11 Dimensions Astral Planes and Astral Travel: By Ayana

Dimensions or astral panes are infinite in amount. However the amount of dimensions we can be aware of, as humans, is limited. Most spiritual researchers say that there are between 12 to 144 dimensions!

In Drunvalo Melchizedek book The Flower of life vol. 1he talks about this. He uses the analogy of octaves in music to explain the nature of dimensions. His explanation of the 144 dimensions is as follows:

“You’ve probably heard people talk about the 144 dimensions and how the number 144 relates to other spiritual subjects. This is because there are twelve notes in an octave and twelve overtones between each note; and 12 x 12 = 144 dimensional levels between each octave. To be specific, there are 12 major dimensions and 132 minor dimensions within each octave (though in truth the progression goes on forever). This diagram represents one octave. The thirteenth note repeats, then there’s another octave above that one. There’s an octave of universes below this and an octave above, and it stretches on theoretically forever. So as big and as infinite as this universe seems, there are still an infinite number of other ways to express the one Reality, and each dimension is experientially completely different from any other”.

The void

Melchizedek further talks about dimensions and the space between, which he calls the void.

Between each whole-note universe and between each subspace or overtone universe, there is nothing—no thing,emptiness. Each of these spaces is called a void. The void between each dimension is called the duat by Egyptians or the bardo by Tibetans. Each time you pass from one dimension or overtone into the next, you pass through a void or blackness that’s in between. But certain voids are “blacker” than others, and the blackest of these exist between the octaves. They’re more powerful than the voids that exist within an octave. Please understand that we are using words that cannot fully explain this concept. This void that exists between octaves can be called the Great Void or the Wall. It’s like a wall you have to pass through to get to a higher octave. In ascension you don’t die at all; there’s no death process involved as we know it. Of course, it is true that you no longer are on Earth, and from that point of view, you die. This means you become aware of your body as light. Then you’re able to pass through the Void totally consciously—from the Earth side through the Void to the higher dimensions, aware the whole time. In this way you simply walk out of this life without going through the death process, which involves reconstructing your human body. When a person ascends, he/she simply disappears from this dimension and reappears in the next, passing through the Void.

So from this explanation, it’s clear that an astral plane or dimension is a level of existence. Dimensions appear as a parallel universe to ours. Each plane has its own rules.Each dimension or plane consists of several subdimensions, this is why the main dimensions can be split in several subdimensions. Moving from one dimension through another is possible, but first you willhave to go through the void. Some voids are darker, denser, and more difficult to get through, thus making the transition to the next dimension more intense.

What determines each dimension has to do with several factors, light, density, movement. Let’s take a look at 11 dimensions. Each one is characterized by materiality, rising from the denser to the finer, the physical, and the astral. The weaker the gravity the more complex the dimension becomes. In the higher dimensions, gravity travels much quicker than the speed of light. Keep in mind that the following descriptions might be a little technical, and scientific, your experience of these dimensions when you astral travel might be quite different, in terms of what they look and feel like.

Breaking down 11 dimensions

1D This is the lowest dimension and the densest dimension. It’s pure gravity. 1D is the dimension that is the basis of all life forms, it’s the energetic building block for higher forms of consciousness. 1D can be compared to galactic center of the Milky Way. The center of the earth is an iron crystal that sends out electromagnetic waves. The core is the origination point of Earth’s materialization and its transmutation to light in the Galactic center. Earth’s core resonates at 40 Hertz. After a very long period of time, a first dimensional existence will undergo a dimensional evolvement, in order to move to the next dimension. When a planet ascends its body everything on that planet is rebirthed into a new state of existence.

2D The tectonic or telluric realm. The area between the iron core crystal and the crust, the mantle. It’s the denser world of microbes and minerals. Life on 2D plane, includes radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral  and bacterial intelligences. Second dimensional existence comes forth in the form of plants, animals, insects, and everything that is considered wildlife or nature. Souls can incarnate here as plants, animals and insects, and start increasing consciousness one life at the time. The transition and introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness occurs gradually, so one can experience several lives on this 2D plane before ascending to 3D.

2D energy is much slower than our pulse, breath, or thoughts. It regulates all autonomic bodily processes. Using 2D energy brings healing to cells, repairs DNA, and stimulate blood circulation.

2D metallic elements responds vibrationally to stellar light. The energy of 2D light wave influx is at its highest when there is a New moon.

3D The third dimension is the realm of linear space and time. It’s also the realm where our consciousness is aware that we are alive, so there is a sense of self-awareness. 3D is the plane where there is ethereal wars, constant polarization, and separation from the perfect relationship with Mother Earth.

It’s also the zone where physical and non-physical dimensions intersect. Time in 3D is a locator for past, present and future. Time is not real but can be used in the here and now. Space is energy fields permeate all other dimensions. To be able to travel and get into all of the other dimensions, you need to be grounded in 3D. Accessing and managing emotions helps you to free up the density to be able to travel to other dimension. It is when you stay stuck in their emotion or are traumatized you can become trapped in the physical body, physical density and 3D dimension.

4D the fourth dimension is the first non-physical dimension. 4D is also the realm of Quantum Mechanics, which studies the properties of light, atoms and molecules. It’s the collective realm of thoughts and feelings emanating from all living things. This realm holds the memory of human events through time, theAkashic records. It’s the realm of all of the myths and stories throughout history and also the realm where messages from other dimensions come through. The 3Drealm is physical, whilst the 4D realm is feeling. 4D is the realm where energy of higher realms comes in and becomes filtered or rather split. There is duality, good or evil, safe or dangerous, right or wrong. You can choose to gather your power or give your power away. Transition to higher dimensions beyond 4D requires destruction, in order to start reconstruction.

5D This is the realm of light that centers in the human heart and is resonant with Earth’s biological creatures and plants. Unlike 4D there is no polarization in 5D. It is the field of whole electromagnetic radiation spectrum. It’s where we detach from the physical world.

Our solar system is being awakened by light frequencies, which are transmuted to the earth’s atmosphere. These light bands or photo bands carry the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation form low frequency waves to Gamma rays. It is the high frequency photons that are coming in right now. Photons are conscious and they intensify the energy frequencies in our minds.

Astronomers have determined that Gamma ray bursts come from hypernovas. According to the author of the book Alchemy Nine Dimensions, Barbara Hand Clow, earth’s photons, which are located in high energy zones,are communicating with their earth counterparts, she calls it a twinning of energy. It is my belief that what she is describing here is the pairing, the twinning of melaninin our bodies with energy light waves in space. This is what activates and transforms us into higher states of consciousness. So whenever you travel to the Fifth Dimensions, you go into heart consciousness and a plane pure electromagnetic energy.

6D The Sixth realm is the realm of geometric forms that replicate plants, animals, humans, and material objects in 3D, which is called morphogenesis. Our bodies are aligned with 6D morphogenetic fields. These fields vibrate with many frequencies. When our hearts are open, we naturally align with this field.

6D is the home of the KA, the spirit body. Being in 3D, which is physical density makes the KA dormant, so moving to Dimensions above 3D awakens the KA. The sixth dimension is also the realm that is most connected to Sirius. In 6D the laws of architecture are held, the science of building geometric forms. It is out of this realm that the idea of pyramids were birthed. Last but not least, 6D is the plane were sounds are derived and sound generate geometry.

6D welcomes consciousness into  a state of Godlike powers. This is the realm where the Gods shapeshift and are often ‘seen’ as white balls of fire or as pure light or manifest themselves as animals. We can take onwhatever form we want on the sixth dimension. This is why Toth has a bird head, and Sekhmet has a lion body. Just imagine if the Gods would have come to earth in a body, similar to the human body. That wouldn’t have made an impression at all!! But enter a giant man with the head of a bird or a humongous flying serpent, wow,now that is an entrance! 

So The 6th Dimension is the dimension of shapeshifting, of creation. As Gods, we can project and manifest ourselves in any way we want. The 6D dimension is the highest point of individualization within the first Universe cycle.

7D The seventh dimension is the realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms by vibrational resonance. It is the spinning, orbiting bodies in the Universe, that leads to vibrational frequencies that lead to the creation of sound. Sound waves are lower than light waves.

7D is the catalyst for consciousness into a state  of existence with the Creator. This upward flow of energy removes the soul from Creation itself and allows it to exist within a field of Unconditional love. The seventh dimension acts as the last Dimension that most forms will experience int heir Universal cycle. Many beings have not progressed to his point, and don’t understand that there is a continuing path in the development of their consciousness. Those who continue have the powerful potency and destiny to become Creators.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, the planet that is associated with 7D is the planet Andromeda, which is now converging with the Milky Way. There is no separation in Andromeda or in 7D. Andromeda transmits harmonic sound to the Milky way galaxy heart.

Furthermore, she explains that Andromeda has a planet, called Aion, which is similar to Earth. Aion is directed by cosmic sound and light codes by using sacred science.

8D This is the realm of Divine Mind-Light- that manifests through the visible light spectrum in 3D. The frequencies in 7D are much faster than the cosmic waves in 8D. The only way we can access 8D is by accessing the mind of the Sun. Here consciousness takes form of a Sun. It facilitates the lower dimensions to undergo self-realization to achieve this state. The big solar cycles, equinoxes and solstices are the guiding states in order for us to get in tune with the light of the Sun.

9D The ninth dimension is the black hole in the center of the milky way. The black hole is described as a spinning gravitational nucleus that manifests itself in time waves. According to Barbara Hand Clow our bodies and minds are being activated by the full potency of the 9D black hole. Earth’s intelligence will pass through the black hole, called a biological singularity. She believed this to have happened in 2012. 

The black hole becomes like a funnel channeling high frequencies to earth. The galactic center first sends out nuclear energy waves and the 7D waves of light receivethese pulsations, which are then transformed in sound waves. The sound waves are detectable by our crown chakras, which is the 9th dimension of our bodies. We can detect these sounds by reaching Samadhi, by opening our crowns.

The keepers of the 9th dimension are the Tzolkin. They designed a time wave to teach us how to process fear. With the high light energy frequencies coming in from the 9th dimension, we are pushed to process our traumas, and to go beyond just survival.

A black hole forms when a large star experiences collapse and gets sucked down into a funnel, matter is then sucked into this funnel, intensifying density, which leads to creation of a Singularity, a point of zero size, it then reappears in a different Universe. This new Universe is the white hole. Calleman called this state of singularity the Universal Underworld.

This also lines up with the Mayan calendar and the description of the end of the Ninth Underworld, which is The Universal Underworld. Time would speed up as much as 20 times faster in the end days of the Universal underworld.

Another explanation of the Ninth dimension, is throughthe element of Deconstruction of the Sun. A sun dies down into what is known as a red giant, after it runs out of hydrogen to convert into helium via nuclear fusion (this generates heat from the sun). The sun then stops producing heat, it starts collapsing into itself, until the helium atoms join with the carbon atoms, expanding its outer layer causing it to cool off. As a result a planetary nebula is ejected out of the Sun into the surrounding galaxy. It allows for new stars and planets to be created.

Gravity continues to pull in the carbon atoms together until the red star is solely comprised out of iron. At this point fusion ceases and the irons are crushed together, causing the red giant to explode out a shockwave, creating a supernova.

Another option is that the Sun dies down gradually into a white dwarf and attracts another star into its orbit. Matter is gradually stripped off the smaller star, which causes volatility to then explode into a supernova.

Astral travelling through the 9th dimension would feel like being sucked into thin tight hole where there is strong pull, every single cell, every atom, every part of you is stretched and disintegrated. As you then become the singularity and you would than suddenly exit this Universe and re-appear in an entirely different Universe. Explaining what you seen and experienced might be difficult. And there might also be a chance you don’t even remember what you’ve seen and experienced.

10D The tenth stage is entered when the Supernova continues and Black Hole forms. Black Holes consume surrounding materials, dust, stars, planets and even lightinto its energetic core. A black hole can join two separate Universes together. The black hole is what can propel us to the next dimension. So this realm goes beyond our Universe, it goes into an even bigger black hole which consumes till it joins two Universes together, which then pushes you to an entirely different dimension.

11D The eleventh dimension is the final dimension of existence of the Manifested creation. It can only be entered when multiple black holes combine together to form a Supermassive Black Hole. It connects the Universe to the Unmanifest, or Nothingness. The Unmanifest is where the creator initiate the Universe. When the Manifested creation is tied together by the supermassive black holes with the unmanifested, this anchors the Universe into place.

The realm of nothing is also called the InnerverseIt’s where you can create your own reality.

Astral travel

Astral travel is the experience of the soul moving out of the body and travelling to other dimensions. There are several ways, you could do this, either in meditation, during sleep, or with the help of certain mushrooms. One person who did a lot of astral travel was the late Master Kilindi Iyi. He used psilocybin mushrooms to bring himself into a trance state and then he would travel to different dimension where he would have incredible experiences, learn more about his personal journey. He would also interact with different beings in these dimensions.

In an interview he even talked about how he would go to a certain plane, once a month, to meet up with the love of his life, his partner who passed away in 2016. 

In meditation, I once called Master Kilindi for some guidance, he appeared to me in different variations. I didn’t see him double, in fact I saw more than fiftyversions of Master Kilindi standing in front of me. They all spoke simultaneously and asked: “Which one do you want to speak to?”

I said Baba Kilindi, I’d like to speak to you in your purest form (so his original higher self). All the others disappeared and only one Kilindi appeared, he was butt naked!!!! He looked at me with a humorous but alsodefiant look on his face. He said, “you asked for me in the purest form?” I guess I should have been more specific. He had me laughing so much.

He showed me that there are multiple versions of ourselves on these planes. We are multidimensional beings. We are part of different dimensions, the same way that these dimensions are all a part of us.

He talked about travelling to different astral planes to see, to explore, to experience things we have never seen before. Our neurons can adapt themselves to higher levels of the multiverse. Some dimensions require compression of energy, so the astral body has to compress to fit, whilst other dimensions might require expansion and fluidity. While travelling to other realms you have to let go of all definitions, images and expectations you might have about what the dimensionmight look like, be or feel. And not every dimension is all wonderful, rainbows and loving. You might encounter scary looking beings, and you might experience challenging and mind bending experiences. So keep an open mind while astral travelling.

Human perception is only limited to certain dimension, but the astral body or your higher self can move freely between dimensions. When you can merge yourself with your astral body, you can travel to other dimensions more freely.

Ase to Kilindi his lectures spoke on transdimentional crystals to use with ELU (mushroom) science – 30 grams dosing to throw off the 3D body and enter the next avatar on the next conscious ring of existence.

Exercises for astral travel

Astral travel means leaving your body behind or an out of body experience. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Ka (the astral double) and Ba (the soul) could leave the body whenever they wanted to. When you astral travel you will see the world through different eyes. Everything becomes clearer, brighter, and more intense. The biggest inhibiting factor for astral travel is fear. The biggest fear is not being able to return to the body. This is not possible because there is an invisible cord tying your astral body to your physical body. At a potential sign of danger, the astral body is called back, sometimes even yanked back, thus waking you up instantly into this world, your body and current life. Before astral travellingtry to eat lightly, and avoid meat if possible. Also avoid drugs and alcohol. If you’re taking an aid like mushrooms to astral travel, this doesn’t apply of course.

Instructions to start astral travelling

Lie down flat on your back on the floor or on a recliner chair. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed.

Wear loose fitting clothes. Keep the room temperature at a nice temperature. Cover your body with a blanket if necessary.

Darken the room. A small lamp or a little light is ok.

Start with progressive muscle relaxation exercise to relax the body.

Take deep breaths and feel the muscles of your body get untied, relax, and soft.

Once you are relaxed, think of the purpose of your astral travel, where would you like to travel to and what would you like to see? What are you hoping to find there or learn about yourself? 

Direct your attention to your forehead and allow your conscious mind to move out of your bodyyou might feel like a tingling sensation on your face.

Feel the body start to float, it might also vibrate or shake.

You might see yourself lying while you float away. Then visualize the place you want to travel to. See it as clearly as you can and see the things you would do there.

You could start with places nearby, another room, a different country, a theme park first, before moving to different dimensions.

You can travel though time, backwards, forwards.

Have fun exploring!

Once you come back to your body. Take some time to adjust to this time, space and gravity.

You might want to write down what you have experienced during your journey.

There are many methods to astral travel. Explore what works for you. There are also many variations possible, think of astral travelling with a friend, or with your spiritual group. You can also meet up with others on astral planes, think of relatives, ancestors, past life versions of yourself. You could even have astral sex.Though it’s different than physical sex, it can be an interesting experience. After you have mastered astral travelling, a next step to explore can be remote viewing. For more information, check out the book The ABC of Astral Travel, Transcending Space and time, by Richard Webster.

Astral travel with the help of the Merkabah

Merkabah meditation practice

The Merkabah is also called the soul vehicle or chariot. It’s an energetic structure of sacred geometry that strengthens and protects you allowing your consciousness to travel instantaneously and freely between dimensions and realities.

Only use the Merkabah when you are centered, grounded and never when you’re emotional, unbalanced, angry or disconnected.

The following is an advanced healing practice. You are going to connect to high energies whilst you stay grounded in the body. Take your time to build up to the full practice. If you feel unwell during the practice, abortimmediately. You can consult an experienced healer, who can help you adjust your energy to the level that matches that of the Merkabah if necessary.

Sit comfortably on the floor in meditation posture. Or use a comfortable seat. Have your palms resting on your legs, and facing upwards.

Focus on your breath, allowing it to become relaxed, all the way down to your gut. Once your breathing has slowed down and deep, become aware of a triangle in 3D form, like a prism or pyramid.

The tree points of the base form a triangle, facing upwards.

The base of the triangle is below your feet and the point is high above your head. Visualize that the triangle is formed from electric violet light, which is pure white light with flecks of neon violet in and around its edges.

Take your time to build the triangle pyramid till you feel it is stable, and hovering around you.

Once the triangle is in place, start seeing a second triangle/pyramid form. This one is reverse to the first, with the base, which starts above your head and the tip pointing down, beyond your feet.

The two pyramids intersect forming a star prism all around you. This is the Merkabah.

Feel the energy of the light around you, feeling the forceof the vibrant electric violet light flooding to all points.

Stay with your breathing and allow the first pyramid (the one with the base beneath and the point above) to start rotating around you.

It will move clockwise from left to right. Just let it spin. Don’t force it, it will happen naturally.

When you feel comfortable with this, allow the second pyramid to start spinning (the one with the base on top of your head and the point downward).

This one will move in the opposite direction, thus counter clockwise, from right to left.

As the Merkabah rotates, you will start to feel your soul body connect with your physical body. It may feel like you are rising up out of the chair. Stay calm and keep breathing. Keep your thoughts clear and stay in our heart.

Stay with your breath and experience the Merkabah till you get used to its intensity.

You are now ready to journey to the astral planes you intend to visit.

The first few times you need more time to establish the Merkabah, once you have practiced this a couple of times it will become easier, and you might be able to manifest the Merkabah instantaneously whenever you need it for astral travelling.

Have fun and Safe travels!

Peace! Ase to the Gods and Goddesses !

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