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Shift Your Reality 😈

The worst punishment of all existence is human thought.

That’s why your always arguing, the argument starts with the self because polarity makes the person divided in their own principles, established or yet not established.

Kabbalah basically deals with the language of reality molecularly and quantumly. We pull this intelligence in. Must be able to articulate your reality right before your eyes. 

Dark matter. We understand through this what is necessary when coming into this phone. 

The artificial intelligence came from the Sumerian text in reference to invasion when it comes to economics. There’s a reality we have to face when it comes to the law of the invaders. The programmer must understand what it does and what it does not do.

Earth’s magnetic fields affect everything from our mood to our ability to learn, and research has begun to provide links between the electromagnetic field of our planet and psychic abilities. 

Brain shift algorithms, feels like being under water but pulsations enter in and out the head region. 

Meditation opens you up to frequency and vibration of the internal and external Cosmos. What will you do with your time here?

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