The Lion’s Gate 8/8 Activation of Blue Fire Wave Energy By Ayana

The lions gate opening is a returning event, which occurs every year on August 8th, 8/8. It marks the alignment of the star Sirius with the earth and the Sun. And August is of course the month associated with the astrological sign Leo. The lion’s gate is a mainly acosmic event, although there are also a couple of lion gates on earth you can focus on during your astral travels. As above, so below.

Earth-based Lion’s gates

One of the earthly lions’ gate is based in Mycenae, in Greece. It’s a remnant of the Bronze age in ancient Greece.  According to myths, the city and the lion’s gate were built by the Cyclopean, a legendary race of giants, whose culture was said to precede the classical Greeks. 

The lion gate is the entrance of the ancient city Mycenae and was erected in 13 BC in the North-West. Two lionsor lionesses stand under a triangle mark. The lions used to have metal heads, but these are said to have been stolen a long time ago, so now only the bodies of the lions have remained. Their feet rest on an altar and they are standing next to a Minoan pillar. Lions were used by the Mycenean kings as a sign of power. Minoa is connected to the famous Helen of Troye, who wasoriginally from Sparta, but she became Helen of Troye after she eloped with her lover Paris. This started the famous Trojan wars, when Helen’s husband Menelaus send thousands of ships to get her back.

The lion gate in Mycenae Greece is the only ancient architectural piece in that region to withstand the elements of nature and time. In the 1700 the Kingdom of Morea in Venice, officially had the ancient Lion gateruins identified. Just a side note, it is interesting that the specifically the Kingdom of Morea had such interest in the gate and in addition the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Morea is a lion. However, this was and still is not uncommon in European kingdoms. The lions are still used as a sign of power.

Another famous portal, one of the Wonders of the World, is the Ishtar gate in Iraq. The Ishtar gate was named after the Mesopotamian goddess of love, sex, war, andfertility. Ishtar is also the goddess of storms and thunder. The lion is often used to depict her. In addition, it is said that the roar of a lion resembles the sound of thunder. The Ishtar gate was constructed by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II around 575 BC. It was a huge burnt-brick gateway located in the ancient city of Babylon, now Iraq. The rows of bricks were decorated with glazed blue bricks with bulls, dragons, and of course the powerful lion. In the Middle East lions were regarded as a symbol of guardians.

The lion gate in Jerusalem (also known as Stephen’s gate or Sheep gate)

The last walk from Jesus before his crucifixion started from the Lion gate in Jerusalem. It’s one of the seven,and oldest open gates of the old city. Actually, there are 11 gates, but only seven are still open. 

After defeating the Ottoman empire, king Suleiman, hada wall built to protect Jerusalem. The lion became the heraldic symbol of Jerusalem. Some people say that the lions are leopards because they refer to Baibars, who was a crusader, and he had similar statues and gates build in the areas he conquered. He was a ruler in Syria and Egypt. Baibars name means Great panther, Lord panther or noble leopard.

The lion portal in August

The astrological sign LEO

The lions gate occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the lion). This period lasts from July 23rd– August 22nd

Leo is also ruled by the real sun, the central sun, which is Sirius. Which is interesting because the previous astrological sign Cancer is ruled by the moon. Leo is a fire sign and is one of the few non-dual signs. It stands for isolated separation and one- pointed desire. It is alsoassociated with will and power and concrete science. Other connections to the sign Leo are the heart, the Divine, pride, purpose, generosity, and a passion for creating and expressing life in all forms.

Other astrological and astronomical connections

Regulus (Alpha Leonis)

Alpha Leonis or Regulus is called the Heart of the lion, in the constellation of Leo. It’s the brightest star of the constellation. The term lionheart refers to a person of exceptional courage and bravery. A star constellation that is associated with the sign Leo is Regulus. Regulus means king, little king or Prince. It is derived from Rex. The Leo constellation has a blueish hue and is shaped like a backwards question mark or sickle. Regulus is the dot at the base, the star of kings.

Regulus regulates the solar fire coming from Sirius. It’s the source that balances the Law of Karma. Regulus is associated with the Law of the individual, and the Law of selfishness, it transmits the energy of the will/power of the fiery lions.

Leo and the Sun are both archetypes of self-importance and self-centeredness, but this happens in perfect proportion with the rest of creation.

The triangle, moving into the Leo energy

The triangle of consciousness: Awareness, and individual consciousness becomes collective consciousness

Cancer stands for awareness, instinctual consciousness.

Leo is associated with individual awareness, intelligent consciousness.

Aquarius refers to group awareness, intuition.

So, as we develop spiritually, and our consciousnessexpands, we shift from individual consciousness to the collective consciousness. We are moving from cancer, to Leo and ultimately into Aquarius phase. This is whyentanglement, specifically Quantum entanglement, will be on the rise. Similar ideas, thoughts, actions, telepathy, and forms of non-verbal communications will become more common. As we move more into higher dimensions, specifically 5D and beyond, our focal point will start shifting to a more loving and collective perspective.

Cosmic Fire

Emanating from Leo are solar fires. The fire clears and burns away what is necessary, for the soul to gain expression of its divine aspect. With the intensification of this incoming fire, it ignites cosmic, solar and planetary purification. Our etheric bodies are an integral part of the planetary bodies, including the solar body. As the cosmic fires pour through the etheric body, it will start transforming transmuting and determine our outer expression, activities and qualities.

Solar Plexus activation

The sun and Leo are connected to the Solar Plexus. A balanced solar plexus manifest itself as self-confidence, healthy self-control, and willpower. It’s a source of tremendous power that can be channeled to manifest your desires.

The number 8

In numerology the number 8 signifies balance and equalization across all realms. 8 brings shifts and changes that lead to harmony and alignment. The number 8 is also a sign of infinity and limitless power(when you look at it on its side, the infinity symbol). It’s a symbol that flows forever. It has no end and is going in and out continuous cycles. 8 holds the same shape as our DNA structure and stores codes that we can access, especially around the times of the Lion’s gate.

The Lion’s Gate

As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orions belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective, it appears that Sirius cones closer to earth. It will seem twice the size of the sun and 26 times brighter. The sun and Sirius form a semi-sextile aspect, or tetrahedron of light aspect with the earth, this alignment is referred to as the lion’s gateway. On August 8th the lion gate will open, which will allow energy from Sirius to come in and shine on earth. On this day Sirius will be visible above the Eastern horizon just before the sunrise. Remember that the rising of Sirius is associated with the rising of the Nile river, which signifies the nourishment of the crops and the sustainment of life. This is also why Sirius is associated with abundance and fertility, just as the Goddess Isis/ Astarte/ Ishtar. The lion’s gate is a time of increased cosmic energy coming in between physical and spiritual realms. The Leo energy is also associated with royalty, so our royal codes are activated in these times.

The Mayans and the Egyptians celebrated this period as a new cycle of Divine Creative Intelligence. The energy waves coming in activates the light codes the inactive DNA strands in our bodies. A new stream of consciousness comes in and it activates our third eye chakra and the limitless energy of our being.

It’s also a period where the collective consciousness is on the rise. We are moving to a multidimensional world where space and time are distorted. The ability to cross other dimensions and astral travel will be strong at this time. It’s also a perfect time for deep meditation, and manifestations. Star seeds will feel this energy strongly and might possibly receive downloads. This is also an excellent time for cleansing and activation of your crystals.

The Lion’s gate is a special time when a brand-newcycle of changes called Time creation, begins. It signifies a period of shifts. Energy is connected to points of time in the past and in the future. As gateways open, more energy is going to more points in time. An infinite number of timelines is being charged around this time. What we think, say, and do resonate and this determineswhere we are heading. So, it’s a good time to focus and set goals.

At the end of the gate cycle, when the gate starts closing in August, all the dimensions start to collapse into each other, going from a wide perspective to a narrow, fixed energy spectrum. This grounds us in the timeline that is fitting. The energy shifts back into us, multiplies the activation and reveals more truths of ourselves and creation and helps us with divine connections with our souls.

The cycle started on Jul 26th and will reach its full state on august 8th. And it will close around August 12th or August 13th.

TzolkinStart of the spiritual New Year, the Lunarblue storm

In the same period of the Leo astrological sign, the Sirius alignment and opening of the lion’s portal, the spiritual new year starts. The ancient Egyptians waited for the heliacal rising of Sirius to celebrate their New Year. The Mayan’s used the Tzolkin to calculate important dates. According to the Mayan’s, 2020 is the year of the lunar blue storm. The actual date it starts is July 26th and it will last till July 25th 2021.

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

“I Polarize in order to Catalyze
Stabilizing Energy
I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Lunar Tone of Challenge
I am Guided by the Power of Magic.”

The following text is from:

Blue Storm is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

Blue Storm is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, the arrival of the thunder beings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Blue Storm represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. Blue Storm is the purification of the ‘body temple’ and the ignition of the light body. In these last years of a twenty-six-thousand-year Mayan grand cycle, Blue Storm comes to help you in the disintegration process that moves you from separation to ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flame of transmutation. Only your identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is.

Blue Storm provides the water that purifies and quenches your spiritual thirst. In this state of consciousness, you stand willing to surrender everything. You give up what you seem to be in order to become fully what you are. You step into the fires of the unknown, and you are changed forever. Allow Blue Storm’s to purify and cleanse you. 

Blue Storm catalyzes and prepares your nervous system and circuitry for complete transformation. It is the electromagnetic storm of transmutation, the clearing and quickening of your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. As you become aligned with the descending energies, and evolve in consciousness, yourbody’s vibration is raised, becoming less ‘dense’. Your new alignment ignites the quickening process that transmutes the shadows of the past, including experiences, judgements, thoughtforms, and old patterns that have held you back.

As you move into this new vibration, you may feel off balance. In this transformational shift, you will feel unusual quickening on every level of your being. You will sense emotional and physical ‘imbalances’ and restructuring. Your issues will be catalyzed and brought out for you to address. By being present with your old patterns you have a unique opportunity to access the energy of Blue Storm, which is experienced as an inner transformational ‘storm’, a natural part of the process of vibrational shift and quickening.

Whether you are experiencing these changes consciously or unconsciously, the vibrational change is adjusting your energy pattern to accommodate the flow of the language of light. These new frequencies feed you on every level of your being. As your transformation progresses, you quickly become aware of the unconscious material you still need to process. No longer can you escape the effects of your belief systems. Fears and negative images can all be felt very quickly. The transformation is experienced as if it were happening ‘from the inside out’. Things seem to ‘cook’ inside you.

Remember that you have chosen to take part in this rebirth, both on a planetary and a personal level – the planetary dream, the miracle on Earth, is what brought you here! You are becoming the living model of the new reality. As an emissary of the great change, you are a transformer of the collective myth. Riding the crest of the wave, you are travelling both outward and inward on your journey home – for yourself and for all those who will follow after you.

A simple catalyst for this catapulting force is the integration of duality within. The personal integration of shadow is what will create the miracle! Personal shadow is simply that which is separated from the full light of consciousness. By integrating shadow, you are freed from delusions of right or wrong, good and evil. Shadow provides an opportunity for you to bring in all of your expanded essence.

Consciousness is a structural metaphor that is calling for transformation. As your consciousness becomes crystallized, narrow, and complex, it invites the process of dissipation to ‘unravel’ and break it free. As you travel the spiral vortex of light, expanding into ever-widening realms of truth, your crystallized energy breaks down and transcends form. This process can be very intense, but if you embrace it, you can be transformed into a freed adventurer – a divine actor who can play any part without becoming attached to it”.

Igniting your blue fire wave

The energy of Sirius, the LEO constellation and the heart is very strong the coming week and will stay so till August 8th. You can get major downloads and activations during this time. The following exercise focuses on igniting the blue fire wave.

You can do this exercise alone or with a partner.

Igniting the blue fire wave alone

If you are doing this exercise alone. Sit in meditation posture.

Start by taking a couple of deep breaths, slowing down your heart rate, till you reach a deep meditative state.

Visualize a blue fire in your mind’s eye, so from your third eye.

As you see the blue fire, feel the warmth, or any other sensations that might rise up.

The warmth and blue fire will start expanding. The blue fire might increase in size, height, width and weight. The sensation will feel like an energetic wave that is increasing in force. It’s comparable to the rising of kundalini energy from your spine upwards. Let this energy rise to your heart chakra and go through your third eye chakra. You will also feel the chakras beneath your feet and palm chakra’s getting activated.

As the blue fire increase experience this wave, let it expand, till it completely fills your senses. (It will feel like a very intense spontaneous orgasm, a cosmic orgasm). Continue seeing the blue flame, till the feeling starts to subside. The color of the flame might change slightly to a white color during the peak of the exercise.

After the feeling has subsided, take a few deep breaths to center.

Visualize light flares coming in from Sirius and the Leo constellation hitting your solar plexus.

Finish this exercise by coming to earth, this space and time, and body.

Igniting the blue fire wave together (explicit)

When this exercise is done as a couple, it’s a bit different, because the energy is ignited physically first before it becomes cosmic.

This exercise will be done together during intercourse. It is important that the man can endure and postpone his orgasm as much as possible. (Don’t worry the reward will be super sweet). Proceed with your regular foreplay.Then continue with a position, in which, the woman is sitting on top, facing the man, he can sit up as well.Another option is the woman lying down on her back and the man penetrating her standing up, in a way that he hits her g-spot. Start slowly, take a couple of deep breaths together till you reach a semi meditative state.As you continue with intercourse, the woman will start to focus on the blue fire. You can both close your eyes, otherwise only the woman. The man must keep penetrating, postponing his orgasm. Keep moving slowly, increasing the pace, and let the energy build up.

The woman can stimulate this energy in her body by taking deep breaths, from the belly. There will be an energetic exchange from the 2nd chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, and third eye chakra between partners. You can join hands as well, as the chakras will activate in the hands as well, as the energy builds.

As the blue fire expands in her mind’s eye, the woman will experience a strong energetic wave feeling, like kundalini rising from the base of her spine upwards, spreading through her yoni, uterus, shooting upwards to the heart, and through the 3rd eye. As the wave increases in size and force, like a tsunami, she might experience a very intense orgasm. The feeling will be different than a physical orgasm. The blue flame might turn into a bright white color. Some women might squirt during this experience. This would be more meaningful, full circle,bringing in a new dimension as she experiences cosmic fire first, followed by cosmic water, which is also beneficial for the man.

After the woman has ignited the blue fire, the man can then proceed with his preferred position. As the man keeps going, whilst he takes deep breaths, he visualizes the blue fire wave. The warmth and force will start at the base of the spine and rise, through the prostate, upwards to the heart chakra, through the 3rd chakra.Continue and reconnect the 2nd chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, and third eye chakra with each other. You can join hands too, as the chakras will activate in the hands as well. As the energy builds.

Continue till the feeling of orgasm comes, like an intenseenergetic wave. It’s possible that the man will not ejaculate but he will experience the feeling of a very deep orgasm. The woman can assist the man by taking deep breaths and increasing the pressure with her yoni to stimulate the penis to help increase the sensation. 

When both man and woman have experienced the blue fire wave, center by taking deep breaths.

Visualize light flares coming in from Sirius and the Leo constellation hitting the solar plexus. The blue fire waveexercise can then be finalized as wished.

The energy of this blue cosmic fire is so strong that you will experience something         significant, no matter if your practicing alone or with a partner. You can choose to practice it alone first and then with a partner. You might receive several downloads from now on and a deep shift in your spiritual life.

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