George Floyd: Chaos in America

By: Ayana

On May 25th, Memorial day, at 8pm, a 46-year old black man called George Floyd was arrested. Bystanders filmed the arrest and streamed it live on Facebook, as police officer Ben Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck, while he stayed there for 7 minutes, while Floyd slowly suffocated. Chauvin’s coworkers Tou Thau, Thomas K. Lane, J. Alexander Kueng just stood there, some even helped to keep Floyd down and they did nothing stop the brutal treatment. Floyd tried to beg the cop to stop and said several times that he couldn’t breathe, that his body hurt. Still Chauvin didn’t stop, this led to the tragic death of Floyd. 

All four police officers were fired the next day. The video quickly went viral on the internet and is has unleashed a firestorm of reactions. Especially from the black community after the numerable unjustified and horrific murders of black men and women. Riots broke out first in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and since the murder, now 6 days later, twenty five cities are under curfew as clashes continue on the streets. Hundreds of people have been arrested and buildings are ablaze. Meanwhile Chauvin has been arrested and accused of third-degree murderand second-degree manslaughter (Chauvin).

Floyd’s death was quite similar to the death of Eric Garner in 2014, who was also suffocated to death by a police officer.  George Floyd was described as a gentle giant, by his white girlfriend Ross. Stephen Jackson commented on his death saying his twin died. As the case is investigated, more news is shared. Several celebrities and politicians have responded to the news.

The facts– Name: George Floyd- From Minneapolis Minnesota- Partner, a white woman called  Courtney Ross- Father of two daughters: a 22-year old, and a 6-old year girl called Gianna (like Gianna Bryant)- GF worked at Latin restaurant: Conga Latin Bistro, he was just fired during the COVID-19 epidemic.- Ben Crump, the same guy covering AuhmedArbery’s case is on Floyd’s case.- CNN reporter Jimenez was arrested and later riot broke out at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.- Protests have broken out since then.There has been a lot of violence and unrest in cities across the US.- Some claims have been made about white nationalist groups causing civil unrest.- Extremist Left groups, such as Antifa have also been reported to been responsible for the violence in the cities. They are now regarded as domestic terrorists.- Martial law was instated in several states across the country.

Later in the news:– Pictures surfaced of George working as a security guard with police officer Chauvin.- Chauvin had 18 complaints against him, he has been with the police department since 2001.- Floyd and Chauvin both worked as security guards at the Latin club El Nuevo Rodeo (The new Rodeo), according to former club owner of Maya Santamaria.- Police later released statements saying that Floyd appeared under influence and resisted (all of these claims have not been taken seriously by the community and considered a cover-up and trying blaming the victim approach)- News the death being a possible false flag event also circled the internet. Chauvin is seen on pictures of the Boston bombings, so some people think hemight be an actor.- News about riots being staged by actors, by people from other cities, white nationalists and Antifa also started circling.- A picture of GF appeared in front of a Corona beer ad. (which most people find strange due to the relevance to the Coronavirus epidemic).- GF was said to have passed away the same day as his mother, two years prior.

George Floyd in front of Corona                                                    Gianna, daughter of GF

Reactions from family, friends and politicians:

– Floyd’s white girlfriend, Courtney Ross, asked for the community to respond to his death in a way that honors him. She said: “You can’t fight fire with fire. Everything just burns, and I’ve seen it all day – people hate, they’re hating, they’re hating, they’re mad. And he would notwant that.

-The wife of Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck, filed for divorce and offered her condolences to the Floyd family.

– Former U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted a statement calling for a “new normal” that ends the legacy of institutional racism

What does Floyd’s name mean?

Floyd is quite similar to the word flood, which means an overflow of anything. It’s mostly associated with water. Flood also means light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam; used in photography.Other synonyms are deluge, inundation.

The location

Minneapolis Minnesota is the twin city together with Saint Paul. It is also the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle. (both cities play an important role in these times, the first Corona patient was in Seattle. Also Obama is from the windy city Chicago). Minnesota has one of the largest LGBT communities. It’s also called the Mill city, and the little apple. Also the city of many lakes. Coordinates 44, 58, 55. (all important numbers according to Gematria).

The history and economic growth of Minneapolis are tied to water, the city’s defining physical characteristic, which was brought to the region during the last ice age 10,000 years ago.

Population is predominately white. Both of Minnesota’s two U.S. Senators, Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, were elected or appointed while living in Minneapolis and are also Democrats. The community is predominantly of German and Scandinavian descent. There are 82,870 German Americans in the city, making up over one-fifth (23.1%) of the population. 

The local baseball team is called the Minnesota Twinsand they have A NFL team called the Minnesota Vikings. The 2020 X Games scheduled for July 17–19 were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The movies Purple Rain and Ice castles where shot in Minnesota. Minnesota has 12 sister cities and also has an informal connection with Hiroshima, Japan. (according to the Minnesota Wikipedia page)


Star Wars

So it begins

Nikola Tesla

Call of duty

Corona del Mar

The Witcher

London bridge

King James bible

The red dragon

George Floyd I can’t breathe matches:

The crown

One world

Radiation Geo-engineering

Death of a Kings is coming soon

Holographic Universe

Your true colors

Extinction rebellion

7 minutes

– Gang warfare- Soldiers- Betelguese- Immortal- Invisible- Black Monday- Division- Breath of God

46-year old George Floyd died matches

– New World currency- Global hyperinflation – Second American civil war- Clockworks- Second war of independence

Ben Chauvin


Dirty cops, End prophecy, destroyer. This is war.

Stephen Jackson George Floyd

– The predators will become the prey- King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Twin (369 and 66)

– Freedom’- Times- Lebron- Corona- Bulls (Taurus represents finances, money)- Hidden world- Fake news- Cern- Duality

Ben Crump

– Rebellion- Duality- Tik Tok- Chronos- Planet X

A gentle giant

Crown Chakra

The mad titan

Blood sacrifice

A new world

Dark ritual

America attacked

Wild west


A clash of Kings

George Floyd, Eric Garner, Ahmed Arbery

Matches: New currency

Rise of skywalker

Super proton synchrotron

You create your own reality

Holy warriors of the rapture

Only the pure hearted are targets

The three black guys, I see them as three kings and rapper Houdini is the magician, so I put in Three kings and one magician. The reason I did this is because European King names have been in the news. King Arthur ( Arthur storm), King James (Lebron James replaced Koby Bryant), King Henry (movie John Henry has the name in the title). The magician is Merlin.

The matches: – Feathered serpent- The Jacob and Esau story- The greatest hoax ever- Truth will prevail- The eleventh dimension- The year of the locusts- The Gnostic view of God- Political Injustice- In the beginning was chaos- The aeon of Maat

What does this all mean?

Black people are under attack. White supremacists have declared war and are attacking and targeting black people on all levels. This has been going on for a long time, but this has increased drastically over the last couple of months and weeks. It all started with the death of Kobe Bryant, followed by several deaths of many rappers, actors, and citizens. It could all be a set-up to induce chaos, in order to establish order, Order out of chaos. When riots are instigated they will get agents in, trolls who will disrupt and help to escalate these riots.This is already being seen with groups has Antifa, mingling with protesters and escalating the situation. The Government than proceeds to instate martial law, use of the military, mass arrests and the use of violence to try and manage the situation. 

On the other hand, some of these protests and outbreaks occur naturally, the dissatisfaction has been brewing for years, people want to and need to revolt. Sometimes chaos is needed. The shakeup is needed for all of the injustices that have occurred for years in society.

What can you do?– Despite of the chaos currently in the world, take the time to go inwards. Take your time to meditate, astral travel, take your shrooms, contact your guides, the ancestors.- Learn what all of this is doing to you internally, what do you need to work on emotionally and spiritually? The journey is internal and not external.- Chaotic times seem to be the ideal time to practice chaos magick!

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