concerned with the unity of God, Thaumiel represents the dual contending forces, struggling, and it is represented by two giant heads with bat-like wings. (bats, and Coronavirus and the black race connection)

The Qliphoth are not the opposite of the Sephirot, but the shadow. They are the chaotic forces that are unleashed when one of the Sephirot is not in balance with the others. Therefore, although Kether is concerned with unity, implicit in its existence is the concept of duality. Without the forces of the other sephiroth to balance it, specifically Malkuth below, it would exist as something apart from the Ein Sof, God in his totality. However, since all the paradoxical and contending forces unleashed through Kether find their eventual rest and resolution in Malkuth, balance and the unity of God are maintained.

The ruler of Thaumiel is Satan. Satan in legend was the chief of the angels, holding a position similar to that of Kether. It is also that principle which insists on the separate reality of cosmic life and substance and which denies all primacy to the Spirit. In other words, it is that principle which would seek to insist on the separate reality of either pole, at the expense of the other, and thus to impair the original wholeness of the divine experience as the Reality by trying to sever the all-important link between “own” and “other” and consign each to mutually exclusive isolation in absurdity”. Which neatly fits with the kabbalistic description of Satan as the master of ‘The Dual Contending Forces’.

Not twins but opposites: Contrasting sisters Maat and Ra

Maat is the Goddess of truth, justice and balance. She is cosmic harmony and order which enables creation to exist and is present at all levels down to the acts of the individual. Without her constant presence creation would be overwhelmed by chaos. Ra is dependent upon Maat. Maat protects Ra and makes sure that creation is in harmony and by constantly returning disorder to order and imbalance to balance.

Twins in astrology: Gemini

Characteristic’s: Air sign, lungs, arms, shoulders, and hands. (The air and lung connection is interesting due to the Coronavirus, which primarily attacks the lungs and the George Floyd connection with the I can’t breatheexpression).

Emotional keywords: “Lack of concentration, sensitive, eloquent, humane, travel, not domestic, changeable, unsympathetic but genial, inventive, literary, versatile, adaptable, self-expressive, democratic, curious, analytical if highly evolved, sometimes scatterbrained, tricky.” Personality- Dual, two-faced, bipolair, social, communicative. Gemini people are associated with communication, travel and trade.

The old truth, “you are what you think,” is especially clear to you, and you have the ability to shift your consciousness and create a whole new realm of life experience by first altering your mental focus.

The new moon in the sign of Gemini was on May 22nd. The full moon in Gemini will be on November 30th of 2020. Full moon represents completion.

The twins in tarot= The lovers= Gemini

The tarot card of the lovers stands for: Duality, diversity, swiftness, decision between two alternatives,discrimination, union of opposites. It’s the card of mental adaptability and agility.

The Twin towers

Lord of the rings. The second movie of the Lord of Rings trilogy is called the The Two Towers. The battle is against the orcs (Urukhai= Uruk, which is Sumerian, which I believe to be the black people). The movies are about the battle of the elves beings against the oppressors from Sauron under the lead of Saruman. The city of Moriah (black chasm) is important in the movies. There is also a city called Moriah. Moriah =Meruh/ Sumeruh, where the tower of Babel is situated.

9/11 The twin towers, World Trade Center towers, consisted of the North and South towers, both 110 floors high, so 11:11, or 22. (All important numbers). Both towers were destroyed on 9/11, along with other surrounding WTC towers.

Two towers were destroyed and one new tower was build, they named it the Freedom tower. The site is bounded by Vesey Street to the north, the West Side Highway to the west, Liberty Street to the south, and Church Street to the east. So it connects the 4 directions east, west, south, and north.

The building rises to 1,368 feet (417 m), the height of the original World Trade Center north tower, and its antenna rises to the symbolic height of 1,776 feet(541 m). This height refers to 1776, the year in which the United States Declaration of Independence was signed.  (Destructioand chaos of two towers to rebuild into one towerSee the theme here and the connection to the Sirius star, 4th of July? Was the Declaration of Independence destroyed/adapted on 9/11? Will it be redefined on July 4th, July 5th of 2020?)

Twins in National Geographic

Remember that everything that was shown in 2012 is relevant in 2020, because of the 8-year time loop. The January 2012 National Geographic edition was about Twins, the title was Twins Alike But not Alike. More confirmation of 2012 being 2020! In the article it explains that Identical twins are born with same DNA, but are different as they become older. Furthermore epigenetics, factors such as stress and nutrition, can influence the expression of the DNA. Are they hinting on cloning?

Movie: Gemini man

The movie was released on October 11th.Will Smith plays Henry Brogan a former Marine scout sniper and assassin for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who wants to retire but discovers a military clone program, named GEMINI. He meets two clones of himself, two younger guys, who both try to kill him. The clones are devoid of emotion and  sense of pain. In the end he saves and befriends one clone and names him Jackson Brogan. 

It’s no secret that the military is working on building super soldiers. These might well be clones or part human, part AI beings. Two other movies that delve deeper into the concept of super soldiers and the consequences are the movie Titan and the new Vin Diesel movie Bloodshot. 2020 could well be the year that this military program starts full force or that the existence of super soldier clones will be announced publicly.

Series: Orange is the new black

Season 7 starts with a tribute to Gemini. This show is deeply occult and very relevant to these times. It covers topics as police violence, a similar murder to George Floyd took place in the series, a black girl, Poussey Washington died by suffocation. The series further shows riots, white supremacy, race wars, lesbianism, transgender. 

Twin numbers 11:11

The number 1 signifies creation, leadership, and manifestationThe meaning of eleven eleven isillumination, intuition, insight. It’s the twin flame portal. Seeing 11:11 might signify spiritual awakening.The eleventh sign is Aquarius, significant for Air, and the East.

The number eleven is associated with Daäth, which is knowledge. It’s associated with the Goddess Nuit or Nut(The negative veils of existence). Nuit means night in French, that is darkness. She means infinite space and infinite stars. She was the Mother of Gods, who gave birth to Osiris and Isis.’’ She was both the daughter and mother of Ra. As daughter of Ra, Nut, she married her twin brother Geb.

Twin number 11 in Gematria

First of all 74 and 47 total up to 11. 74 is an important number this year, 7+4= 11. 74 is the number in Gematriaassociated with Kobe Bryant, George Floyd, AumhedArbery

Eleven in Gematria matches: PortalsImmortal, radiationJohn, and Aida and PingalaRoyal blood.

John=Elijah=David=Gabriel (all of these namescorrespond to number 11, 22 or a related number).

47= duality

69= duality, gate and merging of two worlds

11= duality, to unity (also 38)

And then the Gematria for twins= 22, so first came the number 11, number 22 is the next step.

The number 11 in the Qlippoth (Oni has a video on this)

In the Qlippoth: The twin wands, represent the number 11. The qlippoth has 11 spheres. The double wand is the masculine and the feminine, the two pillars in the body of Solomon’s temple. The black diamond is the unity of man and God, the gateway to another universe. It’s where we become the creator. There are two magicians one is about what has been (the past), the creation. The magicians (that’s us) revolt against this creationThe other magician is focused on what is to come (the future), worlds that magicians can create. So universe A needs to be destroyed to create Universe B. This world needs to be destroyed in order to create a new world. This is exactly what is happening. If we don’t step up, this wolrd will be created for us by the white magicians.

Mirror-mirror (looking glass)

A mirror gives a  reflection of what is in front of it. On a deeper level, mirrors are powerful reflector of energies inside of us. They are often used in magical practices, e.g. to capture evil spirits in exorcist ritual.

Mirrors are also known as looking glass, the looking glass has associations with time travel and time manipulation.

2020 is also the year of mirrors. The theme of the mirror is shown in several Snow White movies. In 2012 a lot of Snow White movies were released, including Snow white and the Huntsman (main character named John), Snow White and the deadly summerMirror-Mirror (with Julia Roberts). And then there is a movie called Malificient 2 that is spin on the Snow White story and is relevant.

The proof that the movie Snow White is about black people is the 1942 or 1943 movie, Coal and the seven dwarfs. It’s an offensive cartoon with black-face.

The mirror also plays an important role in the series as Black mirrorTelevision screens, phone screens, Ipads, computers all contain a black mirror. Are you aware of what is projected into your psyche on a daily bases? Are you aware of the interactions between your subconscious and what is projected on tv, your phone etc.? Can you filter that information and impair it from influencing your subconscious?

Black mirror actually symbolizes the blacks, the ones who are able to astral travel, the ones who are able to create. Take your power back and get off the (tele)visons that are projected onto you. You can make your own visions.

Twin flames

A twin flame is a partner, that can help enhance your spiritual development. The relationship is meant to help you advance on an energetic level. A twin flame partner is someone who is your mirror, he/she brings your shadows and fears to light, but he/she also will also reinforce your inner beauty and strength. There is an intense magnetic connection and attraction between twin flames. Strength and weaknesses are balanced out in each other. You share the same values, dreams, and desires. There are continuous synchronicities between you two. The sensation that time doesn’t exist between you, as well as a feeling of déjà vu as if your destined for each other. The twin flame doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner. It can also be family member or friend.

Real Twin FlamesTehuti and Seshata

Tehuti and Seshata. Tehuti is the God of wisdom, but it is Seshata that whispers the knowledge in his ear. Seshata is the duality of Thoth, the counterpart of Thoth, and therefore bears the identical traits to him. She was the female goddess of positions belonging mostly to men. Thoth was the Moon God of Writing and Wisdom and, together with Seshata, they invented writing and are the official Scribes and Recorders of human events on earth. And Seshata means the “Female Scribe” and was seen as the Goddess of writing historical records, accounting and mathematics, measurement and architecture, astronomy and astrology, to the ancient Egyptians, Pharaohs’ and Gods. Moreover, she is a Magician and has powers of Cause and Effect over any affectation. She is the essence of Cosmic Intuition and Concept of Wisdom. It is she who actually invented Writing and her counterpart Thoth, taught mankind to write. Thoth together with Seshatamaintain the Akashic Records of earth

Thoth and Seshata’s energy can be requested and called upon when one is ready to evolve, overcome human trials, end the karmic plan, and ascend out of this Game by rising above mediocrity and into excellence.the Sirian Masters have descended to teach us the process of ascension, the science of ascension, the technology of the 33rd degree of ascension

Thoth is the Master Architect who created the Blueprint of our reality and Seshata based it on the mathematics of sacred geometry. Thoth means “Truth” and “Time”. Thoth is the Master of Balance associated with the Equinoxes – the time when day and night are balanced.

They were headed by the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priest from Venus – ‘Thoth’, and by the High Priestess ‘Seshata’ who is a descendent of the ‘Feline Beings’, a race also from Sirius (A). The Lion Beings live in the ‘non-physical’ reality that transcends time and space; whereas the Feline Beings are of the physical dimension and live even amongst the human race on Earth. Whilst the Lion Beings were the architect or the blueprint designers of the pyramids, the actual builders were the Feline Beings who physically constructed the Great Pyramid. This is the multi-dimensional perspective of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. 

Thoth and Seshata, the Venusians who are the SirianInitiates of the advanced race living in and out of Sirius, were the ones to initiate the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. They called upon the Lion Beings to design it and the Feline Beings to help physically structure it into reality.


The twin energy illustrate two sides of one pole, duality, polarity. Duality is separation. On a social and physical level. 2020 might signify the end of duality, the end of the world as we know it. What comes next is the merge of polarities, unity, merging of dualities into one singularity. Singularity int terms of cloning,, merging of AI technology. Even though we are aware that this could allbe unfolding in the near future, our focus should be on our internal process.

The world is currently in a state of chaos and turmoil. This outer chaos is a reflection of our inner chaotic state, it’s actually an accumulation of energy of over decades off time that is finally coming to a climax. The chaos is needed to create the new worlds. There is a high energetic influx of different twin cosmic energies, Sirius, comets, eclipses, star alignments, numbers, and ancient Gods. Everything is lining up in preparation for our spiritual advancement. So we should consider 2020 as a window of opportunity, the start and promise of something bigger than ourselves. An opportunity for major spiritual advancement.

So what  is the next step: Integration of twin energies (opposites)

Hold on, it’s going get bumpy! Trust that through all the chaos, you have the opportunity to create something new, to advance spiritually. A big internal shift is necessary. In the next part we will share how you can enhance this process of integration and merging of the twin forces, the opposite polar sides.

Integrating your twin self: Exercises to assist with the merge and the deeper unveiling of your new spiritual self.


The goal is integration. You want to purify yourself spiritually, mentally physically, and emotionally. You are 100 per cent in control of this process but it’s not going to be comfortable, in fact prepare to get uncomfortable.Some of you have already been through this processalready, some call it the dark night of the soul. For the ones who have not experienced a similar experience to the Dark Night of the soul, it can get hard. But go at your own pace, you decide what aspects of yourself you wantto get integrated. This is a very deep process. Explore what aspects of your personality, your life, and the way you present yourself to the world are split. What masks are you wearing?

Are there parts of yourself that you’re denying, suppressing?

What holds you back from expressing yourself?

Are you the same person around your family, friends and in your professional life? If not, explore why you keep sides of yourself hidden.

What is your darkest side? What does your shadow entail? Can you face it, can you embrace this side of yourself as well?

The Shadow self and Qlippoth

The darkness within yourself will be revealed, exposed, decoded, unveiled. It’s about breaking patterns. Drop your masks! Say goodbye to your false self/ your ego/ your sleep self. Your true self is inside of you, your soul, that is the self that has never incarnated on this planet. 

It’s ironic that 2020 is the year of the masks but in actually it’s about dropping your mask, showing your true colors. Let your shadow side come to light. Merge your shadow self with your real self. 

Study: The Qlippoth, Oni has many video’s about the Qlippoth which is the dark side of the Tree, the shadow self, the inner self, the dark realms. You are the mediator of your own reality. You decide how you see reality. On the path of Ascension our goal is to face the Shadow Self and the demons it associates, and to purify our body and consciousness from its control over us. This is why we must not fear these lower forces. Chaos and balance is necessary. Therefore, although Kether is concerned with unity, implicit in its existence is the concept of duality. Without the forces of the other sephiroth to balance it, specifically Malkuth below, it would exist as something apart from the Ein Sof, God in his totality. However, since all the paradoxical and contending forces unleashed through Kether find their eventual rest and resolution in Malkuth, balance and the unity are maintained.

Exercise: On a quiet evening and in a quiet room, sit in a dark room and stare at your reflection in the mirror. Notice what happens. What do you see? What emotions come up for you? 

Repeat the same exercise with daylight. Are you able to look at yourself in a mirror? What are the thoughts that come up? Can you look at yourself with love and acceptance, without any judgement? What do you see with your third eye? Can you acknowledge every aspect of yourself externally and internally?

The war on consciousness

There is war going on right now, in most of us. Which consciousness do you choose? The free, chaotic, unpredictable, transformative and elevated one (the melanin natural state) or would you rather let it be decided for you, and go for the merged AIconsciousness, suppressive, orderly, orchestrated, and regulated?


The word revelation has a biblical importance due to the Book of Revelations. That biblical chapter can be quite frightening for most people, with all of the destruction, judgement, punishment and apocalyptic scene descriptions.  On an internal level it concerns the revealing, the unveiling of the self. What are the secrets about yourself that need unveiling. What have you been hiding from yourself. It’s time to face your own truth. It also concerns death, What are your thoughts about death? What emotions come up for you when you think or talk about death? Have you studied the Egyptians understanding of death. Do you realize that we are the living death, as long as we are trapped in this earthly realm and in our earthly shells (bodies)?

The Egyptians regarded death as a very important transformative process, they found dead so important that they wrote an entire book on it.


The caduceus is symbol of grounding, balance and healing. The merging of the spiritual and the physical life. The staff reflects the spinal cord and around the staff there are two snakes, gold and silver, Ida and Pingala, the Sun energy and moon energy. The sun energy influences the male energy, while moon energy influences female energy. Where the snakes cross each other on the caduceus, the seven chakra’s are situated. The crown is the unity. Together the two snakes are in balance, when they are in unity they reach the crown.

Exercise: visualize two beams of light crossing the  chakra’s, one silver, one gold, starting from the 1stchakra, crossing over to the second etc. upwards till both beams meet in the pineal gland, the sixth chakra. If you are in balance, both beams will move in unity to the crown chakra.

The eclipse: star alignment 

Whenever the sun and the moon cover each other, there is  a powerful interaction that causes a stream of powerful energies to flow in. There is a merge, a marriage of energies during an eclipse. Eclipses are rare because it requires the moon, sun and earth to line up. They mostly happen in threes. So this year there was a lunar eclipse on June 5th and there will be two solar eclipses, one on June 21st and one on July 5thJuly 5this also the day that Sirius aligns with earth and the sun. This is going to be a massive day!

Exercise: Eclipses signify massive shifts, we are encouraged to let go of emotions and attachments that don’t serve us anymore. So, this is the time to do deep spiritual work, let go what is no longer necessary and  set the stage for renewal and rejuvenation. So you could do a mediation during the eclipse or perform other spiritual ceremonies.

Sirius Alignment

On July 5th the star Sirius will align with the sun and earth. The force of the energies might be felt from the end of June till around July 10th. Bobby Hemmitt said that the real dates won’t always be announced, so it’s good to keep a window of at least 7 days.

Sirian energies are associated with healing, birth (and rebirth), rejuvenation, magic and nature. During this time, the energetic flow on Earth is perfect for spiritual rebirth and healing. July is the spiritual new year. It’s a good time to  change the behavioral patterns that are holding you back from spiritual ascension.

The Sirian Alignment can be used to let go and heal from energetic patterns that prevent you from attaining your spiritual goals.  This is a time where you can consciously increase your spiritual connections, your psychic abilities, your innate frequency, your connection with spirit guides etc. Sirian Starseeds with well-integrated Sirian energy will find that their business ventures and spiritual ventures will receive a boost at this time. There is the possibility for these starseeds to jump to a timeline with a higher vibration.

Exercise: To infuse with Sirian energy or receive Siriandownloads meditate outside with the Sun beating down on you Third Eye or Crown Chakra.  You can also charge crystals, water or other objects with Sirian energy by leaving them out in the sun.


What is often portrayed to us is the merge of human consciousness with AI, that this is the future that is being presented to us. It’s as if we don’t have an option, but we do! There is indeed a war being fought over our consciousness, but consider this war is an internal war. What do you choose? What is the future that you want for yourself? In what kind of world do you see yourselfin?

Exercise: Oni talked about the use of sygils to assist you with manipulation of reality though chaos magick. Take your time to draw your sygils. Let the ideas come to you naturally, use your creative forces.

The Ankh

What is an Ankh? Ankh is the “Golden Key” that carries in it the Secret of Eternal Life. It signifies the descent of Spirit into Matter and holds the SECRET whereby Matter may ascend back into Spirit once again. The circle on top of the Ankh is symbolic of the Spirit (God) and the cross below is the archetype for duality or matterThe circle is representative of the feminine principle, or the Shakti (the womb), and the cross below reflects the Shivling, or masculine energy

Anyone who is in possession of the Golden Key is blessed with Immortality! As were the Pharaohs’ of Egypt, for each one held the Ankh in their left hand and when they wished to bless anyone with eternal life, they would hold the Ankh to their mouth – the Kiss of Life, or the Breath of Life – as it was mystified to be!

Lionsgate portalAugust 8th

The Lions Gate Portal will start on 26th and will reach its full state on 8th August. It will start closing by 12th August. 13th marks the time to move forward guided by the Heart of the Lion. It will be a time full of power. The Royal Star Sirius is also in conjunction to the Sun during this time. 

Lions Gate is a special time when a brand-new cycle of Change begins, called Time Creation. It is a time to let go of the old, jump timelines in the universe and experience certain shifts in our life. It is about living the now to its fullest.

The Mayans, as well as Egyptians, celebrated it as a new cycle renewed by the Divine Creative Intelligence. 

2020 has the frequency of the double master number. Doubling up the 2 will power up the Divine Feminine, while doubling up 0 suggests the Void. It’s all about empowerment and manifesting creation and rebirth. Your focus should be clear at this moment as you allow the Divine Creative Energy flow through you.

Balancing of the divine feminine and masculine

Nowadays we see many celebrity rituals with transgenders and the rise of homosexuality. In Greek mythology Hermes (Toth) and Aphrodite (Sasheta) had a child, named Hermaphroditus (Horus), which was described as an androgynous being. The Nommo were androgynous beings according to the Dogon. Many ancient Gods were described as androgynous, they weren’t male or female. It is after genetic manipulation, and fall on earth, that male and females were created.

The reality is that we are still in the physical form of male and female people. We don’t need to become transgender or transsexual to become more spiritual. And someone being homosexual or transgender doesn’t mean that they are spiritually advanced beings at all. Oni also explained that the movement we are seeing now, might be the result of a grid installment, Mk-ultra-programs. The rituals that are done with celebrities, especially male celebrities topushing an agenda, what they are doing has nothing to do with spirituality.

Again the process is mostly internal, we need to balance and integrate our divine feminine and masculine sides. So in a sense we become the spiritual Hermaphroditus,no pun intended. This doesn’t have anything to do with gender or sexuality, it just concerns the balancing of these energies.

Masculine is on polarity, the feminine is the other polarity. Similar to the Ida and Pingala. The masculine within men and women is the energy that allows for protection, discernment, healing, and a sense of deep safety and holding. When the masculine in us is strong, we have inner strength to hold  ourselves safe through anything. Feminine energy is about the quality of expression. It’s also about intuition and inner world.

Study tipAnother way to heal and balance these energies is through tantraTantra is more than sexuality, it is actually the balancing of the body and soul, it is the journey of the soul to bring the masculine and feminine polarity into wholeness, love, unity and empowerment.Through the management of sexual energies, we can bring forth conscious creation.

Incantation to balance the feminine and masculine (from Isis oracle cards):

The scales are balanced with perfection

Feminine and masculine in divine connection

Surrender and strength, Body and Soul

Together we are loved, United and whole

I know when to act and when to rest

Scales of balance allow harmony to vest

Deep within I am now at peace

As imbalance I effortlessly now release

I feel balance, wholeness and vitality

As I balance and heal my divine humanity.

Golden light exercise: Activating your crown chakra

Find a quiet space.

Sit down or lie down.

Close your eyes and visualize a golden light, like honey, pour into your crown chakra.

Let this light energy move down, rotating clockwise, passing each chakra, transforming each cell. 

Continue slowly, while breathing deeply till this golden light reaches the 1st chakra.

Imagine every energy center in your body turning into gold.

As you calmly visit every one of your centers, let the Golden Liquid Light fill the gaps of your physical body, your etheric body, your emotional body, your mental body. 

Feel that you are in unity with yourself, in an ever expanding field of Light, joy and Grace. Decree that you will only allow the energies of higher vibrations to have access to your energetic template. You have now sealed this coefficient of energy inside of your field.

Breathe in the Golden Liquid Light now from your heart chakra and use it to pump up your chakras together with this decree: Integrate and Expand!

The use of the Golden Liquid Light guarantees that you are sealing a new pattern inside of your energetic field and, at the same time, you are expanding this field of consciousness to its full potentiality.

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