Shango: The Flame Thrower

A Summer Solstice Message About Justice

Happy Solstice to All!  

I want to share a message that I received from a few meditation sessions with Shango, the Orisha of Justice, Fire, Thunder (sound), Pure Masculine Sexuality, and Opportunities amongst many other talents and skills.  He is a strong and fierce warrior who walks the ascended master path, like the Christian, Jesus.    Shango’s energy is currently VERY strong in the ethers and I am sure many of you are experiencing his presence. 

I don’t feel the need to go into the google definition of “Solstice”.  If you are unaware of “Solstice” today, in what they tell us is the year 2020 then you need to educate yourself to cosmic energetic shifts and I encourage you to research deeper. I will mention however some spiritual significance of solstice and the shifting of the energy we are in.

Solstice ushers in a distinct change of energy, which is a change of leadership. While we were previously in the death stage of Winter Solstice, we are now entering the birth stage of Summer Solstice.  Spring and Fall Equinox are recalculating points of the annual cycle.  Equinox balances or aligns the energy similar to what you do to your tires, which also rotate in a cycle of energy.  Solstice marks a distinct change in the cycle.

Summer Solstice brings forth the heat. It brings forth the fire of the sun at its fullest! It brings forth cosmic alignments for divine activations. It brings forth passion, sexual urges, less clothes, creativity and with any changing of the guard it brings forth the call for justice naturally.  Summer Solstice brings forth the harvest including the spiritual harvest and thinning of the spiritual veil between realms, and it brings in CHANGE.

Your energy operates differently in the summer versus the winter. Winter is about destroying to recreate. Summer births, fuels and nurtures what has already been planted during the winter process.  The element of fire is that of rapid change and the sun is a ball of fire, at its hottest in the summer.  

Justice is a Martian energy.  Mars is known as the red planet, which is the color of fire and Mars is named after the god of war.  Justice is claimed through war or battle.  In a court of law you experience a judicial trial such as a custody battle.  You must battle for independence and you must also wage war in order to colonize. 

Look at the headlines and the hashtags of today when it comes to the Earth and to Mars and you will see some major ones are about “Colonizing Mars” and “Global Justice.” Either way these are both Shango’s territory and this ancestor has something to share. 

Your energy is moving full speed ahead in what you began over the winter and the spring.  Again, we can see in the headlines today that JUSTICE is the global hashtag. Justice is easiest to stimulate and most potent over the summer, especially this one. 

You must ask yourself what justice means to you personally and what it means for harmony in the world. Justice exists because of things becoming dis-harmonized and now justice must correct the imbalance. This is a normal event. But in this year of 2020, we are experiencing shifts of a master builder level, energetically. 

Major change has been activated. 

Justice looks different to each of us. Therefore, we must operate from a space of authenticity versus a space of influence or keeping up with what everyone else is doing. 

During a year as such, what we put our attention and energy towards creates major energetic pattern shifts that move the world into a new way of being.  

This new way of being is not to come.  It is upon us.  Most things you did last year are done extremely differently now.  A New World Order has already been ushere.

How the birthing of this new world is nurtured and fueled determines if the roots take a firm hold or if it gets ripped away through torrential winds of change and hurricane season is here.  Every day we are ushering in major change however there are major influencers backstage with props of the most realistic looking illusions.  

These illusions are very believable and distracting, turning the average individual into a sheep counting its way back to sleep.  Most sheep are ignorant and only move because the funky ass in front of it just moved. The shepherd guides the flock. 

You are your own shepherd, or you should be. If you aren’t, there are many applicants with resumes that show they have successfully moved a flock through some type of emotional, energetic manipulation like politics, religion, education, history, secret societies, media and entertainment like books, movies, music, radio, television, YouTube, social media, blogs, newspapers, newsletters, gossip and various other forms.

You have a choice.  You can lead or be guided.  We are taught in this world to seek guidance and to seek it outside of self.  Don’t get it twisted, respect for wisdom is necessary.  However, at the end of that search for wisdom, you must make a decision from your gut. Does this feel right and is that guidance for you?  You always have the last word, no matter how heavy the influence.  You are powerful!

I’ll give you an example, while remaining with the hashtag of justice. Let’s say for example you have to go to court for a traffic issue. You were driving 56 in a 55 and the cop pulls you over and writes a ticket saying you were going 70 which ups the fine, bringing more money to the city. 

Now you looked at your speedometer and saw a constant 56 so you know you were driving a mile over yet this clown is saying you were driving 20 and attempting to get in your pocket and your driving record. Would you show up for court and call him out or would you simply pay the fine and go along with your life? 

Justice looks different to us all. Some of us stand for it and some of us let others delegate what justice is in our own life without even attempting to stand for our own self. In the ‘Art of War’, Sun Tzu says “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” That means the strategy must be on point as well as the spiritual maturity and self-discipline.  Don’t get me wrong, you must choose your battles, but when you do choose, be prepared to fight them to the death.  Again, justice requires spiritual maturity which requires discipline and self-control.  

Justice is an energy that goes much deeper than a blog post and, in many cases, justice is an energetic loop that needs to be analyzed from a disconnected view through a higher perspective. Any other way is to remain in the same loop of life and death through the changing of the guards.

Understanding what true justice looks like requires spiritual maturity. This allows you to see how expansive the loop really is. Sometimes justice requires you to step back, to climb higher and be still and sometimes it requires you to charge full speed ahead.  

There is a difference in having and not having, ruling and not ruling, being sovereign or being a slave, being in power or being the one who the power is wielded against. 

There is a difference between preying on and being the prey, playing the lead role or the understudy who is hoping that one day the lead role will be sick and you will have that BIG CHANCE.

Ask yourself this. Can you honestly say you would want to go from a space of being The Godfather, in charge and living large, to suddenly shining his boots and carrying his lunch down the hall? Not many would. So, what would you do if that happened to you?

You’d likely fight back and if you were defeated you would probably be miserable and regretful of the loss of your power. You would always want what you once had. You would always view the one who took your power as your arch enemy, your rival or at the very least, a sparring partner. There would be a hole in the wholeness of your heart and you would want justice.

This is how wars come about and this is what happens when the tables are shifted, and new leadership is ushered in.  During a changing of the guard things can get wild.  There is a another quote from the Art of War that comes to mind and it is “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

This chaos and opportunity plays out on both the physical and the spiritual side of the veil.  We are in a spiritual war. This is warfare for the only true currency, your soul.  SPIRITUAL ANCESTORS are fighting with us and what we see in the world around us is the physical playback of what is happening in the spiritual realm which moves quicker due to its frequency. We experience a lag in the physical world because it is so DENSE. This lag allows for manipulation. Kind of how you can have two televisions on in your home playing the same channel and will be 5 seconds behind the other. 

The lag between the spiritual and the physical can be lessened by a deeper connection which require a spiritual life. Hence sayings in the spiritual community such as “vibe high” or “raise your vibration.”

YOUR inability to tap into the truth of the spiritual realm keeps you in a space of disadvantage. Being religious all your life is likely not enough as most religions are practicing rules and rituals without spirituality or embracing SPIRIT. Some religions even teach embracing spirit to be a bad thing, but are you who is reading this not a spirit, and are you not embracing me who is spirit as well? EVERYTHING is spiritual. EVERYTHING. 

Not only do you need to embrace spirit you must discern the spirit you are embracing, be it embodied in a human form or not. To not embrace and discern spirit is to be in a space of disadvantage or to be again a have not, without power. Just because someone teaches YOU not to embrace spirit does not mean that is what they DO.  There is an old saying of “Do as I say, not as I do” and I don’t know anyone who really cares for that rule.  

Ancestors provide you ADVANTAGE and STRATEGY and they are all around us!!! Not only can you receive advantage and strategy from ancestors of your bloodline, but you have ancestors who make up your individual energetic signature as well. Those ancient, primordial, and ascended masters are walking amongst us now!

Amongst these cries for justice, Shango’s energy is revved up!  His energy is being stimulated within you whether you realize it or not and again, Summer Solstice ushers in the harvest season.  Shango enjoys  life.  Shango makes life fun and when I say he likes a party, summer cook outs come to mind with dancing and grinding in short shorts and tank tops.  Shango’s enjomenty is hard earned and intoxicating.  His craving for justice, war strategy, slick mouth, way with the ladies, luck in general, strength from overcoming pain and grief, and his sheer power over thunder or sound (again that mouthpiece) earns Shango the right to be prideful and enjoy! He is the only Orisha to be kinged from human form.


Shango fights for justice which again is the headline and hashtag all over social media and the world. However with the ignorant and spiritually asleep coma that most zombies, I mean humans exist from, Shango’s energy is being mass manipulated to guide the masses in a specific direction like strategic chess moves. 

Pawns are needed in chess. Pawns are a part of war strategy. Strategy is taught to us in the religious texts, historical texts, mythology and in any plot for a book, movie, tv show or presentation. Strategy is real and so are PAWNS! The longer you remain disconnected from your ancestors, the longer you remain a PAWN!

Get to know the energy of Django, I mean Shango, the one who frees himself from chains. The one who is kinged Orisha or God from his human state. The one who had to lose his entire family to gain his Godhood.  The one who had to learn to love through detachment paired with compassion, understand sacrifice, understand and overcome pain, grief and the past and believe in the power within! 

Those that you love, they are not YOURS! The only thing you own is yourself! You don’t even own your children. Let that sink in. How often do you use the phrases “My Mother, My Father, (in a divine or physical way), My Child, My Friend… To make something yours is to place a barrier around it and barriers typically come with expectations.  

When you speak of another, take off the possession.  It allows you to see their greatness of another. It allows you to see MY MOTHER now as MOTHER and as the mothering energy she is. 

Mothering energy comes in many forms. This is why there are so many goddesses. Understand the mother that physically birthed you, as well as your spiritual mother may not have the same tendencies, qualities, mannerisms, moral restrictions, rules and temperment of June Cleaver. (Don’t know June, look her up). 

The mother who birthed you may be a warrior, a ruler, a sovereign being who was forced into a submissive role both spiritually and physically and June Cleaver is not in the cards for her!

The mother who birthed you both spiritually and physically has most likely done the best she can under the circumstances.  This same understanding belongs to “My” Father. 

We must remain aware and mindful in every moment and that includes our thoughts as well as our speech and actions. If you come from a home without a father (this includes A LOT of folks) take a moment to sit with yourself and analyze the initial response you typically have when your father is brought into a conversation. 

I have consulted MANY who when they refer to their father their words sound something like this…. “he wasn’t ever around, he was no good, he didn’t support us, he was a terror, he was never satisfied with what I did, he cared more about that other lady than us, he is just my sperm donor, papa was a rollin stone”, etc. 

As Orisha of thunder or speech Shango knows the power of the word and the biblical verse about the word being in the beginning, the word being with god, and the word being god.  Do not carry those words into your future. You must initiate an energetic and mental shift! Parental programming, trauma and grudges hold you back and allow you to be triggered emotionally, yet many don’t even realize they hold on to such issues. 

UNDERSTANDING: spells are magic and speech is a form of high magic. What you chant repetitively matters (mental thoughts as well), the words you wear across your chest matters, the thoughts that go through your mind matter and on a mass level the Shango energy in you becomes a pattern of its own for change one way or another.  

You are easiest provoked if you still live in the past and are affected by traumas and dramas of the past and even current life events. During cosmic energetic shifts like these, energies move to high levels and things can easily become confusing if you are not centered, especially when the energy is being manipulated.  The world around you is in sheer unorganized, chaos and confusion.   The past, past pains and karmas must be cleared and released to be in control emotionally on an individual and global level.

You need emotional control now more than ever.  While you may have come from a broken home, know it was a strategy of war. A spiritual war.  Know that the parents that raised you, just as you may be raising children today, were raising you in a war zone or a battlefield of their own.  Have you not seen movies where parents are trying to raise children amongst chaos, fear, stress, lack, terror, torture and death?  

This world stage is no different. We are just in a new scene from the scene you were in as a child and the scene before you incarnated. You are still YOU through each scene. The parents that raised you made it through the scene the best way they could manage including “turning off or checking out” which is the only way some people can limp out of battle. Look at the vets that come back from war. They often say they had to “turn off” in order to shoot up the village. 

Bottom line is this…. let the past shit go down the sewer  drain and clear your colon. I’m being serious. Your gut/mind connection is fierce and is much needed for a powerful spiritual connection as well as instinctual and intuitive reception.

Clear your heart. The heart/ mind connection is the strongest force you have. The heart formed before the mind and the heart contrary to popular belief works with your thought before it goes to the brain. A begrudged heart is heavy and easily triggered against you. 

Clear your mind. What are the thoughts you are thinking? What ideology are you supporting? What history do you believe? What type of people are you entertaining? What side of the table are you dining from?  

Tables are turning like a game of musical chairs.  Everyone has an agenda and it is to snatch a chair and if you aren’t ]sharp enough you may end up without a seat. This shift is spiritual, and we are in a spiritual war which will soon increase in unseen and in physical form.

Release the binds of past trauma and take some time to learn about Shango, Mars and your internal understanding of justice and remember that justice to the person next to you may look completely different than justice does to you. You both want a chair, so you best have your own strategy. What is Shango calling you to do?

I send you much love, strength and wisdom as we move into the second half of 2020 and I encourage you to seek a deeper spiritual connection regardless if you begin today or if you have been at it for 30 years. There are indeed levels to this, and we need warriors on every one!  


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