Jacob Blake Kenosha Masonic Ritual

You know why I’m here. Let’s open up the Kenosha File, there’s some fuckery going down with rituals in this country. 

Let me bring you up to speed, that’s what the Spiritual Shade Room’s significance is to the community. The Jacob Blake shooting is false. Numerically we can prove too many things line up and the actual video is sketchy.

Filled with crisis actors galore. I do know black men are being incarcerated and killed at a high volume rate but since QAnon, the new COINTEL PRO Psy-Op experiment began, everything has been whacky. 

In Gematria, we use Jewish Mysticism in which it functions as a system that God built the world with numbers symbols and letters. If you can break the code down, you can see what is being orchestrated instead of what’s natural.

Here’s the numbers for Jacob Blake: 

Simple: 62, 64

Jewish: 694

English: 372

Full Reduction: 26

Notice his sister has the George Floyd Gematria of 46 = Chaos

The 62 is significant. On 40th street in Kenosha Wisconsin, a 29 year old black man gunned down 7 times in the back with no shell exertion from the weapon. 

40th street equates to Jesus received 40 lashes from the Roman government before crucifixion. The number 62 lines up with several other words: “Elohim”, “Mason”, “FLOYD”, “Dollar”, “Riot”, “Dr Fauci”. 

The shooting took place 3 minutes from “UNITY” Wisconsin Masonic Lodge!! 🤷🏿‍♂️

Unity is key. Jacob Blake was 10,618 days old when George Floyd was supposedly killed with a knee on his neck (Colin Kaepernick). 1.618 is the golden ratio of sacred geometry describing “PREDICTABLE PATTERNS”. 

Kenosha is a Meso-Amexem word for “Kenupik” which means SNAKE. He was supposedly shot on KOBE the BLACK MAMBA’S BIRTHDAY. Kenosha is correlative to the etymology “place of pike”. Albert Pike who started the KKK is linked. 

The definition of a pike is a summit or a hill. There’s “33” definitions of pike 🤔. His last name Blake means “pale” in Old Norse. Remember 10,618 days old when Floyd was killed and he equals 62 like Floyd. 64 days from Floyd’s death Colin Kaepernick turns 33.

Jacob Blake and Barack Obama equals 64. George Floyd equals 46 in Gematria. Reverse of 64 equals Chaos as well. The Grand Lodge of Wisconsin = 1618 in Gematria. Look at the days. Masonic equals 1618. Also does synchronicity. 

10,618 days before the Pandemic, the movie Silence of the Lambs was debut. Persecution equals 1618. The “Censorship” of the Sheep. The Milwaukee Bucks elected to protest yesterday. 

The word Protest is connected to the Jesuit order because the Protestant church, where that word comes from, protested against the Vatican to break away. The Lakers and Clippers elected to sit out the season. 

Milwaukee is a twin city to Minnesota right? What is Colin Kaepernicks Birthday? November 3rd. When is the election? November 3rd. The twin year of 2020. The Milwaukee Bucks has a player named Giannis that sounds like Kobe’s daughter “Gianna”. 

Could it be Lakers vs Bucks in the Finals? I mean Minnesota and Wisconsin are called “Lake Cities” . The Lakers started in Minneapolis before L.A. Also Crystal Lake is in Minnesota. 

JASON. June, August, September, October, November. Notice the elections end on Jason. The killer. Or rising of the Sirius Star. 

Jacob was the twin brother to Esau. 2020. Twins, Enki and Enlil. White and black. Polarities. That’s why they had Kyle Rittenhouse who supports Blue Lives Matters be a LARPer (Live Action Role Player) and at shoot innocent people. 

Then whyte supremacist Graham Bell brings up Jacobs sexual assault history whose case number from two years ago has 2020 in it and 47 like the Masonic compass. Of course a cracka would. 

There is an emotional-mental-causal thought form that acts as a “remote self” to gather impressions of the remote location. This is to transmit them back to the remote viewer. They are transmitting energy through the copper races emotions. 

It’s funny how the camera cut off right before you could see his body. Blood looked fake, no droplets over the drivers side window that was one inch from him.

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