The Return of the Ancient Ones

By: Ayana

The relationship between solar flares, meteors, economic, and cultural changes in civilization, and the return of the wise ones

As predicted by the Mayan calendar and other ancient civilizations


2012 was supposed to be a big transition year for humanity. Some people thought that the world would end in 2012. Since we are still here, that apparently didn’t happen! The year came and passed quietly. We have already discovered that 2012 isthe year 2020! According to the Somalian calendar, 2012 is this current year.  So we have to go back and decipher what the Mayans have predicted. Maybe in these ancient predictions, we can find meaningful teachings and  we can better understand what is occurring now and what is to come. In this article we will take a look at what the Mayans predicted with their calendar, and check if there are similarities to previous events in ancient history.

Ancient history

The Mayans are an old but very intelligent civilization.  They are just one of the many highly evolved civilizations that have left their mark on the world. Because ‘our history’ (the black nation) has been stolen, hidden, and changed, we have to find the missing pieces to get a full picture of what really transpired. Who we were (are), what we were (are) capable of, and what we should prepare for. When Africa, the mother country, split intro the several continents, several indigenous civilizations developed, and spread across all continents of the world, these include the African tribes, such as the Dogon, the Egyptians, the native American tribes,  the Maya’s, the aboriginals, and many more. The “whites”, the Europeans later came in to the continents, where all the highly advanced civilizations were based to colonize the lands and the people,and they took every bit of all records that described the history and this knowledge was dispersed and hidden. The documentary Hidden Colors illustrates and explains this very clearly and beautifully.

Within the ancient cultures and the hidden knowledge is our truth. In addition, our ancestors made sure to leave clues behind, so that we could find our truth. Take a look e.g. at the hieroglyphs in Egypt, the knowledge of the Sumerian tablets,and the tradition of passing of knowledge by word-of -mouthin African and Native tribes through the of telling stories.Many predictions of what’s to come in the future have been shared through storytelling for many generations  among all of these ancient cultures.

In my opinion for us, the children of the primordial ones, to know and start remembering our history, we have to study and research the history of the several ancient civilizations across the world because they all came from the primordial race (Melanin), so they all have a piece of our traditions. So we have to look at the history and cultures of the indigenous people. It is in the combination of all of these cultures, that we will truly discover, who we the blacks are, and who the primordial nation really is.

As you read through this article, keep in mind that we are strong and have survived many tragedies and catastrophes.  With change, also comes deep transformation and even though it sometimes can be challenging, eventually it alwaysleads to something truly beautiful.

Also remember that if this knowledge has been stolen and has been kept hidden from us, it can/could have been used against us and the earth’s population. Let me illustrate this, with the following example; The Hindu’s believe in astrological alignments, auspicious time. They use this as there guideline to plan events, such as weddings, parties, inaugurations etc. So if the Cabal is aware of the auspicious dates now and in the future, they could use and manipulate these dates for eventsand planetary changes for their own gain.

The Mayan calendar

In the book Mayan Calendar prophesies, the complete collection of 2012 prediction and prophesies, by Gary C. Daniels, he described that the Maya believed in a 256-year cycle related to the rise and fall of civilizations. Thus they believed that our past, present and future are determined by cycles. According to the Mayans, the 256-year cycle could be broken down into thirteen 19.7-year periods (19.7 x 13 = 256) called Katuns. Each Katun had a name and was associated with a particular prophecy or prediction. These predictions were recorded in their prophetic books known as the ChilamBalam.

The cycles

Before we look at a couple of predictions, we have to explain the difference between prophesies and predictions. A prophecy is a result of a vision or divine intervention received by a spiritual specialist, such as a shaman  or priest. A prediction can be made by everyone through careful observations that lead to the detection of patterns.

Mayan “prophets” did not simply receive visions and make random predictions. Instead they created a careful analytical system that looked for patterns in past historical events that took place in previous periods called Katuns and then from these tried to make projections into the future.

Yet the Maya conception of time was both linear and cyclical thus 2012 was simultaneously the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another and just one stop on a timeline that stretched into the future without end.

The current cycle called Katun 4 Ahau began in 1993 and will end in 2012. The next cycle that starts after 2012 is called Katun 2 Ahau and ends in 2032. Because there has been some manipulation of the dates we are not sure  which Katun it currently is, so we will take both into account.

What were the main events to happen when the short count ends according to the Mayans?

According to the Mayans, earth could expect the following events:– Seismic cycle of 250 years (earthquakes, volcaniceruption, tsunamis)- Solar cycle that lasts 250 years (solar flares, climate change)- 300 year cycle of earth impact events (meteorites, comets- Increase in ultraviolet light (invisible light) and gamma rays- A relationship between solar flares and disease outbreaks, such as Influenza to pandemic level- Increase in Solar flares and an increased risk for the development of mental disorders, hallucinations. Hallucinations can also be considered as visions that shamans have, in native American culture hallucinations are not see a mental disorder per se.- Increased creativity- Insect infestations, more insects (grasshopper, bugs)- Increase in geomagnetic storms- Affects electricity (power outages)- Planetary alignments in the galactic center of milky way- Increase in revolts, revolution, civil war, and wars between nations.- Stock market prices crashes due to planetary alignments.

The disease outbreaks were also correlated to Vitamin D production that fluctuates during solar activity. Vitamin D has a positive effect on aging, immune system, the nervous system. During periods of increased solar activityvitamin D production drops, this makes people more susceptible to influenza. They run a bigger risk of becoming sick. Decrease in Vitamin D is also correlated to less exposure to sunlight which is different than a solar flare, or solar activity. In addition, during periods of high solar activity, people become more creative, but also more vulnerable to mental disorders. This is due to the ultraviolet light.

What The Mayans have predicted for the end of 2012 is:

The return of Quetzalcoatl in the past

The Mayans saw Quetzalcoatl as a leader, who attempted to make reforms to violence-filled religious practices of the day that included child sacrifice. He commanded that instead of human sacrifices his followers should only sacrifice butterflies. This aroused the ire of the conservative religious authorities of the day whose power was threatened by this decree. Thus they persecuted him and drove him from their cities. This is very relevant in the current years, where a lot of pedophiles are exposed, and arrested and the Cabal have been exposed for doing human sacrifices, including child sacrifices. No wonder they fear the return of this powerful being.

The noisy green comet– Equally interesting as its green color is the fact that Comet Machholz passed near the Pleiades. The Pleiades were known as “tzab,” the rattlesnake rattles, to the ancient Maya. The rattlesnake uses its rattles as a warning before it strikes. The noise is the important part here. It has similarities to the trumpets in the Bible, warning of the return the second coming of Christ.

Predictions for beyond 2012 (beyond 2020)

The Maya believed a new cycle known as Katun 2 Ahau began on December 21, 2012 and would end in 2032. So the Mayans did not believe that the world would end on December 21st 2012! So the World is not ending on December 21st 2020.

They predicted: “For half of the katun there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This katun brings the end of “the word of God.” It is a time of uniting for a cause.

Predictions for 2032-2052

The Mayans predicted that at this is a time of total collapse everything will lost. It is the time of the judgement of God. There will be epidemics, plagues and then famine. Governments will be lost to foreigners and wise men, and prophets will be lost.- This could mean the end of the European Kingdoms- Increase in rights and power- Outbreak of disease that can wipe out entire populations- Exhaustion of energy, such as oil and petroleum- Social unrest, increase in prices, food riots- Economy crash- Asteroid collision

Even though these predictions were directed at 2032-2052, we see many of these events already unfolding in the world today.

In addition, in the past earth experienced a series of unimaginable catastrophes that included a great worldwide flood from glacial melt water, extensive continent-wide forest fires, a mass extinction that killed off the mammoths, mastodons and other Ice Age mega-fauna, the disappearance of North America’s stone age inhabitants known as the Clovis Culture, and the end of a period of rapid global warming and the return of Ice Age conditions that would last a thousand years. These are all themes that are shown in movies, so it can all happen.

A few characteristics of Quetzalcoatl:- Will come from the East- Will cause Fire and Thunderstorms- Increase in Gamma/ solar flares- Increase in massive Hurricanes- End or transition of the Hunter/gatherer civilization- The return of the flying serpent.

The return of the Ancient Ones: Similar Gods in other ancient cultures

In conclusion

The Mayans believed that time occurs in cycles. Every event in history come and return over and over and over again. These events can be predicted in cycles of the Baktun (long count) and Katun (the short count). In the Mayan calendar they have predicted many events for the future. The future we are living in now and going beyond 2012/2020. 

The predictions for the current period include: The rise in solar flares, increased gamma ray activity, an increase in severe weather patterns, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis etc. 

Furthermore they predicted, changes in theeconomy, health industry, agriculture, education, communication, and the practice of spirituality (religion). The destruction or reformation of the current civilization for the creation of a newimproved civilization.

They also predicted positive changes, such as a boost in the creativity of mankind, increase in intelligence, social awareness, revolutions to bring positive changes. Finally they predicted most important fact: the return of the winged serpent, who can be seen as the ancient one(s), the messiah, the Christ.

This confirms the return of the wise ones, such as Toth, Hermes, Mercury in Sumerian, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. We are part of a great period of time in human history. History is repeating itself. It is time for the reset.

What is questionable is that this knowledge could be used and manipulated if it gets in the wrong hands. 

This leads to many questions: – Are the predictions of the Mayans being used against us? – Is the cabal trying to confuse us by manipulating major events and connecting these to predictions made by civilizations such as the Maya’s? – Are the events from natural origin or manufactured?- Do the timelines that were predicted by The Mayans in line with the current period?

If we are aware of this information, we can be better prepared, less anxious for what is to come, trusting that whether the prediction Is manipulated or not, in the end, it’s our time to step up and unite with our ancestors. As history has shown they always return!

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