Nibiru, Astrotheology and Soul Mysteries

Souls are fragments of stars that fell into matter. The first star system was the brightest star the Kamites (Egyptians) saw from a distance which indicated its importance to human civilizations. Because there is a invisible plane prior to the visible plane, hieroglyphics describe the soul’s experience through human anthropological iconicity. These humanoid depictions were from thousands of books on more ancient civilizations. Most of the scholars who write on these civilizations in Cambridge and Princeton never participated in the ritualistic ceremonies to understand the celestial bodies and how they cyclically incline us to higher thought forms. They only study theology and some occult references but being a part of the system helps to litigate the spaces of unknown/rejected research and better conceptualize where we descend from.

The arrow on his head points downward because the word avatars etymology is “avatāra” which means to descend or come down. These stars are depicting something happening much on a larger scale and we are the avatars of these celestial forces. The question remains. What is a soul? The word is modernized from its etymological home “Sol”. Sol is Latin for sun or solar. Indicating the ancient science was the study of how the Sol is a “part” of a sun within the person. What is a sun? It is a star and a star is a governing body over other celestial bodies that depend coherently on the influences of the sun’s travel around the void of the universe.

This is why Masonry and abrahamic religions focus their concepts on the sun. Each bibilical/religious character is describing the Sun as a person or God, explaining God’s attributes by using different characters. Each character is a Sun God or description of a different portion of the functionality of the Suns godlike authority. Every time we wake up, the sun or closest star to us represents the projection of the galactic mind.

While we are in the human body we are trying to explain unseen concepts to people who can only see out the two eyes. Masons adopted the ancient Blacks system and used symbols/iconicities to rule the world as they think they are the suns or central governing body of the human race. We must destroy the illusion they’ve created in this world through freemasonry, decode the symbols and reintegrate to the ancient primordial principles that gives us the key to resolving the questions of humanity.

The system starts from a Pre-Dynastic period where there was one mother star of all they called Sirius. Sirius is its Greek name which means “fortuning” or “fortune” but the ancient blacks called it “Sopdet”. Also where the English word “soap” is used to define a substance cleaning the body. Very interesting. In the Sirius Star System each star is binary unlike the ones in this particular universe. Typhonians worshipped the same mother star they called “Typhon”, where you get the word “Phone”, later becomes “DRACONIS” like dragon. These people mapped out each star individual for over 40,000 years and never told anyone. The Greek astronomers from the past were asking Manethos how far back does the original story of the black race goes? You never tell someone the origins of your people because then they can calculate where in history the flaws began to replicate. So Manethos told them about the 300 dynastic pharaohs and the 500 pre-dynastic pharaohs to just give them something to work with, yet the stars astrotheology is the true depictions of the gods/kings and its incapable to directly calculate where they started.

The first mother binary stars were made up of astrohelium and parahelium in which one of them went through the supernova process. One of the stars went into nuclear fusion and exploded. Remember one star survived and another exploded. Here’s the fuckery. They can’t explain these concepts to dead people. The two stars are “HUMANIZED” into a story of twin sisters, Auset and Nephthys. Every time they depict Auset she is with her twin sister in the hieroglyphs. They’re not literally saying this, it’s explaining celestial bodies you can’t see physically by transferring a person out of current time frames into temporal time frames by way of mythology. The mythology only mentions Auset giving birth, never Nephthys. One star is fully functioning and the other exploded. What’s left behind of a star is Dwarf stars which are condensed and compacted with carbon.

Auset gives birth because within the core of stars is where “SOULS” are formulated. Stars create the particles/atoms/molecules we see through its core. A stellar core is the extremely hot, dense region at the center of a star. For an ordinary main sequence star, the core region is the volume where the temperature and pressure conditions allow for energy production through thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. They can also condense back into these things we call planets or planes of existence. This heat from the stellar core now exists as a SOL in our body. Preferably in the spinal region we experience in meditation. It keeps our body also at 90 degrees Celsius so we acclimate ourselves to the third dimensional plane.

All of the elements within our blood, iron/nickel/gold, was created in the mother stars supernova. Scientists focus only on the abysmal parts of what we can see and won’t explain this science because it will oust his secret societies that have stolen this ancient knowledge. They only speak on what we see, never on the hidden parts which is the creation source of the mother star. They say in the mythology Auset gave birth to Heru. Heru is another word for light, so out of this star comes light. Heru is a baby. They’re comparing celestial forces with human development. So each generation can retell their story in case one generation gets stupefied. This force of light(Heru) that fell into matter of flesh is the soul.

The dinosaur or Neanderthal era was when humans were primitive. A soul fell from a star that exploded and created itself a inhibitor of a existence until it can reignite itself back amongst the original star system that’s unmoving, Nibiru. We will clarify this later in the article. Souls enter the physical world through a uterus. Once souls entered the avatar or body it begans to change the genetic structure of the human form. It puts divine intelligence into black people to separate them from the animalistic nature of the rest of the animals on the planet. Spirit descends from the word Anima. Amina is the force behind movement in the physical plane but it isn’t a soul. The soul gave the human vessel a “purpose” to become inventful, thinking, wander its environment or get smarter. More souls descended to to matter and the light brightened. This concept is describing the golden eras of human civilizations before we get the counterfeit spirits deceiving the world today.

As the souls began to migrate into the human world, there’s a differential of looks that starts to develop. The soul has a higher self and a lower self. The lower self was born from the mother like the higher self but the lower self despises the higher self. It is literally the devil or double. It’s what is keeping us back from the divine. It created the fallacies of human existence and everything that deters, kills or opposes what is alchemically transcending. It’s purpose is to be the friction. So the demiurge are a part of us just as the ancestors are. The human bodies adapt to the devil as well. The celestial beings from heaven are born through the uterus to learn of its true self. To become a star after death, everything in the world starts from a seed phase to its highest form of growth. Souls are fragments of a star that fell into matter that also has to grow. Something wanted humans to pay attention to it and it was this first star system that was the brightest. Our sun is so tiny compared to Sirius.

The original deities were Goddesses, annotating the womb as the oven as in alchemy. The SOL must be cooked by the other elements that proceeded out of the stellar core to rejoin the first body which is primordial. The process of alchemy is the art of transformation. This is the highest form of science ever known to man. Today we get it’s lesser mysteries which is turning lead into gold. The original greater mysteries was how to transform the avatar through a series of unraveling frequencies that fortifies the quest of understanding. The underworld is the invisible subconscious realm the SOL travels.

A athanor is equivalent to a oven today and we are cooking/fermenting spiritually into something else beyond this plane. These bodies of avatars are temporary for us to understand gender, one of the seven Hermetic Laws. We are not born into a body as a incorrect gender. Originally, the word Hell came out a ancient word Hyael/SHEOL. Sheol means shell and it’s etymology is traced to School. In the shell is school and we must learn polarity, rhythm, gender, vibration, causal/effect while in this simulation.

This cooking is a spiritual formula used to create the science we know and use today but it started with understanding the stars and its correlation to our DNA. Putrefaction is the final phase the SOL undergoes to reincarnate itself or reform itself into a new understanding, refined in its form as if gold is the highest refinement of carbon/lead. Theologians began to scare people in the later centuries with Dante’s Inferno and the word “Hell” which descends from the Greek word “Hellas” a period of time when white Greeks were developing the lies they obtained from Etruscan/Colchian/Tyrannian civilizations prior. The Trojan War was a mythology of the murdering of the previous black civilization in Greece. The Greeks studied how the Mesopotamians/Canaanites were island God fearing people who traded in the north delta of Africa with the Kamites, slowly converging their god El to Osiris. El is another annotation to Hell.

Osiris hieroglyph is always depicted with a black man staring at his throne. As well as Isis in hieroglyphs means throne. The woman’s lap is the first throne because that’s where the child sits first to learn its environment.

The throne can not be ignored in its Configuration of the English letter “L”. Asar was known as the higher self of the black race. Each individual souls higher self is Asar in which the Greeks called Osiris. The man and woman is stuck in its lower self forever going through the athanor/body/avatar to rejoin to its higher self in which they named. For the soul to graduate from the SHEOL/SHELL/SCHOOL it had to supersede it’s lower self permanently. This is where mythology plays a role in describing our journey beyond this realm symbolically. This Asar principle you are trying to get back to is unchanging. There is a constellation of the Rishis (primordial first stars) that does not move. Just as a hurricane has a eye of the storm, the universe moves cyclically around a void and in the middle of that void is the City of the Central Sun. This is NIBIRU or “Neb-HERU”. A region in the center of the entire galaxy that everything in existence is moving around. That area is “El” or “Asar”.

After the Canaanites/Hebrews/Mesopotamians adapted their god around Asar, the Greeks took Asar and the “Apis” bull constellation that represented Osiris as a constellation to create “Serapis”. Notice the cup on Serapis head because this where your later day Christianity and Jesus mystery descends from out of the ancient science of stars from the Africans.

The cup on Serapis head has “oil” or melanin in it which is the god force in the blood of black people. The cup of oil to the Greeks were called the “Christos”. The word Christos comes from the Moorish word “Kez” which becomes “Fez”. So the Moors hat is a representation of where the Christ is. The head or Resh in Hebrew. Ra meaning fire from the sun, consciousness and dominion over the body.

Purple and Gold are associated with masonry because of the god El and the alchemical mysteries of our development in life. Notice the symbolism even reflects the number one enemy of the comic book Marv”El” = THANOS. Sounds like Athanor or Thanatos(death).

That’s why Kobe Bryant had to be killed from the Lakers, it was symbolism in his death and the god El. The stars in Hollywood, media, athletics and entertainment are all pawns of the KA’BAAL hiding knowledge from the original people to keep draining their essence. George Floyd’s death was apparently a ritual comparing the binary star system of Sirius. We know on July 4th 2020 Sirius will be directy aligned with our sun.

The Hell concept has to be put the rest. Nibiru is the city of the central sun. A place where we rejoin Asar, our higher self to never descend again. The Jesuits scared humanity into believing you would burn into eternity if you did not follow their doctrine or if you followed the ancient pagan model of spirituality. The truth is, you want to burn. The stars are burning. To join “El” or the central Hidden sun is to get to a level of alchemical transformation in which you are with the supreme force which is the galactic mind of Nuit. The Eye of Ra. So the burning was Never talking about flesh.

It was talking in the reference of baptism in the fire of the Lord. Hells fire is the kundalini that is the energy sprawling from the cold fusion from our hydrogen molecules. After death the Pharaohs rejoined fields of Aaru once Osiris displaced Anubis in the Ogdoad (Nibiru). Overcoming death and resurrected as blazing star amongst the first stars burning forever in the glory of the dark abyss. Signifying the ultimate resonance reality could fathom. We can only look up to them and wonder if they are looking back. They did this along the Nile frequently. Every 71.6 years moving cyclically like the ceremonial magical circles. We are changing into something whether we like it or not. Do not let the controllers programming keep you from becoming your highest form. Energy never dies but men do.

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