2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympics Opening Ceremony

By: Ayana

Disclaimer: The findings and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner of this site. Please read this article carefully and draw your own conclusions. The main purpose of this article is to highlight what was shown and to give an idea of possible interpretation of this ceremony from an occult point of view.

Before we start with the breakdown of the 2012 Olympic ceremonies, we need to understand why we are taking our time to do so.  Oni Osaru explained that we have been caught in an 8-year time loop ritual, which caused the delay of the spiritual developments tied to the year 2012. We were delayed till this year 2020, so 2020 is a very important year. In 2012 the WHO (World Health Organization) announced the start of a novel Coronavirus outbreak. This might have been a prediction of the current Coronavirus outbreak. According to the Ethiopian calendar this current year (2020) is 2012. You can find Oni’s explanation about this time loop in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e_epr7lx8w

This is one of the reasons why we should take a close look at everything that happened in the year 2012. Predictive programming is a big thing when it comes to the forces trying to control the earth. Everything they have planned is shown in movies, tv series, videoclips, and songs. What is predictive programming? Predictive programming is a concept that seems to have originated with a man named Alan Watts, according to him: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”  

Another reason for looking back at ceremonies and events in 2012,is because rituals and ceremonies are used to generate power, so that the events that they (the Cabal) have planned will manifest successfully.

Why is 2012 such an important year?

The Mayan calendar

2012 was supposed to be a major transition year for humanity. According to the ancient civilizations of the Mayans December 21st, 2012 signified the ending of their calendar, the 13th Baktun, which has a count of 144.000 days,  which is equal to 394,26 tropical years. The 13th Baktun would mark the end of the third world. According to the Mayans, the first three worlds would be a disappointment, but the fourth world would be a success. 2012 would thus mean the end of the old world and the beginning of a new world, the Fourth world. 

The Ethiopian calendar

The Ethiopians have a different calendar than the Gregorian calendar that is widely used worldwide. The Ethiopian calendar is called Bahere Aseb, which means ‘Sea of thoughts. The calendar starts with the thought that Adam and Eve lived seven years in the Garden of Eden before they were expelled for their sins. After they had repented, God has promised to save them after 5,500 years.  The Ethiopian church believes that Jesus was born in 7 BC, this is after the 5,5000 years that God had promised Adam and Eve. According to this calendar, this year 2020 is 2012. Furthermore, the Ethiopian calendar, has 13 months instead of 12 months. A leap year occurs every four years and an extra day is added to the year. Big events always occur in leap years, and 2012 is a leap year.

Astronomical changes: Black Holes, Betelgeuse and Niburu

Scientifically, major events were supposed to happen in 2012, including a solar pulse, solar flashes, explosion in the black hole, reversal of the poles, and passing of planet X, Nibiru. Kind of sounds like what we are experiencing now in 2020 with the Betelgeuse star, big meteors passing close to earth, and the discovery and monitoring of many black holes in our galaxy. Thus 2012 was supposed to be a major year for mankind and especially for the Gods. Let us look at the 2012 Olympics and see what ceremonies were performed.

2012 Olympics breakdown

The Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are shows that get much attention from large crowds. A lot of celebrities are recruited to perform at these shows and this lures fans and crowds to the events, who belief they are there to enjoy the entertainment. Meanwhile the shows are occult ceremonies for the cabal/illuminati. The shows generate much energy for coming events in the future. Like an occult magician’s ritual, there are incantations (speeches, songs), symbolism (theatre, dance, performances) and timing (dates, hour) that are planned and meticulously carried out. Even the location can have a symbolic meaning, which can reinforce the ceremony. Every detail is carefully planned and managed, even the comments from the commentators. 

Short History of the Olympics

The origins of the Olympics is shrouded in mystery and legend, but it is believed that it’s an ancient tradition, a religious and athletic festival held every four years at the sanctuary of the Zeus in Olympia, Greece. The games were invented to show the strength and capacities of the Gods.

Themes of the 2012 Olympic games

Both the opening and closing ceremonies are packed with occult information and symbology. What is shown is so extensive, that we had to dissect this article in several parts and themes. The themes that were noticeably clear were; Madness, mayhem, pandemonium, chaos. Other themes that were shown are; Staying asleep, dreaming, noise, sickness, health care, the internet, unity and revolution.

The breakdown per theme:

Part 1:

  • The facts
  • Chaos and Mayhem 
  • Dreams and staying asleep
  • Coronavirus and illness references
  • Betelgeuse star
  • Internet connections

Part 2:

  • Lions, tigers and other animals
  • Transgender agenda
  • Interracial agenda
  • Unity and Oneness: the young generation 
  • The music and celebrity appearances

Part 3

  • Occult symbology
  • Numbers game

Before we start with the breakdown of the opening ceremony let’s take a look at the facts first.

The facts

In 2012 the Olympics were held in London, England. It was the 30th Olympic games, which was depicted with the Roman numerals, XXX.  London became the first city to host the Olympics three times, 1908, 1948 and 2012. An Olympic park was built in East London. One of the parks was called the Serpentine, located in Hyde Park and next to the Serpentine river. There was a countdown clock placed on Trafalgar square, 500 days before the games. The clock broke down the day after it was unveiled. It was repaired and restarted the day after. The games started on July 27th and lasted till August 12th. A total of 204 countries participated in the games and 26 different sports were showcased. The theme of the 2012 Olympics was: Inspire a new generation. During the opening ceremony, a total of over 40 presidents and 25 royals attended, including the Queen of England and Prince Philip. The mascot for the Olympics was this one-eyed figure in a spacesuit.  

Chaos and Mayhem, dreaming and staying asleep

The first breakdown focuses on the themes of Chaos and Mayhem, Dreaming and staying asleep.  Chaos was a big theme throughout the entire ceremony, and it continues into the closing ceremony, which we will breakdown next. All pictures are screenshot from the real ceremony and can be found in the YouTube video, which you can find below in the reference list.

The opening ceremony officially started with a countdown, from 10 to 1. This was shown with balloons that pop. 


When they get to the balloons with the 6’s, three stay intact, so they show 6, 6, 6. The third balloon is in the back and two are in front. 666 is a popular number they like to use. The occult meaning is the Mark of the beast. 


The first segment of the ceremony shows the history of England,  the development from the 18th through the 20th century. The commentator explains that this segment is based on Paradise Lost, Pandemonium by the 17th century author John Milton. Pandemonium refers to the city of hell (says the commentator). If you look for the meaning of Pandemonium  in the dictionary, it means confusion.

In this shot you see a lot of lords, men in fancy suits and tall black hats walk around and stand in front of a tree (the tree of life). The main lord holds a speech, he says:  Be not afraid. Much sounds you will hear, a thousand instruments and sometime voices. If I wake up again after long sleep, then I sleep again, in dreaming the cloud Mythos would open and shower riches upon me, and when I wake, I cried to dream again. (The tempest by William Shakespeare)

In 2020, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus the effects on the economy are already predicted to be huge, so there is a huge chance that the economy will crash and there will be much chaos.

There is also a big movement happening mow, where people are waking up and becoming aware of the corruption and the actions of the cabal. It seems like they’d prefer the population to keep sleeping, keep being oblivious and to dream about riches and money that they will never obtain.

Much attention is paid in the ceremony to the industrial revolution, the building of cities and the rising of towers. “As the scene changed, so life changed, there was excitement on the one side and fear and hardship on the other side “says the commentator). Women would fight for their rights. Then war breaks out (WWII).

 Notice the X’s on the towers, which has a deep occult meaning, this will be explained in part 3.

At the end of this first part a choir called Chaos performs. The children singing are all deaf and blind. They sang the English National Anthem, which is God Save the Queen

A lot of children performed during this ceremony. They also mentioned deaf and blind children twice during the ceremony. What is this focus on blindness and deafness?

Are they referring to the sheep (the people) needing to stay blind and deaf (oblivious) to the news, the revelations about the cabal? We will look at this further in Part 3: Occult symbology.

Hooked: Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy

A couple scenes later: A young girl called June prepares to go out. This picture looks innocent and not chaotic, but notice the word HOOKED. To understand this, we have to go back to the big news events in 2012. There were two major events that are mentioned here: Sandy Hook school shooting and Hurricane Sandy.

This scene  with the girl, saying I’m Hooked,  was shown, after there was a weather announcement that a storm was coming. The word hooked (hook) is just interesting, because of the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 and Hurricane Sandy. 


Chaos, as the teenagers and adolescents dance away this is shows up on the screen.

The Song  played is Firestarter. The singer seems to be wearing a t-shirt with the he American flag colors. Is this one of the countries where the chaos outbreak will hit the hardest?

Then a group of punkheads are dancing wildly around flames in the streets

2020: There is a real possibility of riots and violent outbursts in population during the Corona crisis, a lot of countries have called upon military forces to  surveil the streets and keep people home.

Sex and violence

A rapper shows up and starts singing a song with interesting lyrics. “Some people think I am bonkers (crazy), but I just think I’m free. I’m just living my life. I wake up and go back to sleep. Before I’m into deep. I only care about sex and violence!” More about the music in this ceremony will be discussed in part 3: The Music.


There was a lot of drumming during the ceremony. This one caught my attention because of the text. It’s difficult to read, but on top it seems to spell out White Heat or do White Hats? The White Hats would refer back to Trump the Q movement, with the Great Awakening. Some people say that Trump is being held by the White hats.

This creepy looking face reminds me of the Wilson face on the ball with Tom Hanks. It has a sick reference to ripped off faces of children that have been used for Adrenochrome. The fact that young kids are making this symbol in the ceremony is disturbing. In part 3 Occult symbology we will explain the deeper meaning of this face. 


The children’s choir in the picture is called Chaos and it consists of deaf and blind children. They sang the English National Anthem, which is God Save the Queen. Okay, so what does this picture have to do with the Coronavirus?

Sign language interpreter wearing black

If you have been watching the news channels during the Corona crisis news coverage, all networks across several countries around the world are using a sign language interpreter, especially when there are big announcements. At the start of the outbreak, all language interpreters were dressed all in black. Black is the color associated with death, darkness and evil.

2029 Speech from Australian PM, black
2020 UK Minister interpreter in black

Tribute to national health association

The ceremony continues with a tribute to the NHS, the National Health Services in England. Notice the pink color which is commonly used around the Coronavirus on news channels.  The commentator mentions that NHS has been established after WWII, and that good healthcare is an indication of civilization and that no sick person should not be able get healthcare due to lack of means (money). 

2020:Presidents and news channels are constantly referring to the Corona crisis as a war, some even say this crisis is worse than World War II. Hospitals around the world are on the run to acquire the best equipment, the best ventilators, money is no problem.

Hospital, nurses, doctors & children

In this scene several beds are rolled out, nurses push the beds with little children into the stadium and they start dancing happily around the beds, whilst the children jump up and down the beds. 

Back to 2020: Hospitals, nurses, doctors are in the spotlight these days with the Corona crisis. Children seem to be the least affected group by the virus.  So why does this scene revolve around children then? The Cabal has perverse views and obsession with children, pedophilia, and the adrenochrome scandal. 

In his video about 2012, Oni Osaru mentioned the god Chronos, who likes  to eat children and that the Cabal are involved in child rituals as well. 

Nurses and kids. Nurses read kids a bedtime story

The first Asian connection: Asian sickness

A Asian women. Ominous look on her face.

Next scene: Matt Scofield is live on stage playing a song on the guitar, it sounds ominous, a bit creepy. the name Scofield, isn’t that the main character in  the series Prison Break

The camera than goes to an Asian woman, she has an ominous look on her face. (The Coronavirus broke out in Asia, specifically China, was this a hint? Because showing this lady did not make any sense or add anything to the story they were showing).  

The camera than goes to the children, who are getting ready for bed. When the children go to sleep, one girl stays up and starts reading a bedtime story. Black horses with a strange prison carriage enter the stadium and go to the hospital beds where all the children lay. Black Monsters with green eyes enter the stadium and start scaring the children.

The green eyed black monsters


The monsters try to get the children, whilst the nurses and doctors are put under a spell.

The Mouth-mask

After the nurses are put under a spell, this shot is shown. It looks a whole lot like a mouth mask.

A creepy baby is shown above the mask. It might indicate the birthing of a new God, A new deity, or a new world? Or it can even indicate the rebirth/ second coming of the Christ.  In the opening ceremony the sun was a focal point. Even the sun is not shown here, this baby might have a connection with the sun. The birth of the child of the Rising Sun has a very occult meaning. This connection will be further explained in Part 3 Occult symbolism.

In 2020: A lot of hidden information has been leaking out about child abuse,  murder, and adrenochrome. 

Also there is a popular rapper called Lil Baby. At a concert on March 8th in Birmingham, there was a shooting, nobody got hurt, but the audience had to run for cover. 

Lil Baby released a song called Catch the sun in 2019, for the movie Queen & Slim. 12 songs on his album  hit the Billboards Top 100 chart, giving him 47 songs on the list, the same as The Beatles singer, Paul McCartney, who also performed at the 2012 Olympics in the Closing Ceremony.

Later on during the ceremony: a large baby’s face is shown with the letters GOSH, which stand for the Great Ormondstreet Hospital, a children’s hospital in London. 

In 2020 the doctors and nurses are getting much praise and recognition for their work during the Corona crisis. Why this specific hospital is getting attention during the show, this is not clear yet. 

Second Asian connection & the Coronavirus symbol

Next scene, the journey of the Olympic flame. Another Asian lady is shown briefly during the tour of the Olympic flame to the stadium. The Coronavirus broke out in Asia, specifically in China, so was this another hint? Because showing this lady didn’t make any sense or add anything to the story they were showing. See the pattern on the umbrella? It looks like the symbol for the Coronavirus.

CoronaVirus symbol
Asian lady with catchy umbrella.
This symbol was put on the new UK pound Bill 2020.

Both the colors yellow, as the color purple on the umbrella are regularly associated with black people. In most movies and series and on news channels. Black people on tv mostly wear purple and yellow outfits.

The pattern that the dancers form looks like the CoronaVirus

Corona Australis and Betelgeuse

In January and February of 2020, NASA announced that the Betelgeuse star, the second brightest star in the constellation Orion might go supernova.

In the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony several covert references were made to Betelgeuse star. For example the name of the band The Beatles, which is similar in phonetics to Beetle. Certain scenes of the movie Beetlejuice were also re-enacted. And finally, the colors purple and pink were used, these colors are often associated with the Betelgeuse star.

Picture of Betelgeuse star (top left) in Orion star system

Another astronomical phenomenon is the passing of the Corona Australis constellation. This constellation is mostly seen on the Southern Hemisphere. Corona Australis means Southern Crown. There is also northern Corona constellation, called Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.

The following pictures illustrate the possible recognition of these phenomena and the possible effects on the population. The ceremony blended these with a couple of other elements that can also refer to other events that have already happened or are coming in 2020. More is explained below.

There is a storm coming!

This segment starts with: ” Weather report, there is a hurricane underway, said a woman on BBC”. “Don’t worry there isn’t, says the weatherman”. President Trump has said many times. a storm is coming, indicating the Q agenda, the mass arrests of the corrupt politicians and illuminati. 

The mentioning of a storm coming could also refer to the big hurricane called Sandy in 2012. Hurricane Sandy hit on Oct 22nd and lasted till November 2nd.The most damage was registered on Bahamas, Haiti, Florida, Jamaica, these are countries and parts where mostly melanated people live.

It is interesting as well that rainbow colors are shown, which might indicate the effect of the Betelgeuse star on the Chakra system. Furthermore, the colors are associated with the milky way, which has a large array of colors, that look like rainbow colors.

The name of the weatherman, Fish, is also significant. They showed several old movies clips, in which  comments were made about liking fish, and eating fish. 

The name of the weatherman is Michael Fish. Fish has an occult meaning. In the book of William Henry, The Cloak of the Illuminati, he explains that Fish signifies the cosmic Ocean of life, Adon Jesus and the fifth element or Quintessence, which means life force. This occult term willbe further explained in part 3.

Purple cloud and house

Purple cloud on a house. Why a purple cloud?

It might indicate the effects of the Betelgeuse star going supernova or the Corona Australis constellation passing by. 

Another Coronavirus symbol?

While the young teens dance and sing, the song played in the background is about going underground and an atomic crisis. The Betelgeuse star going supernova is often compared to an atomic bomb going off. Don’t this green and orange shapes look like the Corona virus? 

Lockdown for the elderly

The old people must stay at home, the young people are allowed to go out and go party. 

2020-In the current Coronavirus crisis, the WHO (World Health Organization) has instructed countries to consider the elderly, above 74 years of age, as a risk group. The elderly run a bigger risk of catching the virus and having symptoms, according to the WHO.

Stay inside and don’t look at the stars!

While the young people are ready to go out, the older ones stay at home. The woman decides to go the window and close the curtains, look at the stars outside, Betelgeuse is approaching!

A crowd gathers in front of the window to photograph the stars! (so another hint of a star being close)

So the woman decides to close the curtains

Meanwhile the daughter goes out to party with her friends, they dance and sing whilst the Betelgeuse star influence increases. You can see this with the lighting of the stage which is blue.

Superpowers, take off rocket man!

There is a rocket man going to space. While the teens and adolescents party
June and her boyfriend in attic to attic
Seen from Beetlejuice in the attic

The mixed girl called June, asks her new boyfriend and friends to move the party inside the house. June takes her boyfriend into the attic and leave the others behind. This reminded me of the Beetlejuice movie, where they had to stay in the basement, specifically the dead couple, they couldn’t leave the house. 

Final scene, the house lights up with energy, it’s almost electric. Is it radiation? Did Betelgeuse finally hit? Did it go Supernova?

The final shot is of the house becoming a new planet in space and everything around lightning up electrically from the energy around.

Other references to Astronomical energies:

The Olympic flame underway to the Stadium. The boat has blue, pink and purple smoke. While the boat passes, the birds are flying up. 

Again, the same colors are used. These were also the colors used in the movie Color out of Space, where a meteorite hits a family farm and has apocalyptic consequences.

In the Opening Ceremony, they made sure that black people were well represented.. The camera focused on black children, black men, and women.  Several black choirs were also showcased. It seems as if they are all about the inclusivity. Everybody needs to be represented.

 See this guy? And see the pink background/clouds? The same colors that keep coming up with the Betelgeuse star, the Corona constellation, and the Coronavirus as seen on news channels. Pink and purple are also colors commonly used when referring to black people. 

The choice to let the guy stand between the stones at Stonehenge, is interesting because Stonehenge is an important spiritual and Pagan English monument. Henge means hinge, which means connection. But in old English Henge is hence, which means to hang, or gallows, thus a place to hang people as a way of execution. So, it looks like (sacrifice) a ritual with the black guy standing there to be hanged. 

Internet connections

After the hospital scene, the young people dancing on the streets, the elderly staying at home, and the Betelgeuse that hit, the scene closes with a tribute to the inventor of the internet. A link which is strange in that context, but not in 2020, where the debate about the connection between 5G and Coronavirus is a hot topic of discussion. 

Stay tuned for part 2! In part 2 more connections and significant  scenes will be shown. In the last part, part 3, we will breakdown all of the occult symbols used in the Opening ceremony.

To watch the entire 3 hour video of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, you can go here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4As0e4de-rI




The Mayans prediction and Baktun


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The Ethiopian Calender

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Opening ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4As0e4de-rI

Oni Osaru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e_epr7lx8w

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