2020 Second Flood of Atlantis

Upnapishtim (Oop-Nah-Pish-Tim)

2020 is the Reenactment of the Second Flood of Atlantis. George Floyd (Floyd means Flood), Lakers Minneapolis.

The Seth bloodline, while in the Second Atlantis, mostly resided in what we now call (America). This is why the WPP mentions that Egypt was the land of the Mother Goddess.

From what it seems, close before the return of Christ, the Archons decided to create a Great Flood. Which will be recreated (George Floyd murder distraction) it’s all connected.

Noah was tricked in the beginning and did build an ark. It’s clear that the pale Archons wanted to destroy their own creation(master builder, true Frankenstein theory), but at the same time, they wanted to preserve the pure bloodline( Us) to use on a new Earth( 4th tomb) , where they could mix their seed with them (transferring melanin) and once and for all control the Spirited ones.

Norea was a daughter of Eve, As we know by now, “daughter” could mean both physical daughter and “spiritual daughter,” or both at the same time. It does say in the Gnostic texts that Norea inhabited Zoë Sophia’s soul.

The oldest recorded flood story is of the Gilgamesh transcripts on clay tablets dated over 90,000 years old.

Upnapishtim has a story in the mythology that is Noahs story. In the myth, liquid beings were said to be oozing in and out the walls of his house warning him about the event.

Then his house became the vehicle for him to evacuate. The ark in the Sumerian story was shaped like a cube.

We have insight that the physicists, real shit, real research, are now developing hyper dimensional physics models of this same particularized ark. They are now mapping out the mathematics of how these higher realms are constructed and what they look like.

It’s called a tesseract. A tesseract, is a cube within a cube. Our mind has sigils of hexagonal cubes that when focused on transports us into interdimensional travel.

So it’s possible in the original epic of Gilgamesh that the cube ark mentioned could be talking about a star gate portal that used this type of hyper dimensional geometry as a way to ensure that Upnapistim and all the animals or people, referring to the zodiac (Zuudikias) orders of energy and ancestors in your body could be transported safely away from the flood.

His Sumerian pre-name was Ziusudra (Zoo-Ist-Zoo-Druh) or Xisuthros (Zit-Throse). Upnapishtim was the only known mortal to become immortal.

“When the storm has cleared and the waters have subsided, Deucalion (Dew-Clee-An) and Pyrrha are taken aback by the desolate wreckage of the land, and understand that they are now responsible for repopulating the earth. Confused on how to carry out their destiny, they go to see the goddess Themis.”

Themis was a Titan.

Themis is the spirit of Earth’s wisdom. Her name may mean “steadfast.” She is a goddess of justice, righteousness, and sacred knowledge. MAAT. Themis may be an independent goddess or an avatar of Gaia. She is sometimes described as Gaia’s soul. Like Zoe is Sophias soul. Themis(black woman) , a prophetess, manifests the inherent oracular powers of Earth.

Etymology. The word Themis means “divine law” rather than human ordinance, literally “that which is put in place”, from the Greek verb títhēmi (τίθημι), meaning “to put”. To the ancient Greeks she was originally the organizer of the “communal affairs of humans, particularly assemblies”.

Upnapishtim’s ark landed at Mount Aeriet.

Genesis 8:4 King James Version

“And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.”

The bloodline of Set/Shem/Kam was said to travel northwest and reach the Semm mountains and kingdom of Terran. It says when the flood were to come, the Mariners (Muurs) divided amongst themselves twice three hundred chest.

It was said this was convenient for a ship of high technology, possessing DNA seeds of life in test tubes of frozen lackers .

Esoteric for how our DNA is carried gateway to gateway from the 9 heavens. Orion which is just beyond Saturns gate, consisting of the highest divine seeds and technology.

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