Marina Abramovic Microsoft Adrenochrome

Brand new virtual reality artificial intelligence goggles that features the first digital art gallery show case in history 😳


Brought you the news of the century April 13th, 2020. Marina Abramovic and Bill Gates team up for Microsoft’s last commercial under his jurisdiction.

Their Whore of Babylon.

The inventor of the adrenochrome industry’s method “spirit-cooking”. She did a demonstration with raps best Jay-Z.

Please view this breakdown for further information on Abramovic:

Vaccinations are imminent due to the occult porn smudged all over the Gates family’s history. The writers of planned parenthood.

In this current plandemic, the shortage of adrenchrome has caused a series of occult wars that is trickling down into the legislations being passed in states to lock the country in their houses

Melanin in its earliest scientific research was called the “Dracula Particle”. Ahmir Cage and Shaun Powers both wrote books on it but surprisingly below you’ll see they are sold out online 🤔

Dracula particle is called “anti-particles” in science. The anti-particle is the energy effects the standard particles. The electrons do not appear until one observes their existence yet antimatter still isn’t observed.

That’s why in scripture, the Anti-Christ is the adversary of the future. I’m breaking the mystery. It’s simply a metaphorical esoteric interpretation that the Controllers lackadaisically express one exoteric religious dialogue. Outer projections.

The antichrist is the antiparticle which is the Dracula particle. The Dracula particle is melanin. Antimatter is dark matter. Dark matter is the glue in between the etheric/astral dimensions to the solid dimension.

Melanated people have access to dark matter in places other races don’t. Dark matter is a mystery in melatonin and serotonin. Chemical facets that effect our consciousness inside the body and at night when we are outside the body.

Adrenochrome is the mutant race’s way of acclimating their Neanderthal untrained calcified barathary gland to the excretion of melatonin/serotonin to the central nervous system which helps regeneration.

Melanated people are light vampires. The neuromelanin that causes their skin/melanocytes to be dark are pockets of antimatter/black holes that absorb light and transforms the light into new information. Information untapped by homo-erectus DNA commonly.

This DNA of neuromelanin is connected to the Alpha DRACONIS star system which holds Pleiades and other constellations within its confines. Being that Alpha DRACONIS was the first star system, the star fields within it perfectly align with our strand.

The adrenochrome is their cheat code to improve aging and cell distillation. They also call it walnut sauce because of its taste. It’s pineal contingencies of children and adults off the black market. Notice they call it “black market/dark web”?

We separate the human spirit from the body (Saturn) and the mind (Sulfur). Once this is done the alien soul, one without a body (smoke) can achieved enlightenment (gold). Smoke equates to death darkness and death. Putrefication.

Melanin does this on lower levels on automation. That is why it’s easier for us to develope intelligence, mimick other things. Learn dances and synchronization quickly.

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