Part Two Summer Olympics 2012

By: Ayana

The 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony

The breakdown, Part 2

Disclaimer: The findings and opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the opinion of the owner of this site. Please read this article carefully and draw your own conclusion. The main purpose of this article is to highlight what was shown and to give an indication of a possible breakdown and interpretation of this ceremony from an occult point of view.

In Part 1 we broke down the connections withthe Coronavirus, Chaos, Hospitals, Betelgeuse and the internet.  This is the breakdown for Part 2, where the following themes are highlighted:– The young generation – Unity and Oneness- Transgender agenda- Interracial agenda – Tigers and other animals

In this part will continue to explain what is shown, and ithe last part nr.3, we will bring everything together and go more in detail about the hidden meanings of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. And it will be less Doom and Gloom! As spiritual beings we, can learn from this ceremony about ourselves and prepare ourselves for what is coming.

The young generation

The slogan for the 2012 Olympic games was: Inspire a new generation. The elderly don’t seem to have a place in this ceremony, they are only briefly reflected upon. The only time they showed older people or grey haired people, was at the beginning of the show, during the England’s history recap, during the house lockdown and youth dance piece. A couple of grey haired artists performed too, but that was it. There age was not focused on.

Sebastian Coe, the president of the Olympic committee, only addressed the young generation, no tribute is made to the elderly, not even when they talk about the Second World War. They did have a minute of silence and a memorial for friends and families who ‘couldn’t be there.

Back to 2020; With the Coronavirus outbreak, the group that according to the WHO are the most at risk are the elderly, people over the age of 74.

Oneness and unity

As for oneness and unity, these are themes that are highlighted several times. For example with songs from the Beatles, and with a lot of symbolism, e.g. the peace sign is shown several times and the word Freedom is used a couple of times.

The commentator talked about the Olympics ceremony showing revolutions, including the revolutions in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The main purpose of these revolutions was to end warbring peace, and unite countries. The United Nations was established after WWII.

So, with the focus on revolutions, pushing the youth and WWII, is there a new war coming, so peace and unity can be installed?

World Wide Web (different way of connectivity and unity)

After the scene with the youth, partying, creating chaos and revolt, they showed and honored the inventor of the World Wide Web. So who invented the internet? His name Sir Timothy-Johnson Berners Lee, better known as TIMBL or TBL. Wait TBL? Wasn’t this shown on the red car pulling up at the house, the license number plateis TBL 2012. Okay so TBL, as in Timothy Berners Lee is important in 2012 and may also be in 2020.

The meaning of the numbers will be explained in part 3. What already can be concluded is, that the color red symbolizes a ritual or sacrifice.

And, what is the best way to connect the entire world and bring in the oneness, as in one consciousness? Well through the internet of course. The internet is the connecting link. This is exactly what the Cabal wants to achieve with the 5G network.

Herewith some facts about Tim Berners Lee (TBL), this might explain why he was honored and is important in 2020:- Tim Berners Lee invented and launched the World Wide Web on March 12th 1989. March 12th is the same day Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were in the news stating that they have the Coronavirus and on the same day the NBA suspended its season after two caseswere confirmed. The player’s test result was reported before the cancellation of Wednesday night’s game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder)- TBL works for CERN, after leaving shortly he returned to CERN in 1989.- His ex-wife, used to work for the World Health Organization (WHO), they divorced in 2011.The same WHO that is in the picture now with the Coronavirus outbreak.- TBL is a member of the advisory board for Collective intelligence– He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 for “services to the global development of the internet“,- His brother is an expert on greenhouse gasses. (Climate change)- And he follows the religion Unitarian Universalism, a religion based on Christian fate.- Historically, Unitarian Universalists have often been active in political causes, notably the civil rights moment,  the LGBT rights movement, the social justice movement, and the feminist movement. On June 29, 1984, the Unitarian Universalists became the first major church “to approve religious blessings on homosexual unions.” Unitarian Universalists have been in the forefront of the work to make same-sex marriages legal in their local states and provinces, as well as on the national level.- Furthermore the organization has faced some controversies surrounding racism towards people of color. And a racism audit was necessary in 2018 to address the white-supremacy within the church.

That’s interesting, again the perfect candidate for the One World Agenda, one world through the World Wide Web! And very interesting connections and dates! Especially the date March 12th . If you have a chance look this date up and see what happened on March 12th throughout history, you will find that words like chaoseconomic crisisbombingFireTigerwar to liberate and establish peace, and feminism will come up. Wait aren’t those the exact same themes that were shown in the Olympic ceremony and are playing up now in 2020?

What about CERN?

What really happens inside CERN has always been a topic of discussion and it raises concerns.On the CERN website it is stated that they research small particles. The acronym CERN originally represented the French words for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research. (We’ve seen that before, atomic, nuclear another way to refer to a certain star going supernova).

“Many activities at CERN currently involve operating the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and running experiments. The LHC represents a large-scale, worldwide scientific cooperation project. The Antiproton Decelerator (AD), which reduces the velocity of antiprotons to about 10% of the speed of light for research of antimatter.Another project is The AWAKE experiment, which is a proof-of-principle plasma wakefieldaccelerator”. 

There you go nuclear experiments and the AWAKE project, that is interesting. Awakeningthat is also a big theme now in 2020 with the Trump’s Great Awakening movement! And it is also a recurring theme during the Olympic ceremony. So, what is CERN really doing? Are they spreading something to keep us asleepinstead of awake or maybe they releasing something that triggers people to start revolutions?Whatever they are doing, something big is surely coming in 2020 or beyond.

Oneness and Unity: The Peace symbol

The peace symbol. It was designed in 1958 for the British Nuclear disarmament movement. It was adopted by the US American anti-war movementin the 1960’s and was re-interpreted as meaning world peace. It was then used again in the 1980s by activists, as a symbol against nuclear power.

It is interesting that this specific symbol was usedin the ceremony, the Betelgeuse star explosion has been compared to nuclear (atomic) explosionseveral times, when it goes supernova. The same Peace symbol comes back in the 2016 Brazilian Olympic ceremony.

The speeches and flag ritual: Oneness and Peace

Sebastian Coe’s (Chairman of the Olympic committee) speech was about the London 2012 Olympics inspiring a generation. Bringing people of the world together in harmony and friendship and what is best of human life. Living for the moment, but making a mark on history. He said he was proud to be British and be a part of the Olympic movement. He talked about turbulences in the world and the Olympics always being a triumphHe said: “The history has prepared us for today, this is our time! One day we will tell our children that when our time came, we did it well. (Again the same themes are mentioned: chaos, revolution, youth is the future, and oneness).

And then president of the Olympic committee,Jacques Rogue. He talked about London being a vibrant cosmopolitan city with several cultures.His speech was in English, but suddenly he read in French, that the games represent hope, hope for the new generation. These athletes make us dream!”

Then the Olympic flag is brought into the stadium, carried by a group of men and women. The men and women carrying the flag all represented some quality. Furthermore, they were all dressed in white and the flag with the Olympic rings was white as well. The flag represents the bringing together of all the people in the world. (That sounds familiar!). Each person carrying the flag represented a virtue:- Harmony in place of discord (chaos/war)– Fighter for Justice– Liberty– Un ambassador Selassi, for the fight against poverty (Ethiopian ambassador)- Children of peace– Secretary general of the United Nations (UN),Ban Ki-moon (Asian, south-Korean)- Noble prize winner, peacemaker– Muhammed Ali represented the virtues: spiritual strength, respect, confidence and dedication.

When the Olympic anthem was playing, a military group took over the flag to raise it.(The raising of the flag by military men usually only occurs at war memorials or military ceremonies).

Interracial dating and mixed children

The scene started with a white woman driving up to the house with her son, a mixed boy. The mother goes into the house and kisses her black husband. Their mixed daughter, then goes out to party and meets a black guy. They fall in love.

It is apparent that the mixed race agenda is being shown. Black father, white mother, mixed children. This is been pushed for a while now, black males with white women, white men with black females. Every show, movie, athletes, celebrity appearance, even the English  royals, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been showing us the interracial agenda. It seems to contradictory because the Cabal has shown time and time again their hate for the black people. If you want to know why this agenda is being pushed, stay tuned for part three, because there are occult reasons.

The Transgender Agenda

Androgyny, transgenderism and the recognition of a broad spectrum of sexualities, are all topics that have received much attention the last couple of years. With celebrities like Will Smith and Gabrielle Union, crossdressing their children and posting pictures on Social media. It is clear that a big agenda is being pushed.

During the Olympic opening ceremony, the camera suddenly shoots to the house and shows this little boy in a dress. This is shown during the scene of the young generation dancing and partying on the streets. Even though it had no reference at all to the show, they went to that shot, which was curious.

Right after this shot, the camera goes back to the partying crowd and a song from Eurhythmics(Annie Lennox), Sweet dreams starts playing:

“ I travel the world with the seven seas. Everybody is looking for something. Some of them want to abuse, some of them want to be used by you.

The music is cut and changed just before the lines Some of them want to use you, come up. On the screen you can see the singer Annie Lennox, who also performs in the Closing Ceremony.

Rise up!

This picture (at the left) shows a scene of a young boy being lifted, after he takes over an (invisible/symbolic) ball or force from an older man (who looks like his father). This happened after there was a crown around the sun (solar flaresBetelguese?) and chaos broke out. Smoke (energy, vibration) is all around. The adults seemed impacted by it, so the little boy had to step up, see him reaching for the stars? A new generation is rising up. The older generation isstepping down (forced to step down). 

2020: Surprisingly, the generation that seems to beexperiencing the least impact from the Coronavirus is the youngest generation, children, teens and adolescents. Well, at least according to the WHO.

The poster band for the New World Orderagenda: The Beatles

Several songs of  The Beatles were played during the 2012 opening and closing ceremonies. 

Imagine was the song they played to illustrate how the New World should be.  

Imagine no religion

Imagine no countries

Imagine no possessions

We will be victorious!

As this song plays in the background, the youth rebels and revolt. “They will not force us. They will stop betraying us. They will not control us, we will be victorious!!!” This could also refer to the current (spiritual) awakening taking place around the world. This is what the Q movement, The Great Awakening, is all about. And it can also refer to theterm being Woke, being a justice warrior. It’s is a popular term among the young generation. However there is a big difference between being woke and being spiritually conscious.

Another interpretation of this scene, is that they want young generation to rebel against the older generations. Thus to create division. It’s already occurring with the climate change debacle. The older generation is blamed for a lot that has happened it the world, e.g. climate change. So the Cabal might use this agenda to push and support the youth to revolt. You can see the black and white outfits in the picture, black and white refers to masonic tiles, thus the masonic influence is clear in this revolution. The youth might think they are completely in control, but in the end they will still be controlled by the Cabal.

In conclusion, this could be a sarcastic scene, in which the Cabal is saying that “Even though you wake up or you are wokewe will still be victorious

Lion, Tigers and other animals

The young people dance to a song called Tiger Beat! Tigers have been an important theme in 2020, with the famous Netflix show Tiger King, with the slogan Murder, Chaos and Mayhem. Well chaos and mayhem are definitely popular themesduring the Olympics shows!

The show was released on March 20th, officially on April 12th. The series explores the interconnected society of big cat conservationists and collectors, who own private zoos.

What is concerning is that tigers in captivity and caught in chaos seem to be the narrative. Big cats such as lions, panthers and leopards have often been associated in the past with black people.


In these two scenes, statues of lions are shown. This is when the helicopter has picked up the Queen and she flies to the stadium with James Bond.

See how the rays of the sun shine on the lion’s face and a Corona is formed?

Statue of a black lion, seen from the helicopter

The camera shoots to a big lion, painted black, with young people sitting on its back. Lions and tigers usually refer to melanated people. It would make sense that the show a black lion, as in black person. With movies such as the Lion King the connection is clear and no explanation is needed, it’s obvious.

The lion is also a symbol for the protector of knowledge. Most European Royal flags and flags of Arms have a lion depicted on them. With that in mind, we can conclude that the lion is symbol of the Old World Order Royals.

This beast in the picture is not a lion, but it does have a lion head as one of the three heads and it’s a dark animal.

In Revelations 17: Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” Her end is lamented by her lovers, the kings, then by merchants, and finally “. . . every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning. . . . for in one hour is she made desolate.” (verses 17-19).

So In revelations, it’s basically said that Judgment day is coming. It will be a smoke filled and fire  event. This might be one of the explanations for the picture with the young people sitting on the black lion.


Several horses were used in the ceremony. In the beginning (Lords and history of England scene) there was a carriage with two white horses and another carriage with brown horses. The scary carriage in the children’s scene only had black horses. Horses symbolize freedomstrength and movement.

In the Bible the horse symbolizes war. Horses were mentioned in the Book of revelations. The black horse is a symbol of death and destruction. However a combination of a black and white horse, is a symbol of life and death.Whatever they used the horses for in the ceremony, it’s not good.

Doves/ Butterfly/ Phoenix/Angels

There was a scene where men on bikes cycled into the stadium, they all had white wings. The wings seem to transform and become more colorful as they cycle around. It is not entirely clear if these are doves or butterflies. They can also symbolize the activated (baptized by fire) beings, thus more in line with angelic beings or a fiery phoenix.

White doves are of course a symbol of freedom,butterflies and the phoenix are both symbols of transformation.


The mention of the name Fish is a bit curious. Why use the last name Fish and why would they show several movies and series clips where the word Fish is mentioned?

This term Fish can have many interpretations. In the gnostic teachings, Fish is a symbol of the vesica piscis, meaning the bladder of the fish. It represents the ying and the yang, with the portal to other dimensions. The Betelgeuse star implosion would definitely mean the creation of a wormhole or a portal. 

Fish is also a word that has a deep spiritual meaning, referring to the wise ones, Jesus and Adon.

In 2020 many celebrities have been posting tweets, mentioning the word fish. Madonna e.g. has posted several tweets about Fish. She sang a song in a video about eating fried fish. Fried Fish in the urban dictionary means orgy, with one female and many males. In line with the wholedisturbing celebrity child abuse stories, when Googling the word Fish, this comes up: Albert Fish,a 20th century serial killer, also called the Boogeyman, Gray man, Werewolf of Wysteria, Brooklyn Vampire and Moon Maniac. He was a child rapist and killer.

The African Dogon tribe describe the beings who came from the star Sirius as fish like, with snake characteristics. These beings called the Nomo, were considered great teachers to the Dogon and mankind.

Birds and the sun

Birds flocking under the sun, sun worship. In the background Emeli Sande sings about the darkness deepening and sadness. More about this in the part about music below

The dancers symbolize a flock of birds moving in unison.

Birds showed up a couple of times during the ceremony. Birds symbolize transformation. However birds also indicate coming of ominous occurrences, like storms, earthquakes etc.

PpThe pattern that birds follow when they fly is important, remember the saying, birds of a feather, flock together? In 2020 there have been a couple of reports that birds have been acting different, confused and scattered.

Like the Netflix series Bird Box, what the Cabalwould like the most is to catch the birds and keep them in a cage (or a box, as in houses, prisons), till the storm (threat) passes. In the series a mother has to guide her children blindfolded, due to an invisible threat that drives people to suicide. (Trump keeps saying in 2020, we are fighting an invisible enemy)

By the way, there was woman in the movie Bird Box called Olympia (the pregnant woman). In the end the survivors end up at a former school for the blind! There the birds are released and the children are named Tom and Olympia. So, there is a connection between this movie and the 2012 Olympic ceremony. 

Olympia is a term that has come up in 2020, the 20-year old rapper Pop Smoke performed at Olympia in London on November 29th 2019 and he was shot on February 19th, 2020.

A book was published in 2016 called Pop Smoke, Birds Inbound. The forgotten soldier, by Rick. R. Garcia. The book is about the Vietnam war.

While running test trials for the 5G networks in several countries, citizens have reported seeing dead birds, dropping like dead like flies.

Finally, birds might refer to the wise ones, supernatural entities or even black people. And finally, remember the Denver mural? Look closely, there you will see the bird trapped in a box and the phoenix. The phoenix also appears in the 2012Olympic ceremony, the closing ceremony.

This was the 2012 Olympic logo, it is difficult to read, but it does look like it spells Zoo. 

In 2020 there have been mentions of wild animalsin the news, tigers, lions, birds. Wild animals wandering in the cities while the people are in lockdown in their houses during the Corona outbreak. 

There is also a 2015 Netflix series called Zoo, where the animals catch a virus and become very intelligent and start attacking humans. The virus first started with the lions and tigers and then transferred to other animals like bats, and birds.

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