John Henry: A Neo- African Mythology Tale of Good vs Evil

The movie John Henry premiered on January 24th, 2020.

The name of the movie John Henry is based on the original John Henry, a steelworker, who build the American railroads. He worked as a steel driving man, and was tasked with hammering steel drills into rocks, to make holes for explosives. John Henry can be compared to the mighty man, A-Tula (Atlas), a man of extraordinary strength, the leader of the Titans. In African Mythology, he also compared to Ogun, God of Steel who forged his armies weapons with his hammer.

The movie plot

The John Henry in the movie is played by actor Terry Crews. From the beginning of the movie, John Henry is described as a special, tall, strong and powerful black man. The reason why becomes clear, as John’s life story is revealed throughout the movie and he recalls what happened to him in the past. John is cool, calm and collected man. He is also portrayed as a man that is not book smart but has a different type of intellect and he is creative because he draws. John lives with his father, BJ, a real ladies man. BJ had a stroke and has been stuck in a wheelchair, and on oxygen.John Henry has a little white dog called Talby. The dog is run over by a gang member in a white jumpsuit. 

John grew up in Inglewood, California, a tough environment for the black community. When he was younger he was part of a gang, led by his cousin Hell (played by Ludacris). After John Henry killed someone, he decided that the gang life wasn’t for him.

In 1992, John Henry, goes to his cousin, Hell (birthname Helen) to tell him that he wants to stop being a gang member. Hell tries to give him a gun to protect himself and John refuses. In the struggle the gun goes off and Hell’s jaw is blown and he has to have operations and he gets a metal (silver) jawbone. The jawbone has a symbol of the Leviathan cross, which is also the symbol of his gang.

Hell is the leader of a gang of whit- jumpsuit-wearing-gang members. The gang used to dealdrugs, now they are into women and child trafficking. They snatch Latin American women from the streets and force them to work as prostitutes.

One day, after an abduction of a girl immigrant, (Bertha) from Honduras by the gang, the gang is attacked by the stepbrother and brother of the girl. The stepbrother, Emilio, kills some of the gangmembers and Oscar (the other brother) gets shot and it seems like he is dead. Bertha ends up escaping and she goes hiding under John Henry’s house. John Henry takes her in and offers her a sandwich. She only speaks Spanish, but luckily John’s father, BJ, speaks Spanish and can translate. Later Emilio shows up looking for his sister and he also stays at John’s house to hide from the Leviathan gang.

When Hell discovers that John is protecting the Latin boy and girl, he commands him to kill them within 24 hours and take 50.000 dollars as payment for the job. Instead John tries to give the immigrant kids the money and to send them away.They don’t leave, so the next day the gang shows up at the house and Emilio dies from a gunshot wound.

BJ miraculously starts walking and gets a gun to protect everyone. John Henry tries to escape with Bertha, but a female gangster gets him. He’s shot, BJ blows up his oxygen tank in a part of the houseto stop the other goons and in the end Hell takesthe girl Bertha with them.

The next day, we see that John Henry didn’t die, he only had a scrape on his head, the bullet just chipped his head. He goes to his grandmother’s house to find out where Hell lives.

He goes to Hell’s house to save the girl and his brother Oscar. He takes a big hammer with him.On the way he meets a little boy called Djeydjey. (an important little man who saves his life). He ends up confronting the gang with his hammer. Hell comes outside to battle John without any weapons or fire arms. John Henry is shot by one of the gang members. Savage, the female gang member shoots the guy who tries to kill John and John then attacks Hell, his cousin with the hammer. The movie ends when a woman holds John’s hand and he moves his finger, this shows that he’s still alive. An immortal God!

The movie decoded

Why is he called John Henry?

BJ (John’s father) said: “When you were born,you grabbed my finger so tight, that I said my boy is strong, my boy is John Henry.

John was so strong he almost crushed his father’sthumb and he almost split his mother into twoduring child birth (his mom passed away).’ This is what John’s grandmother told him later in the movie. Thus, John is strong man with supernatural strength and capabilities.

From a biblical and ancient historical perspective, the name John is very significant. Men named John have performed miracles and signified the coming of big changes in the world, e.g. John the Baptist, which is also the prophet Elijah and Christ.

Spiritual and metaphysical themes

Messiah, the savior, Horus

John Henry is like Jesus Christ, a savior. He is a protector and tries to save the immigrant children from his former gang. He refuses to use any fire arms but he prefers to use a hammer. In Gnostic teachings Jesus is considered a carpenter or blacksmith. Both John Henry as well as Hell have a connection with metalwork. John with the hammer and Hell with the fire, the torch.

The Gods, the superheroes, Osiris and Horus

BJ and John Henry are all depicted as superheroes. BJ, e.g. has a legendary penis and he rises from the wheelchair and starts walking again, like a miracle. John Henry is the strong, tall guy from the mountains (Mount Meru like Jesus)with the hammer. He is a superhuman. 

Another perspective is that BJ is Osiris and John Henry is Horus or Tehuti.

The female messiah– At the end of the movie, one of the gang members called Savage, bathed in blood (anointed by Christ), saves John Henry by shooting several of her fellow gang members.

Maria, the virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene (prostitute connection)- Bertha is considered as Maria (The virgin Mary). She is depicted as a pious, sweet, and compassionate girl. Several songs about Maria, the virgin Mary are played whenever Bertha is in the picture. She seems to have paranormal abilities, she feels/knows that her brother Oscar is not dead. She helps John Henry draw his dog. And she escapes death a couple of times.

The apostles/ the disciples

The gang members wear white jumpsuits. Theysit at a table playing cards. They discuss all sorts of topics. They have intellectual discussions, e.g. they talk about other dimensions, CERN. 

Another example is that two gang members discuss a German experiment in which a human centipede (clone) was created. The conversations are on a high intellectual level, which most people might not expect from a pair of gangsters. It is the paradox that shows that these men are also on Godlevel, with regards to intelligence. Even though they live a thuglife, they are as intelligent or even more intelligent than most people.

Leviathon cross

This is the symbol that all the gang members have, either with a tattoo or in their car and Hell has this on the metal jawbone.

This is sometimes referred to as the Cross of Satan. On the bottom the infinity sign and above is the double cross. The double cross symbolizes protection and balance between two people. The infinity sign symbolizes the eternal nature symbol or the ouroboros, the immortality symbol.

In alchemy this sign is seen as the element Sulfur, one of the three elements of nature. Sulfur is often portrayed as the sun in alchemy.It’s also refers to the human soul. 


Hell is seen as the opposite of John (Horus), the dark side or the evil male. In ancient Egyptian teachings, Seth was the dark side of Horus. 

Helen (Hell full name is Helen, as shown on the Gas bill)

Why would they name a black man Helen? Black actors and  black celebrities have been ‘bussified a lot in the last couple of years. They are always trying to de-emasculate the black man. The following explanation is a reach, but it fits in the Christ/God theme and it also shows the agenda they are trying to push by predictive programming.

The name Helen might have a connection with Greek mythologyHelen of Troje. She was the most beautiful woman. In 1881 Oscar Wilde wrote a poem, in which Helen was seen as the antithesis of the Virgin Mary, but with characteristics of Jesus Christ. Helen is also compared to the virgin Mary in the Book of Genesis.  There is a real Helen (Greek mythology) and a conjured Helen by Egyptian magicians. (One of Ludacris companies is called The Conjurer). Helen is the daughter of Zeus and Leda.

– The jawbone

The jawbone is in an L form. The L in roman numerals is the number 50. 50 is the number of the God Enki, the God of storms and wind. (check the article on the Elon Musk, Savage baby).- Nike/ The swoosh. The jawbone can also be compared to the Nike symbol. A sign of speed and elegance. The Nike symbol probably comes from the Greek Goddess Niké, who was the God of battle and victory. (Victoria in Roman mythology). She is the daughter of a Titan called Pallas and the nimph Styx. The meaning of Nike/swoosh is lightning.- Scarface. The jawbone can also be seen as a scar. So Scarface. Scarface is a popular mob movie from the 80’s, which has been said to be a big influence on hip-hop music. The start of hip hop actually coincided with the release of the movie. In fact ,the rapper Nas, compared himself to Tony Montana, on his rap album God’s son. So there is a connection to this movie John HenryIn Scarface, Tony Montana also talked about building an empire.Hell also talks about building an empire brick by brick.  

Qoute American rapper Nas compared himself to Tony Montana and compared rapper Jay-Z to Manolo, both characters from Scarface, on Nas’s track “Last Real Nigga Alive” from his album God’s Son, during the time of the high-profile feud between the two”.


This is a word that is hot and in the picture right now. The song Savage by Beyoncé and Meghan Stallion, the birth of Elon Musk’s baby and the word Savage on the bay’s face. It’s also mentioned in this movie, so it has meaning, it’s a ritual. So what is behind it? 

This might be the link. In the book Brave New World, there is a character called John the Savagebecause he was form Land of the Savages. He lives in a controlled technological world, where human life has been industrialized, controlled by only a few at the top of a world state. Artificial reproduction and social conditioning of the world’s population play an essential role. For the elite physical comforts, recreational sex, and the drug Soma are the only concerns. John the Savage doesn’t feel comfortable about this and tries to rebel to put an end to the society. John is a Christ, savior figure in Brave New World book.

The weapons

Each weapon can be used either for good or evil. This is highlighted several times throughout the movie.  Hell chooses not to use a gun, but rather fire. In the battle with John Henry he doesn’t want to use any weapons. John doesn’t want to use guns after he hurt Hell. Guns have a traumatic meaning for him. In the end John chooses to use a hammer to kill Hell because he realized that he had to kill him. The first time (shooting incident) might have been a sign that he had to kill Hell, so he does in the end, but with a hammer. 


A lot of guns are used in the movie. Hell tries to give John a silver pistol. The gang also use a lot of other guns, semi-automatic weapons.

Hammer– The hammer is symbolic, because it shows theties to the historical John Henry, who build the railroads.- A hammer is also used in court by judges when they want to establish order, and when they speak the final verdict.- The badge that Emilio is wearing is similar to the one of the Order of the Hammer (game World of warcraft). The Order of the Hammerites. They seek out to carry the vision of the Master Builder, their architect God, who cultivated the human civilization from savagery by giving them the ability to use technology and are a burning force of progress in the thief world. They represent order. They strife against criminals and other lawbreakers,and especially tricksters, who promote chaos and distortion.

Fire, torch

Fire is one of the four elements. The torch, which produces fire, is thus a powerful alchemical machine. It can melt metal and fuse different metals together. Blacksmiths are referred in Ancient Egyptian history as workers of metal or alchemists, priests of Isis. They were angelic, enlightened beings, who fashioned weapons for Horus to maintain his supremacy. So, it’s meaningful that Hell uses fire. It shows that even though he is trapped in the world, in hell, he still has elements of greatness, thus of a God.

Biblical references

Several Biblical passages were mentioned, as well as several conversations with biblical themes.– This passage is quoted, during a scene where a young John Henry sits at the table with fellow gang members while admiring guns. Psalm 138:7 New King James Version (NKJV)Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, And Your right hand will save me.  Again these passages empathize that John is not a normal human, he is a human that can be revived (resurrected) and that he is protected.- BJ talks about building an ark, because he had so many women. The ark refers to Noah’s ark in this context.- Later in the movie John talks about the team the Raiders. Raiders of the Lost ark, meaning Arc of the covenant is important connection. (which will be explained more elaborately below)- The last supper. At Henry’s house, he sits at the table with his father, Emilio and Bertha. They have a good meal. But this is the last meal before the crucifixion. the last battle which leads to Hell’s death and John Henry’s death.- BJ talks about the Sistine chapel at the table, which is based on the Book of Genesisthe creation of Adam. The Sistine Chapel paintings are nine tablets about creation.

The Raiders/ Ark of the covenant

John Henry and Emilio talk in the car about their favorite team, The Los Angeles Raiders, a NFL team. The word Raiders is significant, if we think of the movie Raiders of the lost Ark, a Indiana Jones movie, in which Indiana Jones battles a group of Nazi’s to find the Lost Arof the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant, also known as the Ark of the Testimony, and in a few verses across various translations as the Ark of God. It is a gold-covered wooden chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Book of exodus says that the Ark was used for communication with God, It was an oracle. The word Covenant means, to eat bread with. The Ark was said to have great powers, lightning and taking flight.

In Gnostic teachings, the Ark of the covenant is the golden box that held the manna (bread of life), it’s also called Osiris device or the Osiris stargate device, according to author William Henry.

Djed pillar, also called TET

In the movie there was a boy named Djedjey. He tried to save John Henry and he jumped between John and Hell, which caused a bullet to change directions. He is actually the connecting link. Djedis a word that is mentioned in Gnostic teachings,Djed or TET is a stabilizer pillar. It is also considered as the cross, the tree of life. The TETs/ Djeds are two pillars that are connected to the Ark, just like antennas (it looks a lot like the current 5G towers). So Djedjey represented the pillars/ the cross/ tree of life in John Henry. He was an important link, for the transition.


Black Cadillac

The Cadillac is the car mostly associated with gangs. This is why John Henry destroyed the car from his cousin. He wanted to destroy the archetype of the gang, the heritage of gang violence.


John asks Emilio to help him fix his blue Delorean. The Delorean is of course a car mostly associated with the movie Back to the future, which is a movie about time travel. As John Henry cruises through Compton in his blue Delorean he reminisces the past, recalling places he visited, and lots of memories.

The white bat

BJ and Bertha talk about bats in Honduras. Bertha says that there are white bats in Honduras and it’s not because of the cocaine. According to BJ bats should be black, the whites have taken enough! The meaning of the white bat is a referral to a mutant being. White is also the color of purity and divinity.

Social themes

The movie showcases several social themes relevant to society today:– Human and child trafficking, and Prostitution.- The struggle of the black people in America. In the movie they show the hardships of the black people, especially the black man. It seemsthug life or  becoming a drug dealer is one of the few options.- Gang violence. A lot of people join gangs, they become victims, sometimes even family members and people around become victims.- Racial tension. Latin people are depicted asstruggling immigrants. The weird thing is that the black man has to save the immigrant. The relationship between these two groups has been strained. In Latin-America blacks are seen as the lowest class. Light-skinned latino’s, mulato’s, speak condescendingly about blacks. Blacks live in poverty. 

Color rituals

The colors of the outfits, backgrounds, cars and rooms shown in the movie are important. Each color has a meaning.


Everyone in the movie wears a particular color. Women wear purple shirts, skirts or hairaccessories.   The color purple is a significant color for black people. It indicates that they are spiritual people. At the end of the movie, Hell, switches his black suit for a purple suit, showing his original self the powerful black men, the black God. Furthermore the rooms in his gang house are always dark and highlighted in purple colors, a sacred space. Purple (violet) is the color of the pineal gland, the 6th chakra. It can also signify Royalty. In the western world it is used in churches on Good Friday and as the color of mourning, so it also signifies death.


John Henry wears green almost throughout the entire movie (except in the last scene). It signifies that he has supernatural powers. He is strong and immortal. He’s a God! Just like The Hulk who has superhuman capabilities. A mutant. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra the fourth chakra. It’s also the color of Hermes/Toth/Tehuti, the God of Mercury and communication. Green is the color of awakening, regeneration, and access to spiritual knowledge.

Silver and gold

Hell’s jawbone is silver. At the end of the movie it’s gold. This signifies his transformation, transmutation, a sign of alchemy. Transmutation of lead into gold is associated with the rebirth of the being and the resurrection of Jesus.


Blue is the color of the law, firmament, this is why cops wear blue uniforms. It’s the color of the John’s car. It also represents spiritual power, spirit and inner peace.


The gang members wear white. The disciples of Christ also wore white robes.

Black and white

At the end of the movie all the women in the neighborhood and the children are wearing white and black, striped shirts. The black and white stripes can refer to prison. In the movie they talk about statistics and how many black people end up in prison, especially black men. Another perspective is that black people on earth are in a prison. They are Gods trapped in their bodies (which is a prison). Black and white also show the yin and yang, duality. The battle between good and evil.


In the last scene John Henry is dressed in grey. Grey is a neutral color, not black, nor white. It’s a color of transition. Which indeed John was, he died and was ready to come back to life. The grey T-shirt also shows that John Henry sided with the immigrant children, he stepped up when the older brother died. John took over his role as caretaker, and as a member of the Order of the Hammer, or in other words the one who brings judgement. Emilio the older stepbrother wore a grey shirt throughout the movie. After he died, John started wearing a grey shirt.

In gnostic teachings the color grey is the mantle, the cloak. It’s based on a thin sheet of grey matter, the cerebrum, between the two sides of the skull. The space were ideas and thoughts are manifested. Thus it’s the color of manifestation. In the Bible, John the Baptist is seen to reincarnate as Elijah. He took his mantle and wrapped it around and parted the waters of the river Jordan.


The movie John Henry is about Gods, Good Gods (John Henry and BJ), and ‘evil’ gods (Hell). It’s the battle between good and evil. It has several biblical and mythological themes. The last supper, Christ and his disciples (the white jumpsuit gang), the virgin Mary (is Bertha, the immigrant girl). BJ, who is comparable to the Egyptian God Osiris, who isalso a God brought a powerful God, who brought John (Horus) into the world. John Henry and Hell are opposites, two ends of a pole. The movie is also about the clash of the Titans.

In the final battle, there will be a battle between good and evil, between real gods (the original blacks) and AI gods (mutated creation). The clash of the titans!


William Henry,  Cloak of the Illuminati

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