Idaho Suspected White Supremacist Female Arrested Gematria


Once again the KA’BAAL is at work after this 40 year old woman, Sarah Brady, a part of a suspected whyte supremacist anti-vaccine group in Meridian Idaho protests CoronaVirus by taking her 4 children to play at a closed park in Ada County.

The park was called “Kleiner Park”, Kleiner = 43 and Sarah Brady = 43.

Gematria is Jewish Mysticism in which it functions as a system that God built the world with numbers symbols and letters. If you can break the code down, you can see what is being orchestrated instead of what’s natural.

This Sarah Brady is their Rosa Porridge oops I mean Rosa Parks 😂😂 just because she is throwing a temper tantrum. Whyte folks hate to be treated like black folk and this is their way of orchestrating chaos.

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