The Divine Woman: Devaluation vs Elevation By Ayana

Black female artists are on the rise, especially black female hip hop artists. Female hip hop and pop artists have been using their fame to drop songs, videoclips and interviews, in which they talk, sing and comment about female empowerment. They claim to be modern feminists. Artists like Beyonce, Nicky Minaj, Meghan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have been showing a very open, hypersexualized, feminine culture. Everything goes, talking openly about sexuality, dropping songs about dripping Wet- Ass Pussies (WAP), and supporting hoe liberation. WTF! Is this the NEW Normal (???)

The amount of blatant in your face pussy and sex talk is definitely off-putting. As stated in the previous article on the song WAP, the sexuality portrayed in the media definitely has a connection with sex kitten programming:

W.A.P Beta Sex Slave Programming

The problem is the way that women are portrayed and are encouraged to become oversexualized beings who are comfortable spreading their legs and twerking in public, without any shame. If you got it flaunt it! These messages are distractions, they deviate us (women and men) from seeing what really matters. The messages that are given to our sisters, daughters, and all women is a twisted and disturbing one.

Beneath all of  the Gold, the money, the bling bling, the flashy and skimpy outfits, all of the twerking, and the long sharp nails, there is a beautiful hidden message. If you are spiritually awake and aware (not WOKE, but AWAKE, as in Spiritually Conscious and AWARE), you might see it. If you don’t look carefully and if you don’t want to go deeper than the superficial, you truly might miss it.

As long as we can remember women have been depicted as the manipulative seductresses, who was responsible for the fall of mankind. Women are seen as dangerous, treacherous, vicious, jealous, and vindictive. For Black women it has beeneven worse, black women have been depicted as sluts, deceptive, mean, overbearing, and don’t forget the angryblack woman!

Women have been abused, threatened, beaten, oppressed, vilified, raped, and have undergone all sorts of insults and harsh injustices for centuries.

All of these allegations, prejudices and violence are harsh andout of line. Why are women seen in this light? What have women done to get all of these titles?

The woman is actually the most divine and purest being in the UniverseAnd men know this. The black man knows this, look at how they honor and respect their mothers, their aunts, their sisters. 

This might be the biggest deception of all time. Let’s just say that it as a very important subject that got lost in translation and is finally to resurface, be addressed accordingly and finally cleared up. 

Please read this Blog article carefully because what I’m going to share is controversial and a very sensitive topic which is difficult to explain but I will try my best to do so. By respectfully, carefully lifting the veil and taking a peak of what is hidden. Doing this with honor, respect and integrity, we can learn about in order to restore the Divinity of the Woman,  and put a definite end to the desecration of the woman, surely the black woman. It’s time to put an end to the shaming and blaming. It’s time to clear her the (black) woman’s name.

A brief history of the woman

How she fell and got her title of the evil seductress

In order to find out and understand what happened, we’ll have to dive into history first.

The Bible

One of the most famous stories in the Bible is the one of Adam and Eve. They lived in the garden of Eden (MERU).The story goes that Eve was seduced by the serpent (the dragon, darkness) and then she convinced her partner Adam to take a bite the apple of Knowledge, that was offered to her by the snake. This caused the fall of mankind, the fall into the abyss. When they fell, they became aware that they were naked, and they experienced shame. Because of Eve’s actions, each descendant of the first woman has been “cursed”, blamed and shamed for centuries and centuries. And so the story goes but we all know that what actually happened was a lot different. If you want to learn more about the garden of Eden and how it all started, I would suggest the book: Celestial Ships of the North.


The most controversial city in the Bible

In the Bible this is the place where according to the Jews and the followers of Jawheh all abominations took place. This was the city of Babylon, in ancient Sumeria, which was known as the great city of sin. Babylon was the place of great advanced architecture, vibrant colors, flowers and gardens, and all that was forbidden. Similar to the Garden of Eden. It’s the place where the serpents were revered, adored, and worshipped. In addition the city which was holy, became associated with sin,this caused her epic demise. (In a way this story is very similar to the Adam and Eve story).

Babylon is the place where the Goddess, Inanna, had her house, the house of heaven, or rather the temple of love. It was a place of divinity. (In our day and age such  place has beendegraded, and  such a temple is called a whorehouse or the red light district). But in those days the temple was a sacred place. The temple had many rosettes or roses on the walls. This is one of the symbols that has become associated with the Goddess.

Rose Temple

The temple of the Goddess, the Red temple, in Babylon can be described as follows:

It consisted out of a part that represented heaven, a part that represents earth and the underworld. Next to the temple was a big tower. Beneath the tower there was a cave/womb/ temple where the God and Goddess enacted the sacred marriage. It is literally the place where the magic happened. Powerful, beautiful, sacred sex magic. The power of creation. The tower was a depiction of divine sexual union, interlocked genitals, a moment of ecstasy. The tower represented the connection between heaven and earth. From a visual perspective it can be compared to the phallus of God.

Unfortunately this magic was misused and a race of people was born that were of a different kind, vibrating on a lower level.

So, Inanna might have been the first prostitute, even though it’s a term that I don’t like to use. She was the Goddess of loveand ecstasy. Let’s take a look at the meaning of the word Whore or Ho, or actually Hoe. The word hoe has a completely different meaning that has always been portrayed.

Meghan Stallion: The lady  in red, the color of love and passion, representing Inanna 

The etymology of the word whore or Hoe

What does Hoe actually mean? In ancient Sumeria hoe meansplow. A plow is device that was used to plow the land and increase its fertility. Which makes sense because Inanna is also associated with fertility.

In ancient Sumeria the plow of the Lord Baal Marduk was called the Amurru, the hoe! It is represented as a long pillar standing on a dragon.

So the woman is the pillar, the mediatrix between heaven and earth. She is the Hoe. (And not the Whore, which is depicted in the Media). She is divine and sacred.

Beauty and The beast

In the book of revelations a scarlet woman is described riding the beast. The beast is either a lion, or a seven headed dragon.The scarlet woman is described sitting on top of the beast, thus she is riding the beast. These passages have instigated a lot of fear in many people, as many religious schools and churches have tried to explain their interpretation of the woman riding the beast Most say that it signifies the end of the world and all sorts of catastrophes. They have no idea what is really being described. 

The word Revelations is derived from the Greek word Apokalyps, which means the unveiling, the revealing of the divine mysteries. No more words are needed to explain this, as you can imagine what is and the rest of this article will highlight this theme sufficiently.

The Virgin Mary

When woman was not depicted as the prostitute, she was sees as a pure and pious being. So the complete opposite archetype. The catholic church had no trouble getting rid of the lustful seductive woman, they replaced her with the pure, kind, respectful Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. Often pictured as a white woman or as the Latin virgin Maria, very popular and revered in Latin culture, a lot of people don’t know that the Virgin Mary is the black Madonna. Most statues of the Black Madonna are from the Byzantyne era, and they show a black virgin Mary and a black baby Jesus.

We see here a woman who’s divine, she is a mother, a nurturer, a caretaker. Mari means Love. According to Sumerian mythology,  Mari rescued the tree of life and planted it in her garden, where it became the Axis of Love.

The Virgin Mary is the Queen of Heaven, so in other words the Virgin Mary is Isis, Asharah, Innana. Thus she is both the virgin and the lover.

Mary Magdalene: The other Mary

Unfortunately Mary Magdalene was described as a prostitute, rescued by Jesus in the bible. She was the sister of Lazarus, who Christ raised from the death. Mary lived in a city called Bethany. The next time that Jesus came to the city he stayed at a house and it is there that a woman, later known as Mary Magdalene, anointed his head with Spikenard oil, a very expensive oil. This sparked the outrage of Jesus’ disciples. The anointing is clear, it shows that Mary recognized the Christ as the Messiah. In fact it’s comparable to Inanna who anointed her lover, before the sacred marriage. Magdalene was thus acting as Jesus priestess, initiating him into the mysteries of love.

Mary Magdalene was hated and her name was dragged through the mud. Some sacred books have made claims that she was a very powerful and wise woman. She might have even written the fourth book of John.

The divine woman in mythology

In the ancient world the woman was the symbol of great Beauty and of poise. It is from woman that everything came into existence. In Greek mythology,  she’s the mother of the God Cronos. In African mythology, she is Tiamat. The dragon goddess of chaos.

The ancients believed that out of the one Supreme God, was born SHE, the Virgin of light, the one with celestial loveliness and purity. Divine in nature! She represents all that is beautiful and pure. She was the mother of the Gods.


The Goddess that is mostly associated with Babylon is Inanna- Ishtar. First we need to clear up the confusion of names. The Sumerian Inanna predates the Babylonian Ishtar. Inanna was worshipped in Southern Sumeria, and Ishtar was worshipped in the North. These Goddesses describe the same archetype. They are the same Goddess. 

The Babylonian Ishtar inherited Inanna’s rituals and symbols as her contemporary and follower. Inanna became Ishtar. Both names look the same impressed into wet clay with a stylus, it is only the pronunciation that is different. Ishtar actually means womb

She was known as the love Goddess and she had a love cult, where she taught women the teachings of divine love and sacred sexuality. In modern days and in desecrating terms, people would say that it was a whorehouse and that she was a madam, a procurer of women. This couldn’t be further from the truth!!!. Inanna-Ishtar is the goddess who claimed that sex is divinity. She is the representation of sex magick, and sexual union. She knew the sacred and divine teachings of love. She had a Master’s degree, no maybe even a Doctorate in the art of love, and loving.

Inanna was blamed for the first fall of Jerusalem. As the Jews were persecuted in Babylon and they kept adhering to their strict religious laws and kept their focus on good vs evil, the fall of Babylon was blamed on Inanna-Ishtar. She became the scapegoat.

The goddess Asherah or Ashtoreth

Asherah or Ashtoreth are other versions of the Goddess Ishtar. According to the Bible she is the mediatrixthe Goddess of the pillar. She was worshipped by King Solomon (Peace). Astarte is the Goddess of Biblios, the Queen of Heaven, and the Queen of the Stars. The name Asherah means pole or stem, a phallic object.


Venus, which is a another name for Inanna), the Queen of Heaven, had the biggest temple in Rome. Rome or Roma spelled backwards is Amor, which is Love. Venus is both the morning star, which represents the Virgin, and she’s also the evening star, which represents the Harlot (the woman of love and ecstasy). She possesses both qualities. If you think about it Love can be wonderful but it can also be destructive. Love is a very powerful emotion, it bring you to new heights or it can break you.


The provider of the bread of life, the manna, the lady of the mill. Hathor names means the house of Horus. Horus abides in the womb of his mother Hathor or Isis.

Another explanation of the name Hathor is, Habitation of the light.

There was group of Egyptian priestesses called Shemat, they were also called Shem-su Hor or the Hathors. They knew the words and hymns of power. The Shem people, the priests who evolved from the class of the priestesses were the only ones allowed to wear the leopard or panther prints. The leopard spots represent enlightenment.

It is said that these people knew how to manage the light energy frequencies coming in from the Milky way. They knew how to read the symbolism and design of the Axis of love. Ra and Michael knew how to command the powers of Love (Amor/meru) or Roma in the matters of war. So the Meru rod the pillar resembles a two-edged sword, its power can be used for good  (tara) or ill (terror).

The Divine woman from a other perspectives

The gypsy woman

The gypsy woman is the woman of mystery, with wide hips and full breasts, and exotic dance moves. The dangerouswoman, because of her magical powers and curses. Gypsy women do not mix with other races, because they need to keep their bloodline pure. It is said that if a gypsy woman has intercourse with a man who is not a gypsy, they will both fall under a terrible curse. The gypsies have been compared to the blacks, they have always been  subject to much hatred in Europe. The gypsies are also known as the Roma people. (Roma as in Amor?) What is really hidden behind the gypsy history is definitely an interesting subject to explore further.

The primordial Goddess

Tiamat is considered the Goddess of chaos and, a primordialcreation. She’s also the mother of beginnings, time cycles and of Gods and men. All beginnings were founded on the feminine.

The goddess = the square 

Squaring the circle 

The second chakra, Earth chakra is the square. The second chakra is symbolic of sexual energy but it’s also significant for Creativity.  The Goddess is the bringer of creation, thus creativity. She is the muse!

When it is said that one is squaring the circle, this means moving from the second chakra, the square to the third chakra, the circle, or in other words balancing the symbols of heaven and earth. The goal is to overcome the obstacles of the earth and activating the spiritual abilities.

In conclusionSo who is the divine woman?

The Divine woman is one veiled and shrouded in mystery. If you put two and two together, it will become apparent that the divine woman is the hated harlot, the prostitute, and virgin or in other words the woman of love and ecstasy. She is the DIVINE WOMAN, she is the greatest power of creation. She is both the harlot and the virgin. And she is so much more than this because she’s also passionate, creative, beautiful, intelligent, graceful, elegant, compassionate, and merciful. However if get under her skin and she can turn into a vicious angry woman. You don’t want to mess with her! She is creator and destroyer. 

The divine woman is the peace bringer, the mediatrix. In contrast to what most people think, it is not the peace that comes after war. Peace bringer means the one who connects the heaven and earth. Why do all the Misses in the Miss Universe competition say that they want World Peace?Because the actual Miss Universe is the bringer of Peace (enlightenment). How she does this?

What brings heaven and earth together? The womb of the woman is the portal through the wormhole, which is the gateto the stars. The womb is the door of life leading to the home of the Gods. And the gateway can be opened through practicing sacred sex. 

This is not a skill that can be used with futility, so don’t go fucking just for the sake of tapping ass and getting pleasure. This is where I disagree strongly with Cardi B and most of these modern feminists, female artists. Yes it’s okay to be comfortable with your sexuality, and it’s your business if you want to go out there and sleep around. But if you are aware of the tremendous gift you have as a woman (and this also applies to the men), you will think twice before wasting it in such a careless way. Yes, we, especially melanated people have impulses, lust, needs, but that is also our power, our gift, which should be handled with grace, dignity and respect.

Through the act of loving, the woman is the bringer ofWisdom. She is Sophia. Sophia means knowledge, wisdom in Greek. Sophia is derived from the word Ophis, which means the serpent. She is the Virgin of Light.

Men who are enlightened, know HER. They are filled with light, with knowledge. The Sufi mystics knew this, this is why their teachings are so loving.

The Divine woman possesses immense power and knowledge, which she is eager to share with whoever is willing to listen, to see, to touch, to use their senses, who is open to immersing themselves in her experiences and feel ready to transcend. It’s much more than a sexual experience it’s a spiritual enhancing experience to be with HER. In a previous article I described how you can practice sacred sexuality.

To learn more about Sacred Sexuality, you can read:

And to learn more about The power of Tantric lust, check out Oni’s excellent class on Patreon.

The contradicting message: Feminism, Female empowerment vs the  return and rise of the divine woman. 

Stop the Devaluation and Start the Elevation!

The elite know that woman is divine, that her return is imminent, after all of the years of oppression and shaming.  It’s the natural order of things. So how do they counteract is, they ride with it. They use the movement to control and manipulate it to their advantage. The truth is in plain sight, if you have an eye for it.

In order to control and manage how the shift happens in society, female artists are used to set an example, a very bad one though. Acting like a crazy slut, titties out, and twerking is not the way! Female empowerment has absolutely no connection with letting it all hang for the cameras, taking sexy selfies, posting bikini video’s on Instagram, and sex video’s on porn sites, and then bragging about being sexually liberated and sleeping around. It’s not even about equality for women in society. Because once the divine feminine is installed and activated on the spiritual level, the effects will appear on all dimensions naturally. As a result of the bad exampleshappening, we are moving further away in society from reaching the equality and empowerment of females we actually seek. It’s time to put woman back on her pedestal. We should elevate our women (and our feminine side) not devaluate them.

The black woman can stand strong in her power, confidently, without feeling guilty or ashamed. She can lift her eyes, her face proudly and stand tall. Dropping the veil when necessary and covering herself when needed. She is a beautiful, powerful and divine being!

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